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Interested in: Fall Entrance Exam Prep. – English & Math (Grades 6 & 8) (Brain Power Enrichment Programs)
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Brain Power Enrichment Programs

Fall Entrance Exam Prep. – English & Math (Grades 6 & 8)

Run by Brain Power Enrichment Programs

About this Program

  • Program
  • Age 11 - 14 (Coed)
  • Specialized in Test Preparation—offers 6 activities
  • 1 session date to choose from
  • Cost starting from $1,632
  • Busing not available
  • Special needs support not available  

Grades 6-8* – 10 Lessons (see dates and times below)
* For students entering these grades in September 2022.

  • Sunday, Sept. 11 @ 6:45-9:15 pm
  • Sunday, Sept. 18 @ 6:45-9:15 pm
  • Saturday, Oct. 1 @ 6:45-9:15 pm
  • Sunday, Oct. 2 @ 6:45-9:15 pm
  • Saturday, Oct. 15 @ 6:45-9:15 pm
  • Sunday, Oct. 16 @ 6:45-9:15 pm
  • Sunday, Oct. 23 @ 6:45-9:15 pm
  • Saturday, Oct. 29 @ 6:45-9:15 pm
  • Saturday, Nov. 5 @ 6:45-9:15 pm
  • Sunday, Nov. 6 @ 6:45-9:15 pm

This course is designed to prepare students for upcoming entrance exams and applications to gifted junior-high and high-school programs (such as University of Toronto Schools UTS, IB, SSAT required programs, TOPS, MaCS, etc.). Students will gain the knowledge needed to excel in the entrance examination as well as valuable general test-taking skills.

There will be intensive instruction and practice in reading comprehension, vocabulary, analogies and critical thinking, essay and creative writing, as well as the areas of math that are always tested in entry exams. Students will practice their skills, engage in challenging activities in class and at home, and take practice quizzes, examinations, and tests to practice the test-taking experience. Time management, organization, preparation/study skills, and other important tools will be covered. Homework will be assigned.

SPECIAL NOTE: Schools and school boards sometimes switch the format of the examination only weeks before the exam in order to make it difficult for students to prepare in advance. Brain Power has the solution to that! We prepare for all of the varying formats and equip the students with the foundational knowledge and test-taking skills so that they ace whatever is in front of them.

We have nearly two decades of experience with getting students in to the schools of their choice, no matter what the format of the exams. The majority of our students make it in to the program of their choice, and they report back to us that they felt confident and prepared thanks to Brain Power!

For more information, contact Brain Power at [email protected] or (905) 303-5457.

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Session Dates and Rates

Sep 18 - Nov 06. '22
Vaughan, ON
9600 Bathurst Street, Suite #313

18:45 - 21:15


  Recreational         Instructional      
  Intense or Competitive

  Creative writing
  Instructor lead (group)
  Language Instruction
  Test Preparation


Fall Entrance Exam Prep. – English & Math (Grades 6 & 8) is run by Brain Power Enrichment Programs.

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Fall Entrance Exam Prep. – English & Math (Grades 6 & 8)
Run by Brain Power Enrichment Programs

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