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January 5, 2022

New Year, New You. Is Brain Training Right for You?

Every new year we have the opportunity to start something new. We often consider goals and habits that we believe will make us better people. Sometimes, we choose to change our image somehow or commit to learning a new skill or avoid certain things that bring us down. Have you considered the impact of strengthening your cognitive skills with brain training?  

Brain training is a one-of-a-kind service that can make a life-changing impact in almost every area of your life. LearningRx brain training focuses on the core cognitive skills that help you learn and perform in life every day. Brain training has the potential to help you become more confident and finish tasks faster and easier.

If you are intrigued, see if these statements are factual for you or your loved ones. 


Did you read all the instructions for an assignment but still miss a requirement? Do you leave your house and can't remember if you locked the door? We all make mistakes occasionally, but if you feel like your mistakes are taking you by surprise, then your cognitive skills may need some tuning. When you strengthen your cognitive skills through brain training, feeling off can be a thing of the past. Remembering the little things like locking the door and nailing the requirements in an assignment, your confidence will soar.   


Did a homework assignment take you longer to complete? Did your boss give you verbal directions in a meeting, but you had trouble understanding the task? It's typical for specific studies and problems to be more challenging for us than for others, but if you feel like most of your work and assignments are taking a lot of your time, you may benefit from brain training. Processing speed is a cognitive skill we work on, and when strong, it can help you process tasks and concepts easier.  


Has your supervisor shared some concerns about your work performance? Has your school counselor gotten involved in your academic career? Life circumstances may have caused you to perform less than 100%, but if it's hard to pinpoint a reason, then looking into your cognitive skills may help. Cognitive skills are the underlying skills that help us grasp information and retain it. Through a cognitive skills assessment at LearningRx, you can learn which cognitive areas may be holding you back and causing your performance issues.  

If any of these reasons resonate with you, it may be worth looking into a cognitive skills assessment. At LearningRx, we have helped students and professionals of all ages strengthen their cognitive skills. Our programs are customized to each individual and can provide the unique help your brain needs. If you simply want to boost your brainpower, brain training can also help you do just that.  

If you are ready to start, contact LearningRx-Richmond Hill at (905)237-8860 or send us an email at [email protected]

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