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Bot Camp - Specialty Robotics Programs

Review of Bot Camp - Specialty Robotics Programs by Leila Riahi, Parent

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  • Date of Review
    February 29, 2024
  • Attended
    Day camp (2022 - 2024), Class/program (in-person) (2022 - 2024)
  • Child 1
    Age 10 - 12 (Male)
    Program(s) focused in Robotics

(5) Overall experience

Bot Camp was referred to me by a friend and we could not be happier with the amount of knowledge the instructors have and the way our son in learning robotics here for the past 2 years. There are many robotics programs out there but if you are looking for strong foundations in robotics that will help your child in the future, this is the place to pick. Thanks to all the instructors and especially Mr. Lim the founder of Bot Camp.

(5) Reason for choosing the program

My son has always been interested in building robots. Therefore, we picked Bot Camp for him because we heard many good things about it. Many of the boys in his all boys school attend Bot Camp and everybody has been satisfied. The reason why we picked this organization over others is that they - unlike many more robotics classes - develop on kids' creativity by not giving them direct instructions on how to build robots, and only guiding them through building their robots. At first, I thought it was an expensive class. However, overtime, I realize that it was absolutely worth the price because of that. My son learned in this class. For kids, who actually love doing robotics, they can attend more than the assigned classes during the week. That means, they can go to their three classes as well as any other time as long as there is a free spot available.

(5) Program quality and activities

The competition taught my son valuable life lessons. I remember the first few times he would get very frustrated and the instructors would talk to him. But now when he wins, he’s very happy and when he loses, he deals with it in a positive manner. In general Bot Camp feels like family and my son wants to stay at Bot Camp for a long time. We will be there because of all the support and amount of knowledge that my son is receiving.

(5) Social dynamics and experience

My son loves Bot Camp and feels right at home. Sometimes he spends 4-6 hours at a time there and even takes his slippers to change into to be comfortable. All the students are very friendly and share the same interests. My son’s school has a great robotics program but my son would never leave Bot Camp for any other program.

(5) Skills and growth

My son learned a lot of valuable things in this class. He had to get out of his comfort zone and try different methods to create his robots for the competitions. He needed to be creative. He also needed to learn a lot about teamwork, and how to manage disagreements while working with a group of people. At times when he was stressed, the staff that work at Bot Camp were so helpful and supportive that they all made my son feel so much better when his robot didn’t work as well (as he was hoping for it to work). Furthermore, he learned how to work well under pressure and enjoy every moment of working hard towards achieving his goals.

(5) Staff/Instructors/Counsellors

I am absolutely in love with this program and see how much the instructors care about each student. They treat each student like a family member and really want them to learn. They spend extensive hours with students making sure that all their questions are answered.

(5) Advice and tips

For first timers, I would suggest a trial class in order to find out if this fits your child’s goals. Robotics just like any other talent requires many hours of hard work and correcting mistakes through which students can learn valuable lessons. My son’s happy place is Bot Camp and he spends many hours there each week because of that.

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