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PortPrep - Arts and Animation Portfolio Camp
PortPrep - Arts and Animation Portfolio Camp
5 Douglas St
Guelph, Ontario,
N1H 2S7

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Karen Kesteloot

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PortPrep - Arts and Animation Portfolio Camp

PortPrep - Arts and Animation Portfolio Camp

5 Douglas St, Guelph, Ontario, N1H 2S7

Day & Overnight Camp
Animation / 3D design
14 to 26

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Contact Name:
Karen Kesteloot

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About this camp


The Art and Animation Portfolio Camp that Gets Results! The art camp for teens who are serious about animation and the arts. If your kid needs to make a portfolio for art or design college this is the camp to sign up for.Your teen will learn the fundamental skills needed to prepare a portfolio for their dream school. Lodging available upon request.

Camp Address
5 Douglas St, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Camp Session Calendar (2017)

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Day Camp
Ages: 14 - 18+
Drawing $50 to $1,650
5 Douglas St
Jul 24-Aug 06$50 - $1,650

Upcoming Events July 24, 2017

upcoming events
  • July 24, 2017Animation and Art Careers Open House
    PortPrep Animation Portfolio Summer Camp, 5 Douglas St, Guelph, Ontario
    Join us Monday, July 24 from 09:00 am - 05:00 pm

    Welcome to PortPrep's Portfolio Summer Camp!

    Welcome to PortPrep's Portfolio Summer Camp! Get an in introduction to the world of animation, special effects, illustration and more. Meet your head instructors and Garth Laidlaw and Karen Kesteloot and hear about the exciting week ahead. Career and study paths presentation. What to include in your animation portfolio. Learn what skills you will need to develop to make a good portfolio. What to expect from our summer camp.

    Discover The Top 5 Studio Skills To Give You The Career You Dream About!

    Do you dream about getting pro skills and working at a top animation, VFX or game studio? Do you know the 5 skills studios require you to have? If not, then this exciting workshop is for you! Check out Mike’s illustrious career and more great learning resources at MikeLMurphy.com You'll get the treat of a lifetime with this unique opportunity to learn from a leading animator and VFX artist Mike L Murphy.

    Part 1: Industry Guest Speakers 

    • Be inspired by industry guest speakers!
    • We’re gathering together an exciting line-up of professional animators, animation professors, and concept artists to motivate and guide you about your chosen profession.
    • Watch for the exciting details coming of who will be presenting at PortPrep’s Animation Summer Camp this year!

    Part 2: Student Presentations and Q & A 

    • Hear what it’s like to be a student in top ranking animation college programs.
    • See examples of successful portfolios.
    • Have a chance to ask questions to the students about how they got accepted.

Director's Message


Karen Kesteloot, Founder and Head Portfolio Coach

At PortPrep's Art and Animation Portfolio Camp  we know how deeply creative people yearn for careers doing what they are passionate about and how challenging that can be. We aim to build the confidence of young artists and designers and set them up with the determination and motivation they’ll need to succeed in their chosen careers. We create fun activities that not only teach the fundamental skills needed to make portfolios with the power to get students accepted into top ranked colleges but give the opportunity to build lasting friendships and peer to peer mentoring.

Stories & Testimonials


Rebecca Gets Accepted to Sheridan Animation!

Want to get into Sheridan's Animation Program? Watch Rebecca Simpson (and family)'s interview to find out how you can make your dreams come true with PortPrep! Becky got accepted into her dream animation program at Sheridan College after taking their winter workshops .Here’s what Becky had to say about their teaching:

"I was accepted into the Animation Program for fall 2015! As hard as I worked on my portfolio, I absolutely owe this acceptance to the two of you. My improvement over the last two months has been unbelievable, and there is no doubt in my mind that I would be where I am with my skills had it not been for your mentoring.I can still remember my first assessment with Karen in December 2014- she told me that, at the skill level I was at, I was about two years away from getting into the program. And now, here I am, four months later accepted on my first try. It's absolutely surreal, and I'm still having trouble believing it, but I wanted to make sure one of the first things I did was thank the two of you. Thank you so much for the time and effort you invested in me. I can't say enough times how grateful I am."


Need more info? Check out the livestream we did with Rebecca at our Summer Portfolio Camp!


Art Portfolio by High School Student Steals Scholarship at Last Minute

Grade twelve graduate Adam Oliphant had an edge over the thousands competing for acceptance into Ryerson University’s Architectural Science Program. He won the PortPrep Art Portfolio Scholarship for 2013. Despite a bad case of fear driven procrastination, Adam got accepted in the top five percent in an early acceptance offer.

Not only did Adam beat his fear and the 30:1 odds but he pulled his winning portfolio together in just two weeks! What did this young man do that enabled him to turn out such great work in such a short time span?

As Ryerson’s application deadline loomed closer; Adam’s fear of failure paralyzed him. “I’m scared," he said. "It's so hard to do it because I can't seem to talk myself into doing it. I'm just too scared to start.”

Adam was stressed; he could feel his childhood dream of becoming an architect slipping away. He had left the compiling of his art portfolio too late like too many students do.

He needed guidance to put the book of images together saying, “I had no idea how to put a portfolio together. All I knew was that it had to be art.  I had to put them in some kind of a book. And the architecture people needed to like it.”

But Adam struck oil by chancing to meet me, the specialized portfolio coach at PortPrep in a figure drawing course at the Guelph School of Art I was teaching. He was selected to be the scholarship winner this year, like graphics student Katie was the previous year.

Despite coming with a scant selection of images and a sketch book, I saw talent and ideas in his work and guided him on what the portfolio reviewers would be looking for. I showed him how to optimize what he had. He came up with a remarkable solution to make these small sketches look impressive and gain him his top ranking at Ryerson.

He cleverlygrouped a variety of concepts, finished sketches and artworks to show he was an ideas man and then bound it in a hard cover glossy paged printed book that made him look stellar. I counseled him to highlight that he had studied at a summer architecture camp at Pennsylvania State University to show his passion and commitment to architecture. They loved it.

Adam was so surprised that he got in the early acceptance group and that he beat out the top art student in his high school!

Adam said, “If you can take no clue, to accepted in the top 5% in a month and a half---that’s pretty impressive...I am so glad that you were there... As long as I can draw something on paper and then walk through it in real life; I think I’ll be happy.”

It feels so fulfilling to help young people achieve their goals. Adam is heading off to Toronto this week to embark on his dream to become an architect. To see more of his story click here or get a Free Portfolio Assessment.


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