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January 14, 2019

Child Death Toll Spikes! How to keep your children safe!

In 2019, the flu vaccine saves lives. It’s as simple as that. The flu season of 2018-19 has unfortunately claimed the lives of 37 people so far. At least six children under the age of ten have lost their lives; all were unvaccinated. With the resources that are available to us today, children dying of the Influenza virus seems primitive and unnecessary.

The particular influenza strain that is in the air this flu season is the H1N1. This same strain of the virus caused the deadly “Spanish-Flu” pandemic over a century ago, as well as the “Swine-Flu” pandemic roughly a decade ago. As responsible members of society, we should all do our part in preventing outbreaks by simply getting the vaccinate. Ensuring that all eligible members of society are protected allows for herd immunity, which minimizes the risk of outbreaks overall.

If you want to keep reading about how the flu vaccine saves lives, continue here!  


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