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October 3, 2023

Medics Camp re-launches live online programs as after school club

Introducing Medics Camp's new after school STEM program for kids where they get to be doctors each week live online from anywhere in the world via Zoom.  In keeping with their vision " to make a difference in the lives of others by introducing children to STEM and the medical field early so that someday those children can make a difference in the field of healthcare around the world", Medics Camp founder.and CEO, Amanda Farris has updated her successful virtual program themes that were offered in 2020-21 and has re-released them as a weekly after school program.  Kids ages 9-12 (other age groups to follow) will meet via zoom once a week for an hour after school to explore the world of medical science, health and the human body.  This club format continues incorporate the five different pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning which has proven to be a winning formula for this unique STEM certified program.  

Registration is now open for the first 8 week session which begins January 2024.  The program theme is KARDIA where kids will journey into the cardiovascular system and discover how an organ slightly larger than their fist keeps them alive.  What is blood and why is it important?  Where does it come from?  What are blood types? How do we keep our hearts healthy?  What's the different between a heart attack and cardiac arrest?  What are the signs and symptoms?  What is CPR and how is it performed?  Kids will explore the respiratory system to understand what role their lungs play in keeping them alive.  Learn what asthma is and how they can help a friend who is experiencing an asthma attack.  What's the difference between mild and severe choking and how to help.  What to do if they're alone and choking.  These questions and more will be answered over the 8 weeks of KARDIA.  Engaging theme related hands-on activities are integral to the immerse Medics Camp experience even online, so kids will be given a list of commonly found materials to collect and a file to print in advance of each weekly zoom meet.  Yes, cameras are expected to be turned on while attending Medics Camp's online programs.  Activities are designed to promote teamwork and collaboration while building friendships with like minded peers which doesn't happen when kids can't see each other.  Technology continues to be a game changer in our every day lives and the field of healthcare is no exception.  From virtual exams and consultations by medical specialist on other continents to 3D printing of prosthetics and some day even human organs for transplant.  Medics Camp's live online programs will help introduce children around the world to the field of medicine early and inspire them to become our future doctors and healthcare professionals.



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