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People may be curious how different Montessori schools rank against each other. At Our Kids we do not presume to rank schools, and we disavow any procedure or algorithm that pretends to offer parents a simple list of "best Montessori schools." Lists that focus on discrete criteria, however (like those below), can be used as a helpful starting point, or at strategic points during research. 

A comprehensive search process will focus on all factors related to schools including its location, tuition cost, school facilities, the quality of teachers, and much more. Our Kids offers private school expos, comparison tools and rich information guides, giving parents an array of channels to fully explore every concern. Our fully updated, richly researched, authoritative guide to Montessori education offers a wealth of helpful information for parents. Learn how schools have different perspectives on the Montessori philosophy, fall under a variety of certifications and accreditations, and many other things you should be aware of, beyond the limited information provided below.

Below, we tenuously offer some helpful ranked lists based on metrics parents may be most concerned about. It's far more important for parents to focus on the whole school in all its respects and focus on the whole child in their search for a private Montessori school that best meets their requirements. Montessori school rankings below can be a helpful aid, as long as they are used properly:

Montessori schools with the lowest admissions' rates

A school with a low admissions rate would seem to be in high demand, turning students away because it is the most sought out by parents. There may be secondary reasons for this, however, such as the age of the school, its marketing budget, and even its location.

This list does not account for how many students are enrolled per year. Enrolment varies widely from one school to the next, with some specialized schools having less than 30 students overall, while other schools may have a student body of several hundreds. For interest's sake, though, parents may be curious about how difficult it is to get into some locations. This list may help them understand their chances of getting into Montessori schools on their shortlist.

The most expensive Montessori schools

Some parents may consider price a direct measure of value ("you get what you pay for"). That's never a fair assumption, of course. For interest's sake and for parents who feel there is some truth to that adage, here is a look at Montessori schools charging the most tuition.

School Location Grades Tuition
1 TMS Richmond Hill, ON PS to 12 $25,700 to $31,350
2 Atelier Kids Early Learning & Care Toronto, ON NS to PS $27,600
3 Bannockburn Toronto, ON NS to 6 $25,100
4 J. Addison School Markham, ON PS to 12 $16,400 to $23,600
5 Richmond Hill Montessori Private School Richmond Hill, ON PS to 8 $21,000 to $23,500
6 OMS Montessori Ottawa, ON NS to 6 $14,664 to $21,384
7 Rotherglen School - Oakville Oakville, ON K to 8 $15,500 to $21,200
8 Westside Montessori School Toronto, ON NS to 6 $18,700 to $20,700
9 Dearcroft Montessori School Oakville, ON NS to 8 $17,000 to $20,500
10 Avalon Children's Montessori School Toronto, ON PS to 8 $13,100 to $20,400

Oldest Montessori schools

Well-established Montessori schools may be considered more trustworthy by some. Again, this is a questionable assumption to make. This list ranks Montessori schools by their founding date.  Always bear in mind that rankings of any kind are specious.

School Location Grades Founded
1 TMS Richmond Hill, ON PS to 12 1961
2 OMS Montessori Ottawa, ON NS to 6 1966
3 Dearcroft Montessori School Oakville, ON NS to 8 1968
4 Rowntree Montessori Schools (RMS) Brampton, ON PS to 8 1969
5 Bond Academy Toronto, ON PS to 12 1978
6 Rotherglen School - Mississauga Mississauga, ON PS to 8 1979
7 Bishop Hamilton Montessori School Ottawa, ON NS to 8 1983
8 Town Centre Private Schools Markham, ON NS to 12 1986
9 Richmond Hill Montessori Private School Richmond Hill, ON PS to 8 1986
10 Unionville Montessori Private Schools Unionville, ON PS to 8 1987

Most notable alumni

For interest's sake we list Montessori schools across Canada that have produced the most notable alumni.

School Location Grades Notable alumni
1 Tall Pines School Brampton, ON NS to 8 2
2 OMS Montessori Ottawa, ON NS to 6 1
3 Summit West Independent School Foothills, AB JK to 12 1

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