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February 13, 2018

Making Kids Resilient: The Long Term Benefits of Day Camp

Are there benefits to sending your kids to day camp programs? We came upon a great article in Psychology Today: How Summer Camps Make Kids Resilient. In his research, Canadian Psychologist Michael Unger discovers that day camps are “perfect places to help children optimize their psychosocial development.”

This is what makes the Laurus Crew so passionate about what we do! Day Camp isn’t just a place for kids to spend their summers—it’s a collection of positive and novel experiences that, in the long run, help kids prepare for adulthood. How? Dr. Unger identifies seven (7) ways that Day Camp helps children develop valuable life skills. 

1. Day Camp fosters new relationships 

It’s Day Camp’s most rewarding challenge: making new friends. Bonding with a new set of peers (with the help of some great counsellors) is a perfect way for kids to get out of their comfort zone and develop social skills. In addition to meeting new kids, Campers also benefit from meeting new trusted adults other than their parents—“just think of how useful a skill like that is: being able to negotiate on your own with an adult for what you need.”

2.   Day Camp helps children build confidence

Day Camp offers children the opportunity to excel in something that they are good at. This helps kids build an identity and feel confident around their peers. Here at Laurus, our STA program is all about giving kids the chance to try something new, or do something they already know they love. Either way, we can attest to Dr. Unger’s claim that “a good camp counsellor is going to help your child find something to be proud of that she can do well.”

3.   Day Camp helps children feel in control of their lives

Whether taking home an art project, playing capture the flag, or making a new friend,  self-efficacy is central to the camper experience. It’s what we strive for at Laurus. In the long term, Dr. Unger notes that “children who experience themselves as competent will be better problem-solvers in new situations.” 

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