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Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School Camps

Review of Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School Camps by Alexandra Owens, Parent

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  • Date of Review
    February 20, 2024
  • Attended
    Day camp (2021 - 2024)
  • Child 1
    Age 12 - 14 (Male)
    Program(s) focused in Survival skills, Basketball, Volleyball
  • Child 2
    Age 10 - 12 (Female)
    Program(s) focused in Wilderness Skills, Basketball, Volleyball
  • Child 3
    Age 7 - 9 (Male)
    Program(s) focused in Wilderness Skills, Ball Sports (multi), Fencing

(5) Overall experience

Before attending the camp, my kids were excited but also a bit nervous. However, their mood shifted to excitement and comfort once they met the camp staff and experienced the activities. They were eager to continue attending. After attending the camp, I noticed positive changes in my children. They became more confident in their skills, especially in sports, thanks to the professional instructors. Additionally, they developed a deeper appreciation for the outdoors and wilderness through the outdoor camp activities. Having this experience for my children means a lot to me. I appreciate the professionalism of the camp staff and their responsiveness to any concerns I had. Seeing my kids excited and comfortable at the camp, as well as witnessing their growth in skills and confidence, brings me great joy and reassurance. Yes, I would definitely send my children back to this camp in the future. The positive experiences they’ve had, the skills they’ve gained, and the comfortable environment make it an easy decision. Plus, knowing they’ll be in capable hands with knowledgeable staff reassures me as a parent.

(5) Reason for choosing the camp

My children and I were originally attracted to this camp because of its emphasis on physical activity, supervision and safety and the amazing campus the camps are located on. I prioritize knowing that my child will be active and well-supervised during their time at camp. It was important for me to choose a camp with enough staff to ensure safety and handle any conflicts or issues that may arise among the kids. I chose these camps over others because of the specific ones offered - they fit our needs and were unique! We found STS upfront and transparent about their approach to cost. While the initial cost may seem slightly higher than other options, I found that the quality and safety standards of this camp were exactly what I was looking for. The responsibility associated with this camp was crucial for my family’s peace of mind. Overall, I believe the experience was worth the investment. The quality of the camp, the level of supervision, and the activities offered justified the cost. There were no hidden costs or unexpected expenses, as everything was clearly communicated upfront.

(5) Program quality and activities

The camp itinerary aligned perfectly with my child’s interests and exceeded my expectations when choosing it. The outdoor camp, in particular, was a standout feature that alone would have made the experience worthwhile. The basketball, volleyball, and fencing instructors were exceptional, bringing professionalism and expertise to their respective sports. Specifically, my children found the outdoor camp activities such as canoeing and hiking to be particularly enjoyable and valuable. The Outdoor Education staff leading the outdoor camp has extensive experience and knowledge, making it a highlight of the program for my kids every year. In terms of ensuring quality and effectiveness, STS demonstrated their commitment through the professionalism and expertise of the instructors, as well as the variety of activities offered. The fact that my youngest could experience fencing, which isn’t commonly available, speaks volumes about the thoughtfulness and diversity of the program. Overall, the camp provided a well-rounded and enriching experience for my children.

(5) Social dynamics and experience

During the camp, my children had the opportunity to both make new friends and strengthen existing friendships. The environment provided ample opportunities for interaction with children from both the school itself and surrounding communities. Thankfully, we did not encounter any issues related to bullying or inclusion. The camp’s abundance of staff members, diverse activities, and vigilant supervision ensured a safe and inclusive atmosphere where every child felt supported and included.

(5) Skills and growth

Attending this camp provided my kids with a myriad of valuable skills and opportunities for growth. They gained proficiency in various outdoor activities, such as rock climbing, fire starting, mountain orienteering, and plant identification. Engaging in physical sports like volleyball, fencing and basketball further honed their athletic abilities. These experiences not only challenged them physically but also pushed them to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new challenges. The outdoor education aspect, coupled with activities like campfire building and canoeing, proved especially beneficial in expanding their skill set and fostering personal growth.

(5) Staff/Instructors/Counsellors

I highly appreciated the accessibility and responsiveness of the administration at this organization. Whenever I had questions or the one time I needed to rearrange camp schedules, they were accommodating and understanding. Communication was consistently clear, and the head STS staff made themselves available before, during, and after each session. It was reassuring to see the people in charge present at the beginning and end of every camp, ensuring a smooth operation. Both the camp staff and STS staff were proactive in addressing any concerns and providing necessary information regarding drop-off and pick-up locations. Fortunately, conflicts were not present for my children, but when I reached out via email regarding logistics, I received prompt responses. I felt confident knowing exactly who to approach if any issues arose, thanks to the management team’s approachability and commitment to ensuring both my children’s safety and my peace of mind.

(5) Advice and tips

My advice to someone considering this camp would be to plan ahead and register for camps early to secure spots, especially for popular ones like outdoor education! I wish I had known to organize myself better and sign up for camps earlier, as they filled up quickly. My youngest son’s positive experience with golf camp highlighted the importance of early registration, and now we make sure to plan ahead to avoid missing out on desired camps. Attending open houses that the school hosts throughout the springtime can also help familiarize families with the campus and alleviate any concerns about its size or layout, making the camp experience more comfortable for both children and parents. We truly do not have any constructive feedback about STS camps. I am incredibly picky about who and where my kids spend time all day and these camps were the perfect fit!

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