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Schools most difficult to get into

What are hardest private schools to get into? Schools with low admission rates would seem to be high in demand, and it would seem prestigious to be accepted into one of these schools. Lower admission rates often indicate a school's rigorous academic standards (although there may be other factors). Below, we cautiously present a ranked list of schools that are difficult to get into. However, we must emphasize that there are more important things parents should concern themselves with as they search for a school for their child.

The application process for schools will vary from one school to another. In general, though, schools look at your child's current academic standing and grades, there may be an aptitude test, and there may be other aspects of the screening process. Schools with less than a 100% admissions rate (like those below) will turn prospective students away based on those factors. Parents may also find this list helpful, to know if a school they are interested in is, in fact, more challenging to get accepted into.

There are many other factors in the school choice process that should take precedence. Other factors include the overall fit of the school, its size, the quality of the teachers and much more. Families should take a long time to weigh all the pros and cons of schools they are considering.

Schools with the lowest admission rate

School Location Grades Acceptance rate
1 Alberta Ballet School Calgary, AB 7 to 12 16%
2 Crofton House School Vancouver, BC JK to 12 17%
3 Mulgrave School West Vancouver, BC PS to 12 18%
4 University of Toronto Schools Toronto, ON 7 to 12 20%
5 York School Toronto, ON JK to 12 20%
6 Collingwood School West Vancouver, BC JK to 12 22%
7 Crescent School Toronto, ON 3 to 12 25%
8 UWC Canada Victoria, BC 12 to 12 25%
9 Crestwood Preparatory College Toronto, ON 7 to 12 30%
10 Havergal College Toronto, ON JK to 12 30%
11 Appleby College Oakville, ON 7 to 12 32%
12 De La Salle College Toronto, ON 5 to 12 33%
13 Sterling Hall School Toronto, ON JK to 8 35%
14 Bishop Strachan School Toronto, ON JK to 12 40%
15 Royal St. George's College Toronto, ON 3 to 12 40%
16 St. Jude's Academy Mississauga, ON JK to 12 40%
17 Pear Tree Elementary Vancouver, BC K to 9 40%
18 Holy Trinity School Richmond Hill, ON JK to 12 45%
19 Miss Edgar's & Miss Cramp's School Westmount, QC K to 11 49%
20 Greenwood College School Toronto, ON 7 to 12 50%
21 Study Westmount, QC K to 11 50%
22 Abelard School Toronto, ON 7 to 12 50%
23 St. Clement's School Toronto, ON 1 to 12 50%
24 Sidney Ledson Institute Toronto, ON PS to 6 50%
25 Glenmore Christian Academy Calgary, AB JK to 9 50%

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