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April 12, 2019


Leadership and Public Speaking are two of the most important skills that children can learn for our modern world. However, they are not given nearly as much development time in schools as they warrant. At TAC Sports, through our partner Lifetime Skills Academy, we put the emphasis back into these incredible subjects and combine them into one fantastic Summer Camp Program. Discover what this innovative program has to offer:


Campers will learn the principles of modern leadership and self-appreciation. We work on promoting each camper’s talent and potential all while making them aware of their own abilities. Campers will focus on goal setting, productivity, prioritizing and mind mapping all delivered through fun and engaging activities. The program is built around three key principles of learning: active recall, interweaving knowledge and spaced learning. Finally, students are empowered to develop valuable skills and attributes such as responsibility, passion and empathy. They will build confidence, learn to work in teams and how to succeed under pressure.


Campers discover their inner orator! This is accomplished through debates, planned speeches, and presentations to the class. Students learn how to write speeches and deliver them with passion, conviction and enthusiasm. Students will be encouraged to debate and discuss modern topics with real world relevance. The key learning outcomes will center on speech creation, delivery and presentation fundamentals. Finally, students will harness all they have learned and create their own mini TED Talk! Public speaking will build confidence, improve students’ abilities to communicate and is a fantastic way of overcoming any fear of speaking in front of big groups.

Program Goals and Objectives: 

  • Develop good body posture and vocal projection
  • Understand the fundamentals behind a great speech or presentation
  • Understand the fundamentals of storytelling 
  • Learn the principles of constant improvement
  • Develop 100% responsibility for their own choices and success
  • Learn positive habits such as journaling and goal setting
  • Develop social empathy
  • Learn the principles of active listening and engagement
  • Finally, build and present a mini-Ted Talk!

Developing your child’s Leadership and Public Speaking skills will allow them to grow newfound confidence and inter-personal skills. These skills are tremendously transferable and will set them up for success in academics, their future career and their entire life. See you this summer!

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