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PA day camps and programs in Canada

If you’re a working parent, PA or Professional Activity days can be inconvenient. Depending on the age of your child, you may need to arrange for your child to be looked after. Luckily, in Canada, there are many PA day camps, including in Toronto, Oakville, Etobicoke, London, Mississauga, Windsor, Guelph, Orangeville, Edmonton, and Calgary. There are PA day camps and programs for children of many ages. This includes camps for children just starting out in school (or preschool), to children in middle or high school. Moreover, for your convenience, many of these camps allow you to register your child in advance for all PD days during the school year. Read more

List of PA and PD day camps and programs

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  • Richmond Hill, ON
  • Age 4 to 14 (Coed)
  • From $120
Richmond HillOntario

Build projects all day long while learning coding & robotics, 3D printing, woodworking, and more! Visit website

Meet them at Camp Expo on Feb 25
The STEAM Project1204-142022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-012023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-01,10,5,9,173,134,364,177,178,350,67,159,179,365,196,2,32,281,129,182,50,130,314,268,180,paday,coed,
  • Caledon, ON
  • Age 5 to 12 (Coed)
  • From $89

Treat your kids to an outdoor adventure only moments from home. Visit website

Teen Ranch895-122023-03-01,10,5,9,173,357,2,50,12,3,347,54,29,30,51,188,0,paday,coed,
PA day camp
Nov 18, 2022 - Jun 02, 2023

  • West-End, Toronto
  • Age 5 to 12 (Coed)
  • From $69

Our PA day camp is open for kids 5-12 years. We'll have fun playing games, doing crafts, and spending time outdoors! Visit website

Toronto Kidz695-122022-11-012022-12-012023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-01,10,5,9,188,0,paday,coed,
  • Montreal, QC
  • Age 6 to 10 (Coed)
  • From $40

STEM Middle programs are designed for kids who have a passion for LEGO and want to take it to the next level. Visit website

Inventor Stem School406-102022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-012023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-01,337,5,266,177,332,180,304,67,159,160,2,129,182,50,130,317,268,paday,coed,
  • Montreal, QC
  • Age 3 to 6 (Coed)
  • From $40

STEM Junior programs are designed for the youngest inventors, who are starting to explore the world around them. Visit website

Inventor Stem School403-62022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-012023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-01,304,177,180,67,160,2,129,357,50,356,182,130,267,317,7,268,paday,coed,
Evergreen PA Day Camp
Dec 02, 2022 - Feb 17, 2023

  • East-York, Toronto
  • Age 6 to 11 (Coed)
  • From $80

Discover, explore and experience the magic of the Brick Works and the Lower Don Valley at Evergreen's PA Day Camps! Visit website

Evergreen Brick Works806-112022-12-012023-01-012023-02-01,298,6,81,10,5,9,123,134,24,2,28,3,188,0,paday,coed,
PA Day Camp
Oct 07, 2022 - Jun 05, 2023

  • Burlington, ON
  • Age 5 to 12 (Coed)
  • From $64

Join us for a fun-filled, high-energy day of tumbling, stunting, jumps, dance, games, crafts and so much more! Visit website

Supreme Cheerleading645-122022-10-012022-11-012022-12-012023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-01,269,3,164,27,paday,coed,

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Kinds of PA day camps

PA or PD day camp


Some PA day camps have a wide variety of activities throughout the day, including games, arts and crafts, cooking, sports, and educational activities. Other camps offer more specialized programming. For instance, they may focus on a sport, such as hockey, soccer, or martial arts, or an artistic activity, such as dance or music, or an intellectual endeavour, such as math, science, debate.

Most of these camps will provide you with a daily schedule of activities. They should also let you know when your child needs to be dropped off and picked up. And, they may also provide some snacks, sometimes meals, for your child (you should inquire about this).

What to expect

PA or PD day camps listed here have a number of important features. These include following:

  • Qualified staff
  • Proper supervision
  • A safe and caring environment
  • A protocol for communicating with parents
  • A daily schedule
  • Interesting and fun activities

Below, find PA day camps and programs in Canada. Click on a camp to learn more about it, including its location, programming, and contact info.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many PA and PD day camps are there?
There are 7 camps that help kids grow in courage. Use the filters to narrow by age and program type, then click on matched programs to see daily activities, dates, rates and registration information.

What are the fees to attend PA and PD day camps?
Fees for range from $40 to $575 per program (program types and lengths vary). Use the filters here to narrow programs by age and type.

Where can parents meet with PA and PD day camps?
Meet with program directors and staff at the Our Kids Camp & Program Expo. The Expo is held annually in February, and is a fun and informative day for parents, kids, and teens. Find event details and free tickets here.


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