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Swallowdale Camp
Swallowdale Camp
1967 Bright Street
Rosseau, Ontario,
P0C 1J0

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CISS (Canadian International Student Services)

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(416) 646-5400×


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Swallowdale Camp

Swallowdale Camp

1967 Bright Street, Rosseau, Ontario, P0C 1J0

Overnight camp
Traditional (multi activity)
7 to 16

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Contact Name:
CISS (Canadian International Student Services)

Phone Number:


About this camp


WHERE ADVENTURES BEGIN! Since 1943, Swallowdale Camp has welcomed campers from Canada and around the world to participate in a variety of land and water activities led by dedicated, caring, and enthusiastic staff. Our beautiful lakefront camp is the ideal place for children to spend their summer making new friends, becoming independent thinkers, and learning new skills.

The Our Kids review of Swallowdale Camp

our take

Swallowdale began its life in 1943, and moved to its current location, in the heart of Muskoka, in 2017. The leadership has remained in the Walbank family, though since 1996 operations have been overseen by Canadian International Student Services (CISS), something that makes the program essentially one of a kind. Campers arrive each summer from around the world, providing all of them—including those who arrive domestically—an international experience. The programming is traditional, as is the setting, though includes supports, such as ESL instruction, for those arriving from overseas. The international feel, and exposure to peers from around the world, is one of the strengths of the Swallowdale environment, and for many families is a principal draw. The focus of the programming is on providing fun while building leadership, interpersonal skills, and self awareness.

Camp Address
1967 Bright Street, Rosseau, Ontario, P1H 0A5, Canada

Session Calendar

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Available sessions:

Overnight Camp
Traditional (multi activity)
Ages: 7 - 15
Expired 2018
First-aid/lifesaving |Leadership training|ESL|Language Studies|CIT/LIT Program|Social Justice/Empowerment|Archery|Baseball/Softball|Basketball|Canoeing|Cycling|Fishing|Gymnastics|Hiking|Hockey|Kayaking/Sea Kayaking|Mountain Biking|Sailing/Marine Skills|Soccer|Swimming|Volleyball|Sports-Instructional and Training|Yoga|Rugby|Rock Climbing|Gaga|Ultimate Frisbee|Arts & Crafts|Theatre Arts|Painting|Woodworking|Drawing|Guitar|Baking/Decorating|Hip hop|Musical Theatre|Wilderness Out-tripping|Wilderness Skills
Overnight Camp
CIT/LIT Program
Ages: 16 - 17
Expired 2018
First-aid/lifesaving |Leadership training|ESL|Language Studies|CIT/LIT Program|Social Justice/Empowerment|Archery|Baseball/Softball|Basketball|Canoeing|Cycling|Fishing|Hiking|Hockey|Kayaking/Sea Kayaking|Mountain Biking|Sailing/Marine Skills|Soccer|Swimming|Volleyball|Sports-Instructional and Training|Yoga|Rugby|Gaga|Ultimate Frisbee|Arts & Crafts|Theatre Arts|Painting|Woodworking|Drawing|Guitar|Hip hop|Wilderness Out-tripping|Wilderness Skills

Director's Message


Mike Denby, Director

“Camp is such an amazing and unique experience for each individual person. It provides the opportunity to meet people from around the world and make friends, share in some extraordinary experiences, make new memories that will last a life time and have FUN! As a returning member of the Swallowdale family, I can contest that this camp was an amazing and fun experience for me and one that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Swallowdale Camp is the perfect place for your child to engage in hands-on experiences in a risk-free positive environment and master skills, whether it’s language, swimming, sailing, guitar, archery or one of the many other activities we offer. I look forward to getting to know everyone this summer, not just as campers and staff but as friends. I am confident that together we will make this summer one of the most memorable and special experiences ever!”

Accommodation & Property Details

Property details

Sleeping Accommodations

  • Dorm or Building


  • Electricity in Sleeping Area
  • Shower in Sleeping Area
  • Toilet in Sleeping Area

Washrooms Facilities

  • Flush Toilets
  • Showers (indoor)

Sports facilities

  • Archery Range
  • Baseball Diamond
  • Basketball Court
  • Climbing Wall
  • Gymnasium
  • Running Track
  • Soccer Field
  • Weight Room


  • Beach
  • Forested Area
  • Lake/Pond/River
  • Nature Trails
  • Open Field


Cost & Financial Aid


Cost: $1,200 /week

Payment Options:

Deposit required with acceptance Yes
Credit card payment Yes


Discount if paid early 5%
Discount for 2nd child $50
Discount for 3rd child $50
Discount for 4th child $50

Stories & Testimonials


Evening programme

The evening programme is an opportunity for students and staff to have fun together. The programme is a combination of cabin-based activities and leisure options. Swallowdae Camp-wide activities include: Campfires, Camp Games, Cookouts, Overnight camping, Sports tournaments, Skit nights, Talent shows, Theme days and meals

Residence Life (Cabin-style)

Campers are divided by age and gender, and take pride in being part of their residence room as a family in friendly competitions and games. Our residence have rooms that accommodate 4 - 8 campers. Each residence building has a toilet, sink, showers and electricity. Additional washrooms are located separately in a central facility. Common room and student lounges are always a part of the residence experience. 

Daily Activities

Each week, campers select their activities from the following: Water sports: Canoeing, Stand up Paddle Board (SUP) Kayaking, Fishing, Sailing and Swimming. Field and Court Sports: Archery, Ball Hockey, Basketball, Frisbee Golf, Mountain Biking, Soccer, and Volleyball. Specialty Programmes: Arts and crafts, Dance, Threatre and Woodworking. ESL - English as a Second Language course (optional, 2 periods daily for International and Quebec students)

A typical day...

Traditionally, Swallowdale Campers start their day off with a Polar Bear Swim (optional). After flag raising and breakfast our activity periods begin. Swallowdale Camp is structured around five 1-hour activity periods daily (3 in the morning, break for lunch and 2 in the afternoon). At the beginning of each week, campers select their activities from a wide variety of water and land sports, as well as specialty programming. Campers attend their chosen activities for one-week blocks, ensuring that they develop solid skills in those particular areas. We have a general swim in the evening before dinner and then our evening programme begins.

Unforgettable Experience

A few days ago, my son Jorge came back from Swallowdale after spending 3 weeks at the camp. For him, this was the first time to travel by himself. As it was normal, some fears where obvious just a few days before he had to leave Mexico. Today, after going through this experience, those fears have changed to happiness, laughs, sense of humor, and unforgettable moments with all his friends and counselors. Now Jorge is a teenager who has lived one of the happiest experiences in his life which will be remembered and shared for the rest of his life. These are just few words to demonstrate my deepest gratitude with you for helping my son to have this great experience that will help him to be a better human being. Thank you very much!

Language Learning

1) My first time in Swallowdale was in 2006 because my parents wanted me to learn English and to meet friends. This is my second time at this camp and I am going to come back next year! 2) I love Swallowdale! I can't speak English well, but everyone is very patient to listen when I talk. It's very nice. Everything at Swallowdale is very nice!


I like Swallowdale because it is unique. I love the camp songs. The counselors are so fun and helpful. I learned a lot of things here like windsurfing, canoeing and kayaking¦they are fun and exciting. Also I have met people from around the world who speak different languages. The food is delicious and everything in this camp is excellent.


I love Swallowdale Camp because I meet good friends here, because it is in the nature, because we can do water activities and land activities, because I learn English, because I see my friends from last year, and because the counsellors are so nice.


  • Canadian Camping Association/ Association des camps du Canada Associations
  • The Ontario Camps Association Associations

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