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Camp Muskoka

1745 Fraserburg Road, Bracebridge, Ontario, P1L 1X3

  • Type:
    Overnight camp
  • Focus:
    Traditional (multi activity)
  • Cost:
    $1,645 to $1,695/week
  • Ages:
    6 to 16
  • Gender:
  • Main language:
  • Capacity:
  • Programs:
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Director, Guest Experience Summer Camp
  • Summary

    Camp Muskoka answered our questions

    Who are you as an organization?

    KINDLE LIFELONG FRIENDSHIPS through the magic of the Camp Muskoka experience! Boost your kid's self-confidence in a FUN, safe, and supportive community. Camp Muskoka offers delicious food, comfy modern lodging with washrooms and air conditioning, and a 4:1 camper/counsellor ratio. With a wide variety of more than 50 activities and a “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” style of programming, campers find friends easy, EVERYDAY! For the ADVENTURE seeker, we offer our Canopy Aerial Park with a 900' zip-line, paintball, real rock climbing, horseback riding, and Flyboarding. Camp Muskoka offers sessions ranging from 1-3 weeks for ages 6 - 16 and 2-week Leadership Camps for teens age 14-16. Camp Muskoka - Where friendships begin, and FUN never ends!

    • Special needs: Not available
    • LGBTQ+ friendly community

    What do you do differently or uniquely well?

    "Where friendships begin and FUN never ends, is our promise!
    Our staff team and programming model make all the difference. Outside of the summer months our core team operates Camp Muskoka as a Leadership Centre helping thousands of Ontario students develop skills to promote a positive community in their schools. Our team share a united focus on delivering and achieving great results. Our purpose is clear - to be a HERO to our camper parents. With the essentials covered – great food, comfy accommodations, and caring staff, our “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” program model enables campers to participate in activities they like while providing a menu of new activities to explore - making fostering lifelong friendships easy at Camp Muskoka."

    Who are your staff and counsellors?

    "The strength of our staff starts with a united focus on our goal – to be a HERO to our camper’s parents! Operating year-round as a Leadership Centre we help schools create community. Serving more than 8000 students each year keeps our core-team polished and proficient at creating a fun, caring culture. This same team recruits, trains, and supports our 150+ seasonal staff team. With 60% of our summer team returning each year, we consistently deliver an amazing summer camp experience that helps kids grow by providing a safe, FUN community where kids can try new things, learn from mistakes, foster new friendships - all centered around a camp culture promoting kindness and personal growth – delivering superior care and support to your camper."

    What do families need to know about registration?

    "Its not about sending your kid to “the best camp”, its about finding the “best camp for your kid!” Research wisely, make sure the camp you choose is the right fit. Will the supervision ratio set you child up for success? Will the camp accommodate your child’s special diet? Be sure to ask these questions and more to find the right fit for your family. To register, simply submit an online application through our website and you’ll receive your confirmation within two business days. We value your loyalty - the earlier you register, the better the deal. The best rate and best bonuses are always offered at time of departure for the following season. Not sure which week to pick? There is no charge to change dates if space is available. "

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  • Programs, Rates & Dates

    Programs and Sessions Calendar

    Choose the right programs and sessions for your child; Camp Muskoka currently has 2 programs available.

    Filter Activities

    Type (Gender)
    Ages: 6 - 16
    Overnight Camp
    Traditional (multi activity) , Adventure (multi)
    Ropes Course|Survival skills|Wilderness Out-tripping|Wilderness Skills|Guitar|Jam Camp|Music Recording|Musical instrument training|Piano|String|Vocal Training / Singing|Theatre Arts|Arts & Crafts|Drawing|Painting|Photography|Videography|CIT/LIT Program|Leadership Training|Nature/Environment|Public Speaking|Reading|Animals|Meditation|Archery|Badminton |Basketball|Dodgeball|Flag Football|Gaga|Lacrosse|Soccer|Volleyball|Cycling|Disc Golf|Mountain Biking|Hiking|Horseback Riding/Equestrian|Paintball|Ping Pong|Rock Climbing|Trampoline|Canoeing|Fishing|Kayaking/Sea Kayaking|Swimming|Yoga|Zip Line
    Ages: 14 - 16
    Overnight Camp
    CIT/LIT Program, Leadership Training
    Ropes Course|Survival skills|Wilderness Out-tripping|Wilderness Skills|Guitar|Jam Camp|Music Recording|Piano|Vocal Training / Singing|Theatre Arts|Arts & Crafts|Drawing|Painting|Videography|Instructor lead (group)|Instructor lead (one on one)|Debate|CIT/LIT Program|Empowerment|Leadership Training|Super Camp|Public Speaking|Archery|Badminton |Basketball|Dodgeball|Flag Football|Gaga|Lacrosse|Soccer|Volleyball|Cycling|Disc Golf|Mountain Biking|Football|Hiking|Horseback Riding/Equestrian|Paintball|Ping Pong|Rock Climbing|Trampoline|Canoeing|Fishing|Kayaking/Sea Kayaking|Swimming|Yoga|Zip Line

    Financial Aid & Payment Details

    Payment Options:

    Deposit required with acceptance Yes
    Credit card payment Yes
    Maximum installments available 8


    Discount if paid early $300
    Discount for 2nd child $25
    Discount for 3rd child $25
    Discount for 4th child $25
  • Insider Reviews & Perspectives

    The Our Kids review of Camp Muskoka

    our take

    Fun is a priority at Camp Muskoka, though values are as well. Overnight, coed sessions in the heart of cottage country as well as the Canadian shield, the programming is active and varied.  A low camper to staff ratio is a draw, as is the breadth of programming. Campers choose daily from a wide array of activities, from the strikingly modern (flyboarding, paintball) to the very core of the camp tradition, including guitar, art, and camp craft. Camp-wide events are a chance to get loud, though the cabin groups and specialty activities allow campers a chance to exercise their quieter sides. The younger campers stay in a lodge, which is unique in the world of camping, designed to offer a sense of community. The older campers stay in cottages that sparkle with all the mod cons located within them. In all of that, the quality of the offering is what rightly catches parents’ and campers’ attention alike. From registration, to staffing, to food service, the camp is expertly and efficiently run.

    Three Things: Camp Muskoka
    Hear the three things that Our Kids’ editors see when they look at Camp Muskoka

    More reviews of Camp Muskoka

    Kate M, Sydney, Australia, Parent

    Outstanding Experience!

    Read review

    Susan B., Parent

    7th year

    Read review

    Michela S., Parent

    Summer Friendship

    Read review

    Tracy V., Parent


    Read review

    HT, London, Parent

    Caring staff

    Read review

    Andrea, Toronto, mom, Parent

    Thank You!

    Read review

    Amanda A., Ajax, mother of 2, Parent

    Great fit!

    Read review

    More reviews of Camp Muskoka

    Kate M, Sydney, Australia, Parent

    Outstanding Experience!

    This was an outstanding experience for an Aussie kid! We don't have the summer camp culture and it was something really special to be a part of. The standards of the facilities at Camp Muskoka were extremely high! She loved the aerial park experience. And the counselors were the BEST! Our daughter loved their company over the week. Thank you for the Muskoka Experience ... Show More

    Susan B., Parent

    7th year

    For the seventh year in a row my daughter said she had “the best time ever!” Definitely a reflection of the calibre of your camp and staff. All the best with the rest of the summer!

    Michela S., Parent

    Summer Friendship

    Thanks for a great 2 weeks- you know Camp is great by all the smiles in the photos and the tears during pick up- best of friendships are established at camp:)

    Tracy V., Parent


    My daughter had a fantastic week! 2nd time back. Loved it. Apparently food is amazing too!!

    HT, London, Parent

    Caring staff

    I wanted to let you know what an amazing time both of my kids (8 and 14 years old) had at Camp Muskoka. I have already signed them both up for next year. The camp was fabulous, the programs were great, but the best part of the Camp from both of my kids - was the staff. They were both so fortunate to have the kindest, most fun and caring people, and they knew it. They cherished the time with their counsellors, they really got to know each other and they knew what each child needed to feel comfortable. The staff were exceptional, especially with the younger children. It was a first time away from home and everyone there made them feel safe and comfortable. ... Show More

    Andrea, Toronto, mom, Parent

    Thank You!

    She loved every minute of it. Between watching the drop off and hearing Ava’s stories, my younger daughter is wanting to go next year, in fact she asked me to see if there was availability for a week this year.

    Amanda A., Ajax, mother of 2, Parent

    Great fit!

    Thanks for making Camp Muskoka such an easy choice for us next year too, it was a great fit for us, and the kids had the best week of their lives!

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  • Location & Site Details


    1745 Fraserburg Road, Bracebridge, Ontario, P1L 1X3, Canada


    Sleeping Accommodations

    • Cabins
    • Dorm or Building
    • Platform Tent


    • Electricity in Sleeping Area
    • Shower in Sleeping Area
    • Toilet in Sleeping Area

    Washrooms Facilities

    • Flush Toilets
    • Showers (indoor)

    More details about accommodations: Accommodations vary according to your program. Our cabins are all-season cabins, with air-conditioning for those hot days, and heating for the cold ones. Each cabin accommodates up to 20 campers with a separate washroom and bunk space for four staff. Cougar Lodge offers a dorm style of accommodations.

    Are meals provided? Yes

    Is Camp Muskoka technology free? Yes Electronic devices are NOT PERMITTED at camp, except for medical reasons (i.e. for diabetes monitoring, etc.). Camp is a social environment intended for children to socially interact together, and not isolate themselves. Please note this policy applies to all devices. We want all campers to enjoy their time at Camp Muskoka, unplugged. Any devices found will be confiscated, stored in the main office, and returned at the end of the session. Camp Muskoka cannot accept any responsibility for lost or stolen electronic devices.

    Property Details

    Sports facilities

    • Archery Range
    • Climbing Wall
    • Horseback Riding Arena (indoor/outdoor)
    • Rope Course
    • Soccer Field


    • Beach
    • Forested Area
    • Lake/Pond/River
    • Nature Trails
    • Open Field

    More details about property: Camp Muskoka has expanded to include 600 acres, containing 3 private lakes. This provides privacy and security, not only within the facility, but also on the water. We have more than 50 activity areas including Specialty Programs of Rock Climbing, Paintball, Horseback Riding, Flyboarding and an Aerial Park

    Rentals & Services

    Offers outdoor education program for schools or corporate groups: Yes
    If you have ever considered sending students on an overnight excursion, consider sending them to Camp Muskoka Outdoor Education Centre. At Camp Muskoka, students will fulfill a variety of curriculum expectations in a safe, outdoor experiential learning environment, while developing a greater respect for their school community through leadership and team building programs, all while having the time of their lives. Many principals and teachers agree, allowing students to share this community living experience fosters strong character education and promotes positive student behavior throughout the entire school year. Autumn, winter or spring, Camp Muskoka offers this and much more. For more information, please e-mail [email protected]

    Available for private rentals: Yes
    Nestled in the lush Boreal forest and Canadian Shield, our 600-acre property features our private lakes, an archery range, a beach volleyball court, and over 40,000 square feet of indoor space making it the perfect setting for any group event! A perfect setting for Weekend Retreats or our Weddings! Modern accommodations with air conditioning and heating for all weather conditions. Large multi-purpose spaces for teaching, performance or catering for classy dining. Stunning scenery for great photos on one of our private lakes. Locations like our large fire pits for outside relaxation or discussion Aerial Park, Waterfront and Land based programming facilitated by our professional and courteous staff. Close to local amenities. For more information about our facilities call us at 1-888-734-CAMP(2267) or email us at [email protected]


    Ontario Camps Association Associations
    Canadian Camping Association/ Association des camps du Canada Associations

  • What's New

    Director's Message

    Scott 'Mufasa' Creed, Founder & Executive Director

    Thank you for considering Camp Muskoka as your summer camp destination.

    Over the years, our team has spoken with thousands of campers, their families, and our staff, asking “What is it about Camp Muskoka that keeps you coming back?” Time and time again we have been told “I had SO much FUN!”, “I made so many friends”, “Camp Muskoka is a place where I am free to be myself”, “My summer home”, “A place where I belong”. It is truly humbling to know that Camp Muskoka has meant so much, to so many.

    Ultimately, we are in the business of making “happy campers” and helping children to believe in themselves. Camp Muskoka is philosophically grounded in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Simply put, we firmly believe that everyone has physiological needs that must be met in order to have any hope of meeting their more refined needs. For example, a camper won’t be able to enjoy the mental and physical activities at camp without proper nutrition or a comfortable good night’s sleep. Likewise, a camper won’t be able to build confidence and friendships if they don’t feel safe. Whether it be providing our campers with healthy well-balanced meals throughout the day, having air conditioned lodging to ensure a good night’s rest or nurturing a healthy and safe environment so campers are recognized for their personal achievements; everything we do is about helping our camper’s reach their own potential.

    The consistent achievement of such a positive community cannot be had without the participation of all of its members, including the campers. Therefore, we have created a simple yet comprehensive set of expectations for all to follow:
    FUN: The number one rule at Camp Muskoka. We want all campers to have fun at all times!
    RESPECT: No one is having fun when they feel disrespected. We expect all members of the Camp Muskoka community to be respectful to themselves, each other, the facility and the environment. To put it quite simply, “Treat others the way you would like to be treated.”
    HONESTY: We teach our campers the value of honesty by acknowledging that not only is it okay, but it is completely normal to make mistakes. It is what we do about our mistake that is important. By being honest with ourselves and those around us, we not only learn from our mistakes but also allow others to learn as well.
    ACCOUNTABILITY: Being responsible for our own words and actions ensures that we have a positive effect on the Camp Muskoka community while building a safe, enjoyable living environment for everyone.
    INTEGRITY: By being, respectful, honest and accountable we all contribute to fostering a community with integrity where everyone is free to have fun, be safe, and feel accepted for who they are.

    We hope you will make Camp Muskoka your choice for an exciting summer camp adventure. Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact our office and one of our friendly staff will be happy to speak with you. We look forward to seeing you this summer at Camp Muskoka!

    Where friendships begin... and FUN never ends!

    Justinian Scott "Mufasa" Creed,  Founder & Executive Director


    In the News

    November 18, 2019
    Tour Camp Muskoka

    We invite our new camper families for a personalised guided tour of Camp Muskoka - ANYTIME!... Read More


    • From Our Campers

      "I love Camp Muskoka because it is has beautiful atmosphere, tons of tall healthy green trees and a beautiful dark blue lake to swim in. The people are kind, like the staff members and the campers. Camp Muskoka is a great experience. Kayaking and canoeing are only two of the activities I tried for the first time and loved! Another part of the camp that I liked was the huge bright bomb fire at night, the stories of how the camp was founded were great, and the songs were fun to sing along to. The food at Camp Muskoka is great! I like lunch time because afterwards we get to have tuck time and buy all sorts of candy!" - Samantha, Camper

      "Camp Muskoka is the best place ever. It is where I have learned Leadership and Friendship, all in one. I met the coolest people; they are very energetic and lively. The staff are kind and very comforting. The activities are so amazing that I do not know where to start. Swimming is so exciting with "The Iceberg" and the water trampoline, that I find it so hard to leave. My favourite all time activity, is the karaoke dance party! Dancing with all your friends, and to make it even more exciting, they mix in some karaoke. The food at Camp Muskoka is amazing. Every day I would look forward to another tasty meal. My favourites would have to be the pizza and the fresh omelettes. When my parents come to pick me up I am very happy to see them after being away from home for so long, (but it actually goes by very fast) I think in the back of my head it is so sad that I have to leave. Camp Muskoka is very family friendly. At the Family BBQ they have different activities for the parents. The most exciting part of the BBQ was when my Dad and I won three legged race! When we were almost at the finish line we were in second place, but we picked up the pace and won. This year I can't wait to get back!" - Grace, Camper

    • From Our Parents

      "It goes without saying that the son we picked up as not the one we left behind a week before at Camp Muskoka. He was full of confidence and somewhat changes. Over the coming months, we noticed more and more little positive changes. We attribute these 100% to his experience at Camp Muskoka, that without a doubt changed our son. I cannot emphasize this enough to you. He is more open to new experiences and his confidence that wasn't present 2 years ago. Once he found Camp Muskoka, he found himself and found the boy we always thought was inside. We look forward to his experience at Camp Muskoka because each year is a stepping stone in his development. Thank you Camp Muskoka from the bottom of my heart!" - Lisa, Parent

      "My son went to Camp Muskoka last summer for a week, it was his first overnight camp so I was a little nervous. The staff made me feel very comfortable when we dropped him off. At the end of the week when I went to pick him up he wasn't even packed, he looked up at me and said "is it Saturday already??" He had so much fun that he did not want to come home. He loved everything about Camp Muskoka, the food, the activities, the staff and the friends he made. This year we are sending him for 2 weeks and he can't wait!" Pat, Parent



    • The Camp Muskoka Experience

      A Day At a Glance At Camp Muskoka, we believe that the magic of the camp experience starts with the sharing of a community; helping campers develop new skills while building self-esteem and developing leadership abilities; all while exploring the wonders of nature. A truly incredible summer vacation! Another important aspect of the Camp Muskoka experience is encouraging new friendships, which start from the moment our campers arrive. Every camper is placed into their cabin group and teamed up with new friends. Together these cabin mates will share the Camp Muskoka experience. Awake An optional morning activity such as a swim, field game, morning run, yoga or time for personal hygiene. 8:00 am ~ 8:45 am Breakfast After breakfast, the cabin group will unite as a community for cabin clean-up and prepare for the day 9:00 am ~ 10:30 am 1st Program Period 10:30 am ~ 10:45 am H2O break and mid-morning snack 10:45 am ~ 12:15 pm 2nd Program Period 12:30 pm ~ 1:15 pm Lunch 1:15 pm ~ 2:00 pm Tuck Time & Free Time to relax, interact with friends or participate in counselor-led activities such as guitar workshops, frisbee golf or tetherball 2:00 pm ~ 3:30 pm 3rd Program Period 3:30 pm - 3:45 pm H2O break and mid-afternoon snack 3:45 pm ~ 5:15 pm 4th Program Period 5:30 pm ~ 7:00 pm Dinner followed by camper free time 7:00 pm ~ 8:00 pm Camp-Wide Activities such as camp fires, night hikes and star gazing 8:00 pm Evening Snack Following evening snack, junior campers will share some quiet time together while getting ready for bed. Older campers will have the opportunity to enjoy one more program period in their cabin groups before they start to wind down for the night. Actual bed times vary depending on the age group and evening special events

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Camp Muskoka have good reviews?
    We've collected reviews from past attendees. Read 7 reviews of Camp Muskoka here.

    What types of programs does Camp Muskoka offer?
    Camp Muskoka runs: overnight camps. Programming specializes in: Traditional (multi activity) , Adventure (multi), CIT/LIT Program, Leadership Training. Browse the program calendar for rates and dates.

    What age does Camp Muskoka start?
    Camp Muskoka has programs for children aged 6 to 16.

    How much does is cost to attend Camp Muskoka?
    Fees to attend Camp Muskoka range from $1,645 to $1,695/week.

    Does Camp Muskoka offer support for children with special needs?
    Camp Muskoka does not offer support for children with special needs.

    Does Camp Muskoka offer busing?
    No, Camp Muskoka does not offer transportation.

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