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Active Challenge
Active Challenge
Campbell's Bay, Quebec,
J0X 1K0

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Director: Jill Baxter

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(888) 453-5099×


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Active Challenge

Active Challenge

RR#3, Campbell's Bay, Quebec, J0X 1K0

Overnight camp
Weight Loss Program
12 to 25
All Girls

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Contact Name:
Director: Jill Baxter

Phone Number:


About this camp


Active Challenge is a mind and body, healthy lifestyle camp for young women ages 12 to 25. The camp combines education in activity and nutrition to build the habits to sustain your healthy body and challenge to build a healthy mind and strong emotional future. What an amazing way build your confidence and take charge of your life!

Camp Address
RR#3, Campbell's Bay, Quebec, Canada

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Overnight Camp
Weight Loss Program
All Girls
Ages: 19
Expired 2017
Weight Loss Program|Mindfulness Training|Archery|Canoeing|Cycling|Fishing|Gymnastics|Hiking|Mountain Biking|Whitewater Rafting|Soccer|Swimming|Volleyball|Sports-Instructional and Training|Track and Field|Rock Climbing|Arts & Crafts|Cooking|Drawing|Wilderness Out-tripping|Rope courses|Wilderness Skills
Overnight Camp
Weight Loss Program
All Girls
Ages: 12 - 18
Expired 2017
Weight Loss Program|Mindfulness Training|Archery|Canoeing|Cycling|Fishing|Gymnastics|Hiking|Mountain Biking|Whitewater Rafting|Soccer|Swimming|Volleyball|Sports-Instructional and Training|Track and Field|Rock Climbing|Arts & Crafts|Cooking|Drawing|Wilderness Out-tripping|Rope courses|Wilderness Skills

Accommodation & Property Details

Property details

Sleeping Accommodations

  • Cabins

Washrooms Facilities

  • Outhouses
  • Showers (indoor)

Sports facilities

  • Climbing Wall


  • Beach
  • Forested Area
  • Lake/Pond/River
  • Nature Trails
  • Open Field


Stories & Testimonials


Traditional Canadian Camp

Active Challenge is a traditional Canadian camp located on an incredible 500-acre private wilderness retreat near Ottawa Ontario. Our property has 2 private lakes and miles of trails for hiking and mountain biking. All of our campers will go on overnight hiking trips and canoe trips off camp property. Campers enjoy all of the games, crafts, special events and activities of a traditional summer camp.

About us

Active Challenge is a remarkable adventure program where young women develop healthy habits, lose weight, and build confidence. Located at beautiful Bear Creek Outdoor Centre near Ottawa Ontario, Active Challenge offers instruction in adventure-based programs such as canoeing, whitewater rafting and beginner rock climbing and rappelling. What an exciting way to get in shape and have a great time! Active Challenge is a weight loss program exclusively for young women. At Active Challenge you'll make lifelong friends with young women your own age, learn to love new adventurous activities and make permanent lifestyle changes at a program that will change your life. Because you'll be losing weight alongside young women just like you, you'll find the environment extremely safe and supportive. Active Challenge is designed so you'll lose weight and have the strategies and skills to keep the weight off for good. Active Challenge does not put you on a diet. We follow the Canada Food Guide to Healthy eating and exercise appropriate portion control. We help you develop healthy habits and give you strategies for achieving a healthy weight over the long term. The staff at Active Challenge combine experienced outdoor adventure professionals with highly qualified clinicians. All of us are absolutely committed to helping your daughter achieve permanent behavioral change and weight loss. Most of all we are committed to having a great time doing it.

Nutrition for an Active Life

Our nutritional program at Active Challenge follows Canada's Food guide for Healthy Living. We serve three healthy meals a day and three snacks so our campers never feel hungry. Our Registered Dietician spends time teaching campers how to make a plan for fueling a healthy lifestyle by chosing foods well and getting the amount of nurition needed to maintain weight loss and a healthy metabolic rate.

Lost and Found

It is true that campers come to Active Challenge knowing what they will lose, pounds of extra body fat that is getting in the way of some of the things they want to accomplish in their lives. What surprises most campers is what they find at camp, confidence, energy, committment, tolerance of themselves and others, strategies for success in all areas of their lives, and strong supportive friendships built to last. - Jill

Allison's Journey (exerpt)

When I found Active Challenge, I begged my mom to let me go. She was sceptical at first, and I don't blame her. During those 4 years when I was gaining weight, she had been paying for a gym membership for me. I would go for about a week or two and then stop. I told her I was seriously committed (even though I don't think I had myself convinced) so she let me go. Well, I went this July, and I doubt if I could accurately convey how...perfect it was for me. First off, Active Challenge is not a "Fat Camp" in any negative implication of those words. You go there to get healthy in every aspect of your life and losing weight is just a side effect of that. The environment was structured to ensure my success. There was daily exercise of course, but for most of it, you didn't even realize how hard you were working because you had all these great girls beside you working just as hard. And Also I had fun! Low ropes, hiking, swimming and field games are among some of my favorites. The harder I worked the better I felt. I was always amazed by the menu. It all tasted so good. We ate so often that I never felt hungry. At Active Challenge I never felt stronger. (see more from Allison on our website)

My Experience at Active Challenge

In the Summer of 2007, I took part in the Active Challenge program. It is geared to helping young women live healthier lifestyles. I did the 2 month program. It not only taught me how to eat right and exercise daily, it helped me gain confidence, not only in my physical appearance but it built my self esteem. I came to camp 206lbs at age 15 and I had never been away from home for more than 2 days. I was so homesick. I was in tears almost every day at first. The cool thing was that Jill was always there no matter what. She is very easy to talk to and so are all the staff. By the second month I was more willing to let go of my worries and just have more fun. What really astonished me was that I lost weight (29 pounds by the end of camp) and had a blast doing it. If you ever have the opportunity to be a part of the Active Challenge program, do it, the memories, and strength will last you a lifetime. - Shelby S. Ontario

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Contact Name
Director: Jill Baxter

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