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  • Type:
    Day camp, Virtual Camp/Program
  • Focus:
    Medical Science
  • Cost:
    $129 to $169/week
  • Ages:
    5 to 14
  • Gender:
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  • Capacity:
  • Programs:
    0 available; 5 TBD
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  • Summary Profile

    About Medics Camp

    The coolest virtual summer camp where kids are doctors for a week! Kids ages 5-14 will have fun exploring the world of medicine in this STEM/STEAM based camp where they will:  

    • Meet like minded peers from the US, Canada and beyond through the power of technology

    • Discover how the human body works and things every doctor needs to know

    • Engage in hands-on daily activities

    • Learn basic first aid skills

    • Embark on a different medial journey each day of each week

    • Enjoy daily camp spirit days like "wounded patient", "nutty professor" and "medical marvel Olympics"

    4 Different age groups: Munchkin 5-6  Mini 7-8  Junior 9-12  FALCON 13-14

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    • Special needs: Not available

    COVID-19 Response 

    Our STEM/STEAM program is all about the science and our virtual Medics Camps have been a huge success since 2020 with over 550 kids attending from all over Canada, the US, Mexico, Trinidad and Cuba! The incredibly positive feedback we received from parents and kids who have attended virtual Medics Camp has confirmed that our virtual program delivers a fun and engaging camp experience to kids everywhere, not just those locally. The power of technology removes geographical barriers to our Medics Camp program and unites kids who share a common interest through a shared experience. We are excited to be offering 8 different virtual medical theme weeks. Register for one week or all of them and each week will be a completely different experience. If your child is interested in the medical field and loves to learn, they won't want to miss Virtual Medics Camp 2022!

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  • Programs, Rates & Dates

    Programs and Sessions Calendar

    Choose the right programs and sessions for your child; Medics Camp currently has 0 program available; 5 TBD.

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    Virtual Program
    Ages: 5 - 14
    Medical Science, STEM
    $119 to $129
    Markham, ON
    933 Bur Oak Ave
    Date TBDCost TBD
    CIT/LIT Program|Empowerment|Leadership Training|Health Science|Medical Science|STEAM|STEM|First-aid/lifesaving |Meditation|Nutrition
    Day Camp
    Ages: 13 - 14
    Leadership Training
    $325 to $335
    Survival skills|CIT/LIT Program|Leadership Training|Super Camp|Health Science|Medical Science|STEAM|STEM|First-aid/lifesaving
    Health Science|Medical Science|STEAM|STEM|First-aid/lifesaving |Meditation|Nutrition
    Day Camp
    Ages: 5 - 12
    Medical Science
    $325 to $335
    Health Science|Medical Science|STEAM|STEM|First-aid/lifesaving |Meditation|Nutrition
    Day Camp
    Ages: 5 - 12
    STEAM, Medical Science
    $325 to $335
    Markham, ON
    933 Bur Oak Ave
    Date TBDCost TBD
    Health Science|Medical Science|STEAM|STEM

    Financial Aid & Payment Details

    Payment Options:

    Credit card payment Yes


    Discount if paid early $20
    Discount for 2nd child $10
    Discount for 3rd child $10
    Discount for 4th child $10
  • Insider Reviews & Perspectives

    The Our Kids review of Medics Camp

    our take

    There is truly a camp to meet every interest, and Medics Camp is a great example of that. It was founded by Amanda Farris, who brings a wealth of experience, including some gained at the venerable Johns Hopkins University and medical school in Baltimore, Maryland. Play and roleplay are important aspects of the sessions, with kids diving in to their new identities as practicing physicians. There’s a strong curricular element as well, providing kids with a foundation in the medical arts, sciences, first aid, healthy living, and personal safety. Staff are vibrant and attuned to creating an interactive inspiring atmosphere. Before and after care is offered at all three locations, something which families understandably appreciate.

    Editor's Review

    Three Things: Medics Camp

    Hear the three things that Our Kids’ editors see when they look at Medics Camp

    User reviews of Medics Camp  — Read all 5 reviews

    Different, Rewarding and FUN!
    J.M. (Parent)

    My kids (9 & 7) attended medic camp a few weeks ago. They had the BEST time. The kids did something new every day and they came away from camp with so many valuable learnings. The camp was very well organized. Amanda was great! The instructors were very nice and fun. We will be back next year! I’d recommend this camp to any parent looking for a camp that’s different and rewarding ... Read More

    Kid Approved
    Kristine (Parent)

    My 8 year old daughter absolutely adored this camp. She wasn't sure at first whether she'd like it, but she had a blast every day and on the last day raved about all the fun activities. Definitely recommend it!!

    Excited about Learning
    J.K. (Parent)

    My 9 year old son came home excited everyday to tell me what he learned. It inspired many discussions about health and disease, genetics and professions that are related to medicine. This camp was ideal because it combined involved and enthusiastic staff, fun activities and a multitude of learning opportunities. We are already looking forward to next year ... Read More

    Delighted and Impressed
    Marnie (Parent)

    "What a delightful, educational, comprehensive and exceptionally run camp!! We were impressed from beginning to end, every day a new learning experience and opportunities to grow as a mini medic and empathetic camper. The counsellors were wonderful & fun and the impression and knowledge you left my son with was unmatched by any other camp he attended this summer. Weeks later he is still incorporating his learning & terminology in his day to day and enthusiastically sports his camp medics shirt and badge any chance he gets ;) Superb teaching! Thank you Amanda & Team, we’ll be back! ... Read More

    Medics Camp-Great from Start to Finish
    Maria (Parent)

    My daughter had a phenomenal time at the Mini Medics Camp in July. From the very first day she was excited to tell us all about what she learned about germs. She came home on that first day and had to make a ‘home’ for her germ, which she took into camp with her each day the rest of the week. She learned about lungs, the heart, breaks, sprains, choking and much more in a positive an interactive way. She has asked to go back next year. As a parent it is wonderful feedback. This is truly a wonderful program and I am super thrilled to have come across the ad for this camp. The Mini Medics Camp is definitely going to be on our list of camps for next year. Keep up the terrific work. My daughter loved it! - Mari ... Read More

  • Location & Site Details


    Richmond Hill, ON
    300 Major Mackenzie Drive West, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 3S3
    Markham, ON
    933 Bur Oak Ave, Markham, Ontario, L3P 7P5


    Is Medics Camp technology free? We embrace technology and require all campers attending to have a computer, internet connection and webcam. Cameras must remain on during zoom.

    Rentals & Services

    Offers children's birthday party packages: Yes
    New for 2021 The virtual Mobile Medics Birthday Party package for kids ages 5-12. The birthday doctor and their medical team of friends will enjoy 60-75 minutes of fun at the instructor led mobile medics Zoom clinic. Each doctor will receive a material kit containing everything they'll need for the hands-on activities. Many of the kit items will continue to be enjoyed long after the event by your future doctors and healthcare professionals so host provided loot bags are not usually necessary. (We've got you covered!) Some parents may choose to continue the party with their guests after the Mobile Medics instructor session ends. In most cases we can accommodate requests for an extended Zoom session by making you the co-host at no additional charge. We want your child's virtual birthday party with us to be fun, engaging, unique and memorable so if you have any special requests for customization, just let us know. Details and pricing will be available on our website as of January 1st. Birthday parties require booking at least 2 weeks prior to the requested date.


    HIGH FIVE Associations

  • What's New

    Director's Message

    Amanda Farris, Owner, Founder and Director of Medics Camp
    BSci. MBA

    Medics Camp 2020 didn't happen quite the way we had planned, but sometimes good things can still happen even during a pandemic.  Virtual camps and workshops were actually something I had planned on adding to our service offering in 2025. So, while I was disappointed that our onsite camps didn't happen in  2020, I embraced the challenge of pivoting and moving our unique camp experience to a virtual platform a little earlier than planned.  

    A huge thanks to all of the families that support Medics Camp and continue to share in our virtual journey.  The feedback from our virtual camps last summer was amazing!  We received the most kind and thoughtful emails from parents telling us how much their child was enjoying camp.  Some parents even called to tell us they learned a few things at Medics Camp when they were supposed to be working from home (don't worry, we won't tell your boss!) 

    Medics Camp 2021- The Medics Camp team and myself are excited to offer our virtual programs again this summer and we even have a new one for the ages 9-13 called "Forensic Medicine".   

    We are committed to providing each and every child an amazing camp experience that starts from the time they enter the virtual Medics Camp zoom doors until we say goodbye to them at the end of each camp day.  If your child is interested in the medical field they won't want to miss our upcoming season and the opportunity to be a doctor for a week.



    In the News

    February 2, 2022
    Onsite In Person Medics Camp Just Announced

    Medics Camp is pleased to announce they will be returning to Aurora, ON for onsite camp this summer. 3 different program themes.... Read More

    January 19, 2022
    Virtual Medical Themed Camps-US and Canada

    Unique medical themed STEM camps now available in all time zones across the US and Canada. Choose from 9 different theme weeks. 4 Age Groups... Read More

    January 19, 2022
    Introducing FALCON- First Aid and Leadership Camp Online

    Medics Camp is pleased to announce the latest edition to our virtual medical STEM program theme weeks. Only for ages 13 and 14.... Read More


    • A Medical Science STEM Camp Like No Other

      Medics Camp is a unique STEM/STEAM camp is where kids ages 5-12 get to be "Doctors for a Week". 

      Whether online or onsite, they provide an opportunity for bright, intellectually curious kids to become immersed in the world of medical science.  Each day at Medics Camp has different medical related themes upon which age based activities, experiments and games are delivered in a fun and creative way.  First Aid Fridays are a part of every camp theme week.  Knowing basic first aid even at a young age is an important life skill.

      They offer 3 age groups so that campers can enjoy their experience with kids their own age.  Munchkin Medics are ages 5-6, Mini Medics are ages 7-8 and Junior Medics are ages 9-12.  There are 8 distinct medical theme weeks to choose from and if there was ever any doubt about the level of creativity behind this camp, check out the names of their theme weeks which are taken from Greek, Latin or just fun science words like “Borborygmi”.  

      Learning Styles: Medics Camp is designed in a way that kids learn while having fun.  Visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning is woven into each daily theme and age based hands-on activity.  

      Kids are challenged.  Most of the daily Medics Camp topics are ones that the average child isn’t introduced to until high school and sometimes not at all.  Giving more kids an opportunity to learn about medical science, health and the human body may change the way they view science and future careers in STEM.  A child who learns about geological or physical science in school may think that’s what all science is about and has no interest in it.  There are so many fields of science and kids need more opportunities at younger ages to see what’s out there.  Medics Camp provides that opportunity.

      FALCON is Medics Camp’s First Aid Leadership Camp and is new for 2022.  Only for ages 13 & 14 this program teaches the first aid skills found in a typical standard first and and cpr course, psychological first aid and leadership skills that will help youth become better leaders at home, school and in their communities.  The addition of Falcon brings the total number of virtual camps to 9.

      Onsite Camps are still currently on pause but there are two theme weeks to choose from, Discover and Explore.  Each week has different daily topics and each age group has its own age based activities.


    • Why Virtual STEM?

      Why Virtual STEM is Part of the New Normal and How Medics Camp is Preparing Kids for Futures in Healthcare.

      A traditional in-person STEM camp since 2017, Medics Camp made the pandemic-pivot to virtual in 2020 out of necessity like many other businesses trying to address a need and keep the lights on.  Now, after almost three years into a pandemic, they found that the “T” in STEM which stands for technology is now part of the new normal in ways that would not have been so easily and quickly adopted if the pandemic hadn’t changed the way we learn, work and deliver healthcare.  Online learning at a university level has been around for over 30 years and telemedicine began in the 1960’s so much of what we’ve seen as a result of the pandemic aren’t new concepts, just a fast tracked adoption of them.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “there is an estimated projected shortfall of 18 million health workers by 2030”.  Medics Camp seeks to reduce that shortfall by providing more children an opportunity to experience STEM and medical science at an early age and through the power of technology.  

      The current generation of children ages 5-12 have always had the internet and technology at their fingertips and are as comfortable with technology as they are with their stuffed animals and plastic toys.  STEM education provides kids an opportunity to prepare for careers of the future.  Even if kids think they don’t like Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math and don’t end up  pursuing a STEM specific career, STEM learning focuses on skills that are critical to any career and helps to build a life skill tool box.  Things like problem solving, logical thought processes, critical thinking and creativity are strong mental habits that will help children succeed in any career they pursue.  STEM camps also encourage team building and collaboration.

      Medics Camp virtual programs offer an opportunity for kids to be doctors for a week as they explore the human body, health and careers in the medical field.  Medics Camp gets bright, intellectually curious kids excited about science while having fun learning with like minded peers from around the world because it’s virtual.  Their mission is to inspire kids to help others and to prepare them for the future.  For some children, Medics Camp is the first step in their medical journey.  Each day at Medics Camp has different medical related themes upon which age based activities, experiments, games and crafts are delivered in a fun and creative way.  

      Medics Camp continues to build and expand their virtual program offerings and new for 2022 they’ve launched their First Aid and Leadership Camp called FALCON is for kids ages 13 & 14.  This is an age group that often ages out of the typical day camp but aren’t old enough to be camp counselors.  

      There are now 9 different virtual Medics Camp theme weeks to choose from and virtual STEM programs like Medics Camp are a great option for families who are looking to balance active summer fun with fun active learning.  A split between onsite and online camps is also a great way to keep 8 weeks of camp affordable since programs like virtual Medics Camp is less than half the price of a similar STEM onsite camp.  Virtual STEM programs are perfect for parents working from home or a respite for grandparents who may be caring for children over the summer.  


    • Why Camp is so Important for Kids

      Wondering whether sending your child to a camp this year is a good idea? I encourage you to read this infographic on the 11 Benefits of Summer Camp by Ryan at

      Great camps regardless of whether they are a daycamp, overnight camp or virtual, they are more than just childcare.  They are an experience your child can share with like minded peers.  A place to grow, have fun and meet new friends.  They aren't school but learning happens without kids even realizing it and kids need camp this year more than ever! 

      Whatever your plans are for summer 2021, find a great camp for your child(ren) to attend.  The benefits go far beyond the moment and they will remember their camp experience for years to come.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Medics Camp have good reviews?
    We've collected reviews from past attendees. Read 5 reviews of Medics Camp here.

    What types of programs does Medics Camp offer?
    Medics Camp runs: virtual programs, day camps. Programming specializes in: Medical Science, STEM, Leadership Training, STEAM. Browse the program calendar for rates and dates.

    What age does Medics Camp start?
    Medics Camp has programs for children aged 5 to 14.

    How much does is cost to attend Medics Camp?
    Fees to attend Medics Camp range from $129 to $169/week.

    Does Medics Camp offer support for children with special needs?
    Medics Camp does not offer support for children with special needs.

    Does Medics Camp offer busing?
    No, Medics Camp does not offer transportation.

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