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February 13, 2019

Robotics Programs for all Ages

Robotics has been one of the most exciting technological advances in recent memory. The development of home robotics kits has allowed people to enjoy this amazing technology in their own homes or as part of extra-curricular programming. Given how complex the field can get, one of the most frequently asked questions by parents is how young is too young for a robotics program? With the progression of fun, engaging and intuitive Lego Robotics kits, children as young as 3 can begin to build, engineer and enjoy the fascinating world of Robotics!

At Lifetime Skills Academy (LSA) we divide our robotics programming into three stages in order to best suit the abilities of each student.

Lego Classic Builder – Junior Leader allows younger students (ages 3-6) to design and build various stable and functioning structures, giving them a fantastic foundation for robotics. Students are encouraged to develop their creativity, problem-solving abilities and teamwork skills in order to design and build bigger and more intricate structures as the program progresses. 

Lego Robotics 1.0 is our intro robotics program for children 4-7. Students work with the Lego We-Do kits, developing projects such as cars and helicopters. There is also an introduction to programming which is a cornerstone of robotics moving forward. Students program using easy to use tablets on the Lego We-Do software.Students focus on how to:

  • Build basic robotic structures
  • Learn how to program and implement motors 
  • Learn about ultrasonic sensors and how to use them
  • Build toward more intricate robot designs with advanced mechanics
  • Develop problem-solving skills with the WeDo programming

Lego Robotics 2.0 is our more advanced robotics program, aimed at ages 8-12. Students harness their developing creativity and overall problem-solving abilities. These skills are vital for success in future education and career pursuits. In Robotics 2.0 students use the Lego Mindstorm EV3 robotics kits. These kits allow for complex builds while still remaining user-friendly. The modular nature of the Mindstorm EV3 kits provides students with immense versatility in terms of design potentials; the possibilities are limitless! Students will learn how to design, build and program robots to go through exciting challenges such as moving through mazes, lifting and distributing blocks and races. Finally, students can graduate to the Battle Arena and challenge each other’s robots!

This logical progression allows students to easily transition to more complex designs and builds. By beginning early, students can develop their skills and abilities from a young age. This doesn’t just help aid them in their robotics pursuit. Robotics breads transferable skills that will allow children to excel in all aspects of their lives from school to family. Getting familiar with robotics and programming will give students a head start for our exciting future technological world!

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