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    High Five (High Five)

    Parks and Recreation Ontario's HIGH FIVE helps its member camp programs train and certify their leaders in Principles of Healthy Child Development, measure and improve program quality, and provides parents with tools to understand whether their child's experience is positive and supports healthy child development. Call (416) 426-7286 or visit

    Alberta Camping Association

    The Alberta Camping Association represents organized summer and youth camps in Alberta that voluntarily meet basic standards of good practice & safety. We believe in the value of camp, and promote summer camp as a citizenship, leadership, & skill development experience for life.

    The American Camp Association (ACA)

    ACA is a community of camp professionals who, for nearly 100 years, have joined together to share our knowledge and experience and to ensure the quality of camp programs. Because of our diverse 6,600 plus membership and exceptional programs, children and adults have the opportunity to learn powerful lessons in community, character-building, skill development and healthy living. Visit

    The Ontario Camps Association (OCA)

    For more than 75 years, the OCA has promoted and encouraged children's and youth camping in Ontario. The OCA is a voluntary, non-profit organization devoted to maintaining high standards for organized camping. Every OCA camp must adhere to standards set in areas such as ethics, health, safety, leadership and camp programs. Call (416) 485-0425 or visit

    Christian Camping International (CCI)

    CCI/Canada is an association of more than 200 camps in Canada who believe that camping in God's creation is an excellent way to invite children and adults to investigate not only creation but the Creator. CCI operates through 18 national and regional associations in more than 30 countries around the world. Call 1 (877) 267-7745 or visit

    Canadian Camping Association/ Association des camps du Canada (CCA/ACC)

    The CCA/ACC is a national federation dedicated to the growth, development and promotion of organized camping for all populations in Canada. The CCA/ACC acts as a co-ordinating body for camping in Canada; develops, encourages and maintains high standards in the field of camping and provides guidance, advocacy and resources for camping leaders. Call 1 (866) 422-2267 or visit

    The British Columbia Camping Association (BCCA)

    The BCCA is a voluntary non-profit association, comprising member camps and individuals interested in promoting quality camping. To be an accredited BCCA member, camps must meet standards in areas of food services, health and safety, facilities, leadership, program activities and management practices. Call (604) 931-6449 or visit

    The Association des camps du Québec (ACQ)

    Founded in 1961, ACQ has 120 member organizations offering more than 200 accredited residential camps, day camps and outdoor education programs. ACQ's accreditation standards ensure a secure environment, safe activities, properly trained staff and staff-to-camper ratios. Call 1-800-361-3586 or visit

    Classification des établissements d'hé (CITQ)

    To provide classification, certification and standardization services for goods and services on behalf of public- and private-sector customers, so as to enhance the goods and services concerned and keep consumers well informed. To set the standard for classification and certification services, in Quebec and elsewhere.

    Equi-Qualité (Equi-Qualité)

    The Equi-quality standard is a sign of confidence and security for all. Living in an equestrian experience in a certified Quality Equi-riding center, you will be in an environment where the following standards are met: Horses are in good condition.

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