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Laurus Summer Camp - December 29, 2020

Cooking With Kids: Building Healthy Habits for Life

Do you remember being in the kitchen with your parents growing up and helping them cook? Well why not do that with your kids?

Laurus Summer Camp - October 1, 2019

Building Grit Through Positive Discipline

How can you help your child develop the capacity to push through adversity in pursuing a long-term goal? Read more to find out.

Laurus Summer Camp - February 28, 2019

Is your child sick?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to decide when to keep your kids at home from school/daycare.

Laurus Summer Camp - February 17, 2019


As the weather in Canada gets more extreme, educators are starting to have to consider some tough questions about our children's schooling!

Laurus Summer Camp - February 11, 2019


To learn about some helpful winter safety tips for you and your family this winter; click here!

Laurus Summer Camp - February 5, 2019

Mental Health Awareness: The Signs You Should Look Out For

We're here to give you some tips and tricks on how to help spread mental health awareness, and how to recognize the red flags.

Laurus Summer Camp - January 28, 2019

A Picture of an Egg is Ruining Your Teen's Life.

A "harmless" trend is only the first layer of an insidious part of the internet. You need to know what your children are doing online!

Laurus Summer Camp - January 22, 2019

Winter storms are rolling in! What can your family do?

As Canadians, we expect a snow day here and there. Still, these flurries are a lot more than we can handle!

Laurus Summer Camp - January 14, 2019

Child Death Toll Spikes! How to keep your children safe!

With the resources that are available to us today, children dying of the Influenza virus seems primitive and unnecessary.

Laurus Summer Camp - December 16, 2018


Are you trying to figure out a way to maintain your travel anxiety, while also dealing with your child(ren) travelling? Let us help you.

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