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Jazz dance developed along with jazz music in New Orleans in the early 19th century. This kind of dance, has both a street and a theatre style, and can involve a kind of freestyle dance to jazz music. These lessons are offered for kids of many different ages and levels. For instance, there is jazz dance for beginning, intermediate, and advanced dancers. There are also programs from toddler age right up to older teenagers. Below, find a jazz dance lesson or class near you. Click on a program to learn more about it. Read more


List of jazz dance programs

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These programs offer an intensive jazz dance focus.

Conservatory of Dance and Music  

Willowdale, Toronto

  • Dance (multi)
  • Day, Program

Professional and fun, themed March Break and Summer Camps. From Moana to Justin Timberlake, we make dance and music training fun! Ballet, jazz, hip hop, voice, music and other activities. No experience necessary.

  • Ages 4 to 16
  • Coed
  • from $18/week
Day, Program Coed184-160Willowdale, Toronto, Ontario


Brampton; Downsview, Toronto

  • Traditional (multi activity)
  • Day

Be creative, have fun and meet new friends in our March break and Summer camps in Brampton and Toronto. Dynamic programming includes: Lego Robotic's, sports, arts & crafts, workshops, field trips & indoor playground fun!

  • Ages 4 to 15
  • Coed
  • from $150/week
Day Coed1504-150Brampton, Ontario, Downsview, Toronto,

PSB & Interplay Dance  

Leaside, Toronto; Centennial-Port Union, Toronto

  • Dance (multi)
  • Day, Program

Dance Classes with High quality of training in for kids. Free trial & scholarship classes are available at each location. Summer dance camps run in July-August annually.

  • Ages 3 to 18
  • Coed
  • from $15/week
Day, Program Coed153-181Leaside, Toronto, Ontario, Centennial-Port Union, Toronto, Ontario

Bravo Academy for the Performing Arts  

Lawrence Heights, Toronto; East York, Toronto

  • Art : Theatre Arts
  • Day, Program

Performing over 50 Broadway Musical Productions starring young people each year, Bravo Academy is Toronto’s leading Performing Arts School! Offering voice, piano, guitar, violin and music theatre classes!

  • Ages 4 to 21
  • Coed
  • from $200/session
Day, Program Coed2004-212Lawrence Heights, Toronto, Ontario, East York, Toronto, Ontario
  • Art (multi)
  • Day

March Break, Winter Break and Summer Camps, ideal for GTA families looking for children's camps; single day or week-long programs available throughout the year, with music, arts, dance and more!

  • Ages 6 to 17
  • Coed
  • from $180/week
Day Coed1806-173Mississauga, Ontario

Township of King  

Ontario (7)

  • Traditional (multi activity)
  • Day, Program, family

With a mixture of sports, arts, and nature based programs, you are sure to find the perfect camp or program for your child! High Five and OCA Certified. Visit www.king.ca for more information.

  • Ages 2 to 18
  • Coed
  • from $4/week
Day, Program, family Coed42-184King, Nobleton

Oxford Learning High Park  

High Park, Toronto

  • Education (multi)
  • Day

Oxford means a personalized learning experience for your child. Brain Camps explore creative themes through engaging activities and field trips. Tutoring takes a fun turn. Our students are excited to learn!

  • Ages 4 to 12
  • Coed
  • from $400/week
Day Coed4004-125High Park, Toronto, Ontario

What a jazz dance lesson has to offer

In a jazz dance lesson, your child will learn how to dance to jazz music. They may learn both modern and classical forms of jazz dance, including tap dance, jitterbug, lindy hop, and swing. And they’ll be taught and supervised by a trained dance instructor, who will teach them many moves, jumps, turns, and combinations. These may include:

  • axel turn,
  • barrel jump,
  • catwalk,
  • hip roll,
  • limbo,
  • funk,
  • shimmy,


  • shiver.

Your child is sure to have a great time in a jazz dance program. They’ll learn a variety of dance styles and moves, through instruction, practice, and rehearsal. They’ll also improve their skill level and coordination, which can boost self-confidence. And they may have the opportunity to show off their skills in front of family and friends.

Different kinds of jazz dance lessons

Jazz dance classes are a great way to spend a summer or winter. They’re also a great afterschool, evening, and weekend option for many families.

Luckily, in Canada, there are many jazz dance  classes and lessons for kids. This includes dance lessons in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Some of the classes are offered in a specialized jazz dance program. The majority, though, are offered in a dance program, school, or camp, which offers jazz dance along with other options, such as ballroom, ballet, hip hop, and breakdancing. There also some traditional camps which offer jazz dance along with other activities for kids, such as soccer, tennis, swimming, and sailing.

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