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Kids' summer camps in Nova Scotia run the full gamut of interests, from a sports focus to arts and other educational pursuits. Nova Scotia is home to some of the best summer fun in the country. There are many natural and cultural resources for camps and programs to work with, and rightly, they make good use of them. For example, there are a variety of maritime activities, including spending a week or two aboard a tall ship as well as camps that allow kids to explore local marine life. Check out camps below! Read more

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    Scouts Canada 


    • Traditional (multi activity)
    • Day Camp, Overnight Camp, Program

    Scouting isn’t an activity or setting—it's a discovery. It helps youth prepare for the real world, by exploring the world. Alongside friends, Scouts cultivate skills that will guide them through every stage of life. Read more

    • Ages 5 to 26
    • Coed
    • from $230
    Scouts Canada2305-262021-12-012022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-012023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-012023-07-012023-08-012023-09-012023-10-012023-11-012023-12-012024-01-012024-02-012024-03-012024-04-012024-05-012024-06-012024-07-012024-08-012024-09-012024-10-012024-11-012024-12-012025-01-012025-02-012025-03-012025-04-012025-05-012025-06-012025-07-012025-08-012025-09-012025-10-012025-11-012025-12-012026-01-012026-02-012026-03-012026-04-012026-05-012026-06-012026-07-012026-08-012026-09-012026-10-012026-11-012026-12-012027-01-012027-02-012027-03-012027-04-012027-05-012027-06-012027-07-012027-08-012027-09-012027-10-012027-11-012027-12-012028-01-012028-02-012028-03-012028-04-012028-05-012028-06-012028-07-012028-08-012028-09-012028-10-012028-11-012028-12-012029-01-012029-02-012029-03-012029-04-012029-05-012029-06-012029-07-012029-08-012029-09-012029-10-012029-11-012029-12-012030-01-012030-02-012030-03-012030-04-012030-05-012030-06-012030-07-012030-08-012030-09-012030-10-012030-11-012030-12-012031-01-012031-02-012031-03-012031-04-012031-05-012031-06-012031-07-012031-08-012031-09-012031-10-012031-11-012031-12-012032-01-012032-02-012032-03-012032-04-012032-05-012032-06-012032-07-012032-08-012032-09-012032-10-012032-11-012032-12-012033-01-012033-02-012033-03-012033-04-012033-05-012033-06-012033-07-012033-08-012033-09-012033-10-012033-11-012033-12-012034-01-012034-02-012034-03-012034-04-012034-05-012034-06-012034-07-012034-08-012034-09-012034-10-012034-11-012034-12-012035-01-012035-02-012035-03-012035-04-012035-05-012035-06-012035-07-012035-08-012035-09-012035-10-012035-11-012035-12-012036-01-012036-02-012036-03-012036-04-012036-05-012036-06-012036-07-012036-08-012036-09-012036-10-012036-11-012036-12-012037-01-012037-02-012037-03-012037-04-012037-05-012037-06-012037-07-012037-08-012037-09-012037-10-012037-11-012037-12-012038-01-012038-02-012038-03-012038-04-012038-05-012038-06-012038-07-012038-08-012038-09-012038-10-012038-11-012038-12-012039-01-012039-02-012039-03-012039-04-012039-05-012039-06-012039-07-012039-08-012039-09-012039-10-012039-11-012039-12-012040-01-012040-02-012040-03-012040-04-012040-05-012040-06-012040-07-012040-08-012040-09-012040-10-012040-11-012040-12-012041-01-012041-02-012041-03-012041-04-012041-05-012041-06-012041-07-012041-08-012041-09-012041-10-012041-11-012041-12-01,298,6,81,256,5,133,10,9,134,366,2,91,33,24,268,8,3,224,11,347,12,327,54,21,36,346,52,367,28,51,221,16,322,25,31,49,56,44,225,188,0,daycamp,overnightcamp,programclass,coed,
    • Arts (multi)
    • Day Camp, Overnight Camp, Program, Virtual Program 

    SummerArts combines the best of camp with the best of the arts! We offer great food, a full rec schedule, campfire, and a core of incredible arts programming, all set on a beautiful campus overlooking the Bay of Fundy. Read more

    • Ages 5 to 18
    • Coed
    • from $345
    Ross Creek Centre for the Arts3455-182023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-012023-07-012023-08-012023-09-012023-10-012023-11-012023-12-01,81,6,197,5,345,71,59,288,10,9,173,123,24,2,19,274,165,22,150,37,69,174,178,177,179,68,67,196,32,88,91,33,275,281,182,50,130,160,144,7,137,268,251,3,223,347,54,265,361,363,360,364,314,264,292,297,355,333,282,289,291,337,270,154,257,259,258,287,339,153,1,319,276,28,342,358,38,295,285,335,97,138,175,147,176,286,172,daycamp,overnightcamp,programclass,virtualprogram,coed,

    The province is home to a wide variety of camps like this, ranging from sailing camps to kids' fishing camps. Along the shoreline are camps that allow kids to explore marine wildlife in depth, including whales, dolphins and more.

    There are a lot of arts options as well. This is, after all, the most famous seat of traditional music in the country, thanks to the communities on Cape Breton, though there are theatre and fine arts options as well. 

    Day camp or overnight camp?

    Kids day camps throughout the province, from Halifax to Cape Breton, make a wide variety of appeals to children and teens. These are ideally suited for local families, of course, but can be a great option for families taking an extended vacation in the area.

    Nova Scotia overnight camps give kids and teens the full immersion in the Canadian camp experience. Kids meet others from out of their usual circle of friends and engage in typical kids' camp activities like canoeing, building a campfire, and outdoor games such as three-legged races and the like.

    These camps also have a special appeal to kids and families from out of the province. Camps play host to kids from across Canada, but also American and other international kids and teens make Nova Scotia a destination for overnight camp. It's the perfect way to vacation in the province, have some time away from parents and explore the beauty of Canada's east coast. If you are interested in these types of camps both in Nova Scotia and elsewhere, you can explore fuller lists of day camps and overnight camps.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many Nova Scotia summer camps are there?
    There are 2 Nova Scotia summer camps that are Our Kids trusted members. Use the filters to narrow options by age or type, then click on each organization to read reviews, browse program schedules, and access registration details.

    What are the fees to attend Nova Scotia summer camps?
    Fees for Nova Scotia summer camps range from $230 to $700 per program (program types and lengths vary). Use the filters here to narrow programs by age and type.

    What age do Nova Scotia summer camps start at?
    There are programs available for children starting at age 5. Family and adult programs are also available.

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