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Interested in: Python Level 2: Grades 6-10 (Focus Learning Academic Centre)
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Focus Learning Academic Centre

Python Level 2: Grades 6-10

Run by Focus Learning Academic Centre

About this Virtual Program

  • Virtual Program
  • Age 12 - 15 (Coed)
  • Specialized in Python and Programming (multi)—offers 13 activities
  • 0 session dates to choose from
  • Cost starting from $720
  • Special needs support not available  

This program is designed to build the following character traits:

  • Curiosity: Love of learning. Intellectual engagement. Enthusiasm for experiencing the world. Proclivity to develop passions and interests.
  • Physicality: Interest and pleasure in exploring creative potential. Tendency to see novel solutions to problems.

About this course

Where Intro to Python guided students through core programming concepts and Python basics, Python Level 2 strives to take things to the next level. Students will be challenged to take learning into their own hands and explore new libraries that give them access to tools such as speech recognition, synthetic voice, graphic images, and interaction with the web. Though the course pace and level of guidance given will match what is expected for students Grades 6 - 10, the result should be a series of 1st year university level projects developed over 18 weeks.

What you'll learn

By the end of this course, students will be introduced to and working with programming concepts such as advanced data types, working with external files, robust programming, fractals, recursion and iterators, and the world of voice assistants and IOT. Content that will be covered includes Python Dictionaries, Tuples, External Files, Searching and Sorting, Random and External Libraries, Voice Assistants: Queries and Commands, Recursion, and Fractals.

Each lesson, students will review the previous class’s course topic and assignment, followed by a presentation regarding the current course topic. During guided programming sessions, students will have opportunities to practice the topics they’ve learned. Moreover, students will participate in independent programming challenges!

Materials & Homework

Students are required to be running Google Chrome and will be asked to use for their projects

An installation of PyCharm may be required (this will be handled in class)

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Session Dates and Rates

Date TBD
Virtual Program,

Time TBD
Cost TBD


  Recreational         Instructional      
  Intense or Competitive

  Instructor lead (group)
  Instructor lead (one on one)
  Language Instruction
  Leadership Training
  Video Game Design
  Video Game Development


Python Level 2: Grades 6-10 is run by Focus Learning Academic Centre.

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Interested in: (Focus Learning Academic Centre)
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Python Level 2: Grades 6-10
Run by Focus Learning Academic Centre

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