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Hip hop dance is increasingly popular with kids as young as toddlers and as old as teens finishing high school. Underneath the list, find advice on finding the best classes near you, get an overview of what kids learn, and more. Read more

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    For kids who love hip hop dance, there are many different ways you can indulge in this passion. See related options below:



    What your child will learn in hip hop dance classes

    Basic hip hop moves. Beginner hip hop classes teach everything from the two-step to moves like krumping, turfing, breaking, floating, popping, and locking. Dancers put these moves together with their own to freestyle. Having learned these, students can progress to higher level dance moves. 

    History of hip hop culture. Hip hop classes combine dance with theory. Kids are educated in the emergence and origins of hip hop culture, deepening their appreciation for this format, helping them understand the significance of moves.

    Coordination. Dancers’ legs, feet, arms, and head are often all moving at the same time. Dance class helps kids improve and refine coordination. They can graduate to more complex dance genres, and develop athletically. Advanced classes further challenge coordination and flexibility, with jumps and flips.

    Performing skills. The nerves and anxiety that come with performing are part and parcel of the training kids get in hip hop classes. Some performances are small and conducted in front of class while others are larger, in front of families and guests. Learning to cope with performance anxiety and gaining confidence on stage is something young children will carry with them throughout their lives.

    Interpersonal skills. Hip hop dance is typically performed in a group. Collaboration plays a large role in perfecting choreography. Kids learn to provide and take feedback from each other,  to improve their synchronization skills. Interpersonal skills development is built right into programs. 

    The benefits of hip hop dance classes

    Cardio exercise. Hip hop dance class engages children’s energy. This dance style includes moves that work the hips, feet, and arms with intensity. Moves like krumping, breaking, popping and locking combine fun and enjoyment with physical movement. Kids improve their joint movement, flex their muscles, and burn off energy.

    Mental health benefits. The combination of dancing and music is doubly therapeutic for kids. In hip hop classes, kids match the energy of movements to that of the music behind them. It releases endorphins, giving them a healthy outlet that relieves stress and anxiety.

    Enhances brain function. Multiple studies have shown that dancing improves brain function. In hip hop classes, kids are challenged to memorize countless routines and steps, one way in which it further activates memory and mental activity. Dancing from a young age helps enhance cognitive skills kids will use throughout their lives. 

    Expands musicality. In interacting with music in a dance class, kids learn about rhythm, tempo, and other things. They also learn about R&B, rap, and other musical genres and cultures associated with hip hop dance. Kids broaden musical knowledge in class. 

    Strength and athleticism. This form of dance is very energetic. As with other formats, young dancers in this milieu become very physically fit. This can be a springboard to improved performance in sports and many other areas of life.  

    Questions to ask hip hop dance teachers

    As you are browsing teachers and classes, here are some questions to help you narrow down your choices: 

    1. What specific footwear or dancewear is required for this class, and who provides it?
    2. How much experience do instructors have with teaching hip hop dance, and with teaching this age group in particular?
    3. How do they ensure that children are protected from injury or accident?
    4. Is there a culminating performance? Does it include dance solos?

    Related Camps

    We list hundreds of different kinds of programs and camps. Here is a selection of types of camps and programs that will also help you become a better dancer.

    Dance camp and dance class requires coordination, spatial awareness, and confidence. Students who’ve learned these in hip hop classes can further explore them in other dance formats like breakdancing, ballet, and ballroom. Each new dance genre they encounter challenges existing skills while introducing new ones.

    Jazz dance for kids is fast-paced like hip hop, including leaps, turns, and fast footwork. Skills and abilities learned in hip hop classes are challenged by this style.

    Performing arts camps take the skills you learn in dance class and put you on stage. You can add other skills like singing and acting at these camps and put it all together to become a "triple threat."

    Music camps and programs let you explore the world of music from a variety of angles. We also list music lessons on our website, including everything from piano lessons to singing classes

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