Lisa Loeb: singer-songwriter

Camp Champions alumnus

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb is the founder of the Camp Lisa Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps send underprivileged kids to summer camp. Read more

    Our Kids: Why did you go to camp?

    Lisa Loeb: [My parents and I] all thought it was exciting to be away from home, travel to a place where I'd get to do all kinds of activities from crafts to swimming, sailing, talent shows, meet new kids, and have some independence. Also, I knew some other school friends who'd gone and they really loved it.

    Our Kids: What is your favourite memory from camp?

    Lisa Loeb: I loved skit nights at camp. We'd make up little funny plays, sing songs, and sometimes I'd play guitar with the other girls from my cabin in front of the rest of the girls' camp. I also loved the feeling of just having done something challenging, like trying water skiing for the first time. I was so scared- the chilly water, the smell of the motor boat, the choppy waves, keeping my ski's pointed up until the boat started, and then to get up on the skis and even skip out to the smooth water outside of the wake, and glide across the lake- wow! What a great feeling. It didn't feel great to fall down, but I loved having accomplished something I wasn't sure I could do.

    Our Kids: How has camp affected your career success today?

    Lisa Loeb: Camp reinforced my ideas about how fun it is to meet new people and figure out how to relate to them, which I do all the time in my business. Also, at camp there were many opportunities to be creative and perform with my guitar - with others and also by myself, which I also do regularly in my business.

    Our Kids: How has it affected your personality?

    Lisa Loeb: Camp made me feel more confident in just being myself, even if I wasn't like everyone else all the time.

    Our Kids: Why is summer camp important?

    Lisa Loeb: Summer camp introduces kids to challenges, which strengthen their character, let's kids feel safe in an independent environment with different leaders and friends, but no parents. Summer camp often forces kids to be outside and even in the water a lot more than they might normally, and being outside makes you feel more connected to the earth and to people, instead of your computer and TV.

    Our Kids: What advice would you give parents that are afraid to send their kids to summer camp?

    Lisa Loeb: I would say to send your kids to day camp first, or send your kids to a place that you know is rated as a safe summer camp that has good recommendations from other friends. You need to let your kids experience something new so that they'll develop as a human. Also, it's been shown that kids who are involved in summer activities like summer camp actually do better in school after the summer, so worst case, it will positively affect the rest of their year. Also, you'll get a little free time to yourself to try new things during the summer, if you let your kids go for a few weeks!

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