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Swimming lessons, classes, and programs in Canada

There are many swimming classes and lessons in Canada. These are offered in camps, schools, and community centres, and provide many different types of programs. A swimming class can be a great way for your child to acquire and improve swimming skills and become more fit. Swimming programs and classes have lots of other benefits for your child, whether they’re at a camp, school, or community centre. These benefits will vary, based on the age and level of your child and on the type of class or lesson they’re taking. Swimming lessons can also be great fun! Learn more from class providers listed here! 

What classes are offered?

There are lots of different kinds of swimming programs and lessons to choose from. For instance, there are group and one-on-one lessons. And both of these lessons are offered for kids of different ages and levels.

Lower-level classes: Some swimming classes are offered for kids who are just starting out, or are still building their basic skills. For instance, there are classes for infants and toddlers (6 months to three years).

In these classes, your child will mostly learn to just get comfortable with the water. They’ll likely go in the water with an adult, such as you (their parent), their guardian, or the instructor. They’ll learn to kick, move around, blow bubbles, and dunk, while singing songs and doing hand motions.

Intermediate-level classes: Older kids, on the other hand, will start to go in the water by themselves. They’ll also start to learn basic strokes, such as the breaststroke, backstroke, and front crawl. And, they’ll learn to get in and out of the water by themselves. As they improve, they’ll begin to tread water and swim in the deep end by themselves.

Higher-level classes: Other swimming classes are offered for kids who are more advanced. Often, older children, aged 10 and up, will take these lessons. Sometimes teenagers and adults will take them as well. These swimming classes will build on certain skills.

For instance, kids will continue to work on their swimming strokes. They also may work on more challenging skills, such as diving. Many kids, at this stage, also get involved in competitive swimming. Here, they’ll race kids in swim meets, or face them in diving competitions.

What are the benefits of swimming classes?

At the lower levels, your child, most importantly, will learn basic swimming skills. In addition to making them safer, this can build their confidence and self-esteem.

At the higher levels, in addition to learning advanced skills, swimming lessons can build your child’s fitness level and endurance. They can also, like lower-level lessons, boost their confidence and self-esteem. And if they involve competitive swimming, your child may find them fun and exciting. Finally, your child may be able to obtain high certification in one of these classes. And, among other things, this may enable them to work as a lifeguard at pools and beaches across the country.    


List of swimming camps and programs

Special Needs Support: Mild    Specialized   

Swimming lesson programs
These programs offer dedicated swimming lessons that may prepare kids for lifeguarding opportunities, etc.
TAC Aquatics - Swim School, First Aid and Lifesaving   
TAC Aquatics offers the complete aquatics package through its swim school, Red Cross and First-Aid courses. TAC combines the best pools, instructors, and teaching system for a truly incredible experience!
Don Valley Village, Toronto; Bayview Village, Toronto; North Toronto, Toronto
Sport: Swimming

  • Ages 2.5 to 16
  • Coed
  • Day, Program
from $270/session
sessions & dates
Day, Program Coed2702.5-160Don Valley Village, Toronto, Ontario, Bayview Village, Toronto, Ontario, North Toronto, Toronto, Ontario
Olympium Synchronized Swimming Club   
If your child enjoys swimming, dancing, gymnastics and loves music and team work, synchronized swimming may be the ideal sport for HIM or HER!
Centennial Park, Toronto; Junction Triangle, Toronto; West Toronto Junction, Toronto; Downsview, Toronto
Sport (multi)

  • Ages 5 to 11
  • Coed
  • Day, Program
from $20/week
sessions & dates
Day, Program Coed205-111Centennial Park, Toronto, Ontario, Junction Triangle, Toronto, Ontario, West Toronto Junction, Toronto, Ontario, Downsview, Toronto,
Programmings offering some swimming lessons
These programs may have occasional swimming activities and some lessons as part of a broader curriculum
Allegro Academy of Music and Art   
This Thornhill and Vaughan Ontario summer music camp offers daily music classes : MYC, Drama, Arts, Swimming, along with math, reading, language and fun kids games.
Don Mills, Toronto; Vaughan
Music (multi)

  • Ages 3 to 100
  • Coed
  • Day, Program, family
from $20/week
sessions & dates
Day, Program, family Coed203-1000Don Mills, Toronto, Ontario, Vaughan, Ontario
Camp Mère Clarac   
Located on the banks of Rivière Ouareau, we have a magnificent 115 acres of land (making it one of the most beautiful campsites in Quebec) with unique and safe facilities, and 25 activities conducted in French!
Education: FSL

  • Ages 4 to 16
  • Coed
  • Day, Overnight
from $444/session
sessions & dates
Day, Overnight Coed4444-161Saint-Donat, Quebec
ICE Robotics   
A personalized interactive Summer Camp, providing more than 25 STEM learning modules in combination with variety of in-door and out-door activities.
New Toronto, Toronto
Education: STEM

  • Ages 5 to 15
  • Coed
  • Day, Program
from $150/week
Day, Program Coed1505-152New Toronto, Toronto, Ontario
Cherry Beach Soccer Club   
A leading soccer program in Toronto with camps for players aged 6 to 16. A 1:6 staff/camper ratio means campers get a high level of attention and skill development.
Danforth Village, Toronto; Downtown East, Toronto
Sport: Soccer

  • Ages 8 to 16
  • Coed
  • Day
from $200/week
sessions & dates
Day Coed2008-163Danforth Village, Toronto, , Downtown East, Toronto, , Downtown East, Toronto, Ontario

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