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Airborne Trampoline
Airborne Trampoline
locations: Newmarket, ON; Vaughan, ON
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Airborne Trampoline

Airborne Trampoline

Locations: Newmarket, ON; Vaughan, ON

Day camp, After-school / weekend classes, Family programs
Special Needs:
Yes, Mild support (Not all campers have special needs)
$149 to $240/session
3 to 80

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About this program


Airborne Trampoline is proud to be one of the safest and most exciting trampoline facilities in Canada. This is due in large part to Airborne's amazing Gymnastics Ontario Certified Trampoline Coaches who fully host all of Airborne's programs and events. Airborne offers Trampoline Parties, Trampoline Lessons & Classes, Trampoline Day Camps, and much more!

Newmarket, ON, Vaughan, ON

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Available sessions:

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weekly or weekend class / kids programs
Ages: 3 - 18+
Trampoline $150 to $195
171 Marycroft Avenue
Jan 01, 2017-Jan 01, 2019$150 - $195
1186 Gorham Street
Jan 01, 2017-Jan 01, 2019$150 - $195
Gymnastics|Trampoline|Sports-Instructional and Training
weekly or weekend class / kids programs
Ages: 3 - 18+
Trampoline $140 to $160
171 Marycroft Avenue
Sep 01, 2017-Jan 01, 2019$140 - $160
1186 Gorham Street
Sep 01, 2017-Jan 01, 2019$140 - $160

Director's Message


Steve M., Camp/Program Director

Hello everyone,

I would like to welcome you all to come out and experience Airborne Trampoline's Camp & Class programs. Airborne was established in 1994 and has over 20 years of experience in trampolining, camps, recreational trampoline classes, special needs programs and much more. We employ coaches and counselors who are First Aid/CPR certified, Gymnastics Ontario Trampoline certified, and have experience in working with children both in and out of camp environments. Jump over to our website and check out everything Airborne Trampoline has to offer. You wont be disappointed.


Steve M.

Facility Manager
Airborne Trampoline Club Woodbridge
[email protected]




Accommodation & Property Details

Property details

Washrooms Facilities

  • Flush Toilets

Sports facilities

  • Gymnasium


Stories & Testimonials


Airborne Trampoline Camp Is Great!

This is a great camp. My husband and I drive from Richmond Hill to drop our kids off at the Summer Camp programs at Airborne and the kids always come home with a smile on their face. I like the balance of indoor and outdoor activities they offer to keep our kids moving throughout the day. I have registered my kids in other day camps and they just kind of keep them indoors all day doing simple activities. It got tedius for the kids to do that day in and day out. The activity list Airborne is very extensive. Always something new for the kids to keep themselves interested in coming back.

I recommend this camp to all my friends.

All my son wants to do is flip.

My title summarizes the whole point of my story. My son seems to think that doing a flip is the ultimate thing to do. The most amazing, dare devilish, superhero thing to do. Here's the problem. FLIPS ARE DANGEROUS!

I've taken Benjamin to trampoline parks that allow flips. To my horror, he almost landed on his face when he first tried it. I told him that under no circumstances was he to do that again. Needless to say, I was quite angry at the trampoline park "supervisors", or whatever they call them, allowing Ben to do that in the first place. They told me it was MY responsibility to tell him what he is allowed to do. As if I had any experience on a trampoline. On top of that, I was 100ft away from him in a viewing area!

So, I did some research. I found Airborne Trampoline and they happened to be taking registrations for their March Break Trampoline Camp. I had heard of Airborne Trampoline before. They were a smaller trampoline facility with an excellent safety record. My girlfriend had taken her kids their for a few birthday parties and now had her kids in their trampoline classes. She told me, "If you want Benjamin to learn how to do things safely, take him to Airborne". That was good enough for me. I called them and explained my terror of Ben flipping without knowing how. They explained to me that in order to safely flip, Ben had to learn the basics first. Then progress into flips. It really filled me with confidence that they seemed so knowledgeable on the phone. I signed Ben up for 3 days of March Break Trampoline Camp and the rest is history. He now loves more than just flipping. He's learned how to land on his bum, his stomach, his back, and spin around in the air. Oh, and did I mention he now knows how to safely flip? No more faceplants! He wants to try out for Airborne's competitive trampoline team because now he wants to go to the Olympics and "do flips there for medals". Go for it Ben!

Thanks Airborne. You guys are awesome!

I was skepticle at first....

I was skeptical at first. I didn't really know what a trampoline camp was all about when I saw the listing for Airborne Trampoline Camp. It sounded to me like a camp where all they do is jump on trampolines all day. I found that rather dull considering we have a backyard trampoline and my kids could just jump on that all summer. I suppose I had a few more minutes to spare in my day (a rare occurrence) and I decided to look into it a little further. Two things in particular caught my eye.

1: Airborne is a certified trampoline facility who can teach trampoline tricks safely and professionally.

2: Its not just trampolining all day. They do A LOT more.

I was intrigued by those two points. Yes, my kids have a backyard trampoline. They can do tricks that they've self taught themselves, but nothing special. I thought, why not enroll them for a few days and see what they learn. More so than that, if its not just trampolining all day, maybe they'll find something else they find entertaining. So, I registered them for a week.

I agreed to write this testimonial for Airborne because I was completely blown away by what my kids told me when I picked them up. Not only did they earn their level 1 and 2 trampoline ribbons (I think there is a total of 25 levels) they went to Dave & Busters for their daily trip. My son in particular LOVES Dave & Busters. When we got home, they both immediately jumped onto the backyard trampoline to show me all the new tricks and skills they learned.

They had a great time at trampoline camp. We are DEFINITELY coming back. My skepticism was very misplaced.


In the News


May 1, 2018 - Airborne's Summer Trampoline Camp Is Live!

Airborne is proud to announce that the upcoming Summer Trampoline Day Camp program is now live with all information available! ...

June 6, 2017 - Airborne Trampoline Camp's Newest Counselor!

Meet Airborne Trampoline Camps newest counselor, Carly E! Carly will be hosting trampoline camp at Airborne's Newmarket location all summer! ...

June 5, 2017 - Have you ever thought of Trampoline Day Camp?

Have you ever thought of Summer Trampoline Day Camp? ...

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Camp Locations

  • Newmarket, ON
    1186 Gorham Street, Newmarket, Ontario, L3Y8W4
  • Vaughan, ON
    171 Marycroft Avenue, Woodbridge, Ontario, L4L 5Y3

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