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Learn code though gameplay

Code Ninjas is the world’s largest, fastest-growing kids’ coding franchise, with hundreds of international locations, including dozens across Canada.  At Code Ninjas’ day camps and classes, kids learn to code while also “having a blast.” Founded in 2016, it’s quickly developed into the leader in providing game-based programming that incites kids and teens to explore and develop their interest in coding, game creation, and related learning. Read more

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    Why learn code through Code Ninjas?

    Coding has been called "the literacy of the 21st century.” Like education fundamentals, math, science, and reading, coding is a key aspect of understanding our technologically-advanced world. Code Ninjas aspires to teach the next generation not only how technology works but how to create and program products.

    This learning provider is spurred by the belief that now is the time for kids to learn code. What’s more, kids should begin coding as early as possible. Every child has an infinite capacity to learn, and when kids explore their curiosity, wondrous things will ensue. At Code Ninja centers, kids learn to code while building their own video games. Through these activities, they gain critical skills in problem solving, critical thinking, and STEM, in a fun, safe, and inspiring environment.

    All about Code Ninjas

    David Graham founded Code Ninjas after seeing his son progress through Tae Kwon Do classes. Martial arts became the model for Code Ninja centres, where students learn code in a dojo and progress through levels or belts. Different belts are associated with different coding languages, and leaders are called Code Senseis. Each centre also has a lobby for parents.

    Kids build video games on popular platforms like Minecraft® and Roblox®, and the focus is on fun. “Game play is the best way to learn,” says Graham. They offer day sessions, holiday sessions, summer camps, and after-school programs, and students can progress through belts at their own rate.

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