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The Progressive Centre

Study Skills Workshop / Executive Functioning Coaching

Run by The Progressive Centre

About this Virtual Program

  • Virtual Program
  • Age 12 - 18 (Coed)
  • Specialized in Academic/Tutoring (multi) and Instructor lead (group)—offers 5 activities
  • 0 session dates to choose from
  • Cost starting from $850
  • Special needs support available  

This program is designed to build the following character traits:

  • Interpersonal skills: During this engaging workshop, students will utilize communication skills such as listening and speaking.
  • Self-regulation: This workshop will teach students not only how to be organized, manage time better, take better notes but it will also assist them with self regulation and becoming an advocate for themselves.

There are times when tutoring simply isn’t enough. Sometimes students may not see the changes in their grades due to additional factors. Sometimes the student is a poor self-starter meaning they are not able to independently get homework started and completed. They may also have poor time management skills, which inherently affects their ability to complete assignments on time, ultimately affecting their levels of frustration. In order for students of all ages to be successful, they must have a good handle of what we call their executive functions. 

Time management, organization, self-regulation and attention span are some of the key skills that students need to be successful. These skills are called “Executive” skills because they are similar to the abilities a CEO or a head of a company would have to be able to demonstrate for a company to be successful and competitive. 

Why is this relevant to student success? 

Training and development in executive functioning skills not only gives students the tools to succeed in academics, but in all aspects of their life. 

What will this workshop cover?

In this 18 week program, students will be taught the following

  • Improve attention and concentration
  • Be organized
  • Be able to self-regulate stress and frustration
  • Plan work
  • Study in more effective and creative ways
  • Manage time
  • Remember what he/she was told or read
  • Take notes and how to use the notes for study
  • Get ideas down on paper
  • Advocate for themselves and communicate what they need to succeed

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Session Dates and Rates

Date TBD
Virtual Program,

Time TBD
Cost TBD

Special Needs Support

Mild Support       Specialized programming

  Aspergers Syndrome
  Autism/Pervasive development delay
  Down Syndrome
  Intellectual disability
  Tourettes Syndrome
  Troubled Teens


  Recreational         Instructional      
  Intense or Competitive

  Instructor lead (group)


Study Skills Workshop / Executive Functioning Coaching is run by The Progressive Centre.

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Study Skills Workshop / Executive Functioning Coaching
Run by The Progressive Centre

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