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Python is a remarkably versatile programming language used in a variety of spheres, from data science to web development. It’s also accessible and relatively easy to learn. Find Python coding classes online listed below. Under the listings, learn more about this programming language and how to find the right class or course for you.  Read more

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    Programs focusing on Python (6 results)

    • Virtual
    • Online
    • Age 12 to 13 (Coed)

    Campers dive deeper into various Python types, functions, and libraries, they will be tasked with fun design projects. Visit website

    Ontario Tech University Camps8012-132024-08-01,332,177,180,159,268,2,virtualprogram,coed,
    Jul 29 - Aug 02, 2024
    • Virtual
    • Online
    • Age 14 to 17 (Coed)

    This basic knowledge will prepare youth for any future coding classes or coding languages they want to learn. Visit website

    Ontario Tech University Camps10014-172024-07-012024-08-01,332,177,180,159,268,2,virtualprogram,coed,
    Jul 02 - Jul 05, 2024
    • Virtual
    • Online
    • Age 12 to 13 (Coed)

    Campers are introduced to the fundamental basics of Python programming. Visit website

    Ontario Tech University Camps8012-132024-07-01,332,177,180,159,68,351,179,365,virtualprogram,coed,
    Mar 02 - Aug 31, 2024
    • Virtual
    • Online
    • Age 11 to 17 (Coed)

    18 weeks, 2 hours per week. Maximum of 4 students per instructor. RP4K has 20+ years of experience. Visit website

    Real Programming 4 Kids4211-172024-03-012024-04-012024-05-012024-06-012024-07-012024-08-01,332,177,180,266,304,159,68,129,2,virtualprogram,coed,
    Jul 02 - Aug 30, 2024
    • Virtual
    • Online
    • Age 7 to 15 (Coed)

    Java, Python, C#, Math and AI camps. Visit website

    Real Programming 4 Kids3127-152024-07-012024-08-01,354,177,180,353,331,332,68,351,129,2,271,virtualprogram,coed,
    Mar 02 - Aug 31, 2024
    • Virtual
    • Online
    • Age 8 to 13 (Coed)

    18 weeks, 1 hour per week. Maximum of 4 students per instructor. RP4K has 24+ years of experience. Visit website

    Real Programming 4 Kids398-132024-03-012024-04-012024-05-012024-06-012024-07-012024-08-01,332,177,180,266,304,159,68,129,2,virtualprogram,coed,

    Programs with Python, session dates TBD

    Programs offering Python as an activity (3 results)

    Jul 02 - Aug 23, 2024
    • Virtual
    • Online
    • Age 13 to 18 (Coed)

    Learn the algorithms and techniques behind recommendation systems, developing a smart, interactive tailored chatbot. Visit website

    University of Toronto SCS154513-182024-07-012024-08-01,302,177,332,180,159,268,2,virtualprogram,coed,
    Apr 30 - May 30, 2024
    • Virtual
    • Online
    • Age 10 to 18 (Coed)

    Students will explore unique and logic-based math problems using a variety of techniques. Visit website

    University of Toronto, Department of Mathematics24010-182024-04-012024-05-01,332,177,180,304,129,2,268,virtualprogram,coed,
    Jul 22 - Jul 26, 2024
    • Virtual
    • Online
    • Age 8 to 16 (Coed)

    In enrichment, students analyze how math connects with the real world. In coding, students will become familiar using Python. Visit website

    University of Toronto, Department of Mathematics2558-162024-07-01,332,177,180,129,2,268,virtualprogram,coed,

    Online learning Python programs near you

    In spite of the fact that you that you can learn from anywhere, you may want to find online Python training programs in your city, so you can connect with instructors, or for whatever reason. In any case, find programs hosted in your city of choice below.

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    What do kids and teens learn in an online Python class?

    Basics of computer programming. Python is ideal for kids aged 9 to 18. It’s a powerful language that kids with basic math skills will find easy to learn and fun to work with. They can easily go from coding basics to creating games. They learn how to think like a programmer and creatively solve problems. They’re also trained in programmer basics like debugging code to fix errors. 

    Using Python. Learn how to use Python to create interactive programs, animations, websites, and—most popularly perhaps—game creation. It’s also used to analyze and visualize data, and to program AI and machine learning. Students use Python to collaborate with others, and they also learn things like GitHub (an online platform for code collaboration, sharing, and review). By the end of any online Python class, kids and teens will understand how to create a program. It’s a great foundation for more advanced programming languages.

    Basics of Python. In junior or beginner classes, kid and teen programmers use shapes for objects in game creation. They develop coding skills and avoid mundane tasks like navigating folders, etc. They learn what sprites do and understand what’s “under the hood” in game visuals and performance. Kids work with Python code, create with it, and begin to experiment with customization.  

    Intermediate to advanced Python skills. In intermediate to advanced  Python classes online, programming goes beyond basics to things like Object-Oriented Programming, programming games, and expanding basic knowledge using AI-based builders like Replit (for example). Students dive deeper into Python’s types, functions, and libraries. This knowledge encourages young coders to express creativity and discover solutions to ever more advanced problems. 

    Gain deeper insight into the impact developers and engineers have on technology and society at any Python camp or program. 

    Expand your learning in real-world camps and programs lists more than 200 activities and program types, most of them the basis for real-world summer camps and after-school programs. Consider these popular alternatives and slightly lateral moves from Python programming.:

    Coding camps teach students an array of programming languages and platforms. Some generalized camps survey the world of coding. You can also find coding classes for kids on our site.

    Python camps are an obvious alternative to online learning, and there tend to just be more of these listed on our site. In-person instruction has advantages, too, of course. Learn more about Pygame and progress into higher concepts in animation, functions, etc. You can also find in-person Python classes.

    Scratch camps make coding easily accessible to younger kids, and it's easier than Python, if that's what you might be looking for. You can gain a solid grounding in programming, creating simple animations and games. There are also Scratch classes on our site.

    STEM Camps are very much in-demand, combining learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The curriculum is a holistic approach, although STEAM Camps are even more so.

    Benefits of an online Python class for kids and teens 

    Beyond learning the Python programming language, there are advantages to learning this language online.

    Flexibility.  A Python class online lets you take classes from anywhere. Take your laptop with you and learn while you’re on vacation. Even synchronous online classes allow you to record sessions so you can keep up. 

    Save money. Online classes are generally cheaper than in-person training. There are no physical materials to purchase, no gas or Uber costs to cover, and the program itself has less overhead to cover. All of this will add up (or subtract to, in a good way) to savings over other options.

    Support and community. Online classes are just as flexible for the instructor, who can offer help if you get stuck or have any questions. Texting, email, and other online communication is all flexible, easy to access, and fast. It’s also easier to collaborate with fellow classmates online through Zoom, Google Meet, or other similar teleconferencing apps. 

    Save time. With no travel time, no walking to class, you save time by learning online.

    How to find the best online Python classes

    When you’re looking at online Python courses, ask the instructor about their level of experience teaching online. Some questions: 

    • Do they have experience using the platform and working with kids? 
    • Can they provide tech support, if needed? 
    • Do they have any means of ensuring that students are consistently engaged?

    Ask also about the content of the class: 

    • How updated is the syllabus, with regard to the latest versions of Python, and any techniques? 
    • Is content appropriate for your child’s age group? 
    • Are there any prerequisites for the class or course?

    Finally, consider the cost of the course. 

    • Are there any additional materials that will be needed? 
    • Are there any discounts available?


    Further reading:


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many Python online classes are there?
    There are 6 programs specializing in Python. In addition, there are 3 programs offering python as an activity. Use the filters to narrow by age and program type, then click on matched programs to see daily activities, dates, rates and registration information.

    What are the fees to attend Python online classes?
    Fees for Python online classes range from $39 to $390 per program (program types and lengths vary). Use the filters here to narrow programs by age and type.

    What age do Python online classes start at?
    There are programs available for children aged 7 through 17.

    Where can parents meet with Python online classes?
    Meet with program directors and staff at the Our Kids Camp & Program Expo. The Expo is held annually in February, and is a fun and informative day for parents, kids, and teens. Find event details and free tickets here.

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