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February 22, 2019

Top 3 Ways You Can Show Love to Help Your Child

At TAC Sports we’re dedicated to helping our campers and students improve their confidence, skills, knowledge and leadership abilities. 

We believe strongly that the best athletes have the best parent support, and that’s why we have so much information available to parents through our Youtube channel and through our Blog and 5 Star Development system. 

We love supporting parents, and we love when parents support their children in the best way. 

We believe that a environment filled with accountability, knowledge and passion creates elite athletes and productive leaders.

  1. Provide Accountability 

  2. Become Knowledgeable

  3. Feed the Dream

Provide Accountability 

Providing accountability is the greatest show of love that a parent can give! Ensuring your children are held accountable to practice the skills that students have learned at camp is a great way to help them improve. Frank Lampard, a soccer legend, stated that his dad would ensure he did his ‘midfielder sprints’ daily, ensuring that he stayed fit and sharp. Wayne Gretzky’s dad Walter would ensure his son studied the game of hockey and not just watched it. They would follow up and practice on the family  rink daily. This level of accountability helps our children develop a sense of responsibility for their actions and self-reliance, both of which carry on later in life.

Become Knowledgeable 

The more knowledgeable a parent is in the sport, the greater chance they have at supporting their child’s development. Knowing what your child needs is going to help you supply them with the tools they need for success. 

We have TACXPerformanceTAC TALK PodcastsSoccerBasketball and Tennis playlist on our Youtube Channels that help support parents in their knowledge of:

  • Strategy
  • Skills (and what they look like, how they are executed)
  • Progression
  • Physical Skills and what your child needs
  • Nutrition

Feeding the Dream  

Parents have to feed the dreams of their players and help to build a vision for their children.

This is perhaps the single most important thing you can do as a parent, to foster love for the sport. Their sport should become one of their passions, and they should make practice a daily action. 

Children look to parents to be their role models. My Dad certainly was one and he always played with my brother and I, and fed our dreams of being competitive soccer players. Our passion still shines bright to this day!



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