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Taekwondo camps are a great option for many kids. Luckily, in Canada, there are many to choose from, including in Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough, and Brampton. In addition to taekwondo summer camps, there are also winter, March break, and year-round afterschool and evening taekwondo classes and lessons. All of these programs teach kids the art of self-defence, and instill focus and discipline in them. Best of all, taekwondo for kids is fun! Find taekwondo camps below. Click on a link to learn more details about a specific camp, such as its location, cost, and session dates. Read more

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    Programs focusing on Taekwondo (4 results)

    These camps are focused on learning Taekwondo.

    Martial Arts

    Martial Arts/Karate/Taekwondo: Adults
    Oct 11, 2023 - Dec 31, 2024
    • Hamilton; Milton, ON
    • Age 13 to 18+ (Coed)
    • From $123

    Our adult classes are a great place to meet new people, get active, and develop new skills. Visit website

    Lee Sukhi Success Martial Arts12313-192023-10-012023-11-012023-12-012024-01-012024-02-012024-03-012024-04-012024-05-012024-06-012024-07-012024-08-012024-09-012024-10-012024-11-012024-12-01,254,3,35,74,255,programclass,coed,
    Oct 11, 2023 - Dec 31, 2024
    • Hamilton; Milton, ON
    • Age 4 to 18+ (Coed)
    • From $0

    FREE Martial Arts / Karate / Taekwon-Do TRIAL CLASS Visit website

    Lee Sukhi Success Martial Arts04-192023-10-012023-11-012023-12-012024-01-012024-02-012024-03-012024-04-012024-05-012024-06-012024-07-012024-08-012024-09-012024-10-012024-11-012024-12-01,254,3,35,74,255,programclass,coed,
    Martial Arts

    Martial Arts/Karate/Taekwondo: Youth
    Oct 11, 2023 - Dec 31, 2024
    • Hamilton; Milton, ON
    • Age 7 to 12 (Coed)
    • From $123

    Build on your martial arts skills. Learn to lead others in a class warm up and become confident in yourself. Visit website

    Lee Sukhi Success Martial Arts1237-122023-10-012023-11-012023-12-012024-01-012024-02-012024-03-012024-04-012024-05-012024-06-012024-07-012024-08-012024-09-012024-10-012024-11-012024-12-01,254,3,35,74,255,programclass,coed,
    Martial Arts

    Martial Arts/Karate/Taekwondo: Tiny Tigers
    Oct 11, 2023 - Dec 31, 2024
    • Hamilton; Milton, ON
    • Age 4 to 7 (Coed)
    • From $123

    Improve on coordination, cooperation, and focus through our low student-to-instructor ratio sessions. Visit website

    Lee Sukhi Success Martial Arts1234-72023-10-012023-11-012023-12-012024-01-012024-02-012024-03-012024-04-012024-05-012024-06-012024-07-012024-08-012024-09-012024-10-012024-11-012024-12-01,254,3,35,74,255,programclass,coed,

    Programs with Taekwondo, session dates TBD

    Programs offering Taekwondo as an activity (1 results)

    The following camps offer Taekwondo as part of a broader slate of activities.

    Sports Training
    Martial Arts

    Teen Boxing Program
    Jan 06 - Mar 09, 2024
    • East-End, Toronto
    • Age 11 to 15 (Coed)
    • From $425

    Learn the art of boxing in a safe and supportive environment. Step into the ring, and develop essential life skills. Visit website

    Mayfair Clubs42511-152024-01-012024-02-012024-03-01,320,1,276,254,3,35,74,255,programclass,coed,

    What is taekwondo?

    Taekwondo is a martial art of self-defense. It originated from Korea. “Tae” refers to the legs and lower torso, and “kwon” refers to the upper body and arms. Taekwondo training thus involves using one’s leg, feet, arms, and hands. It involves defending oneself effectively, by punching, kicking, and blocking. It also trains the mind to achieve focus, discipline, and patience, among other traits.

    What do taekwondo camps and classes offer?

    Taekwondo camps are martial art camps that teach taekwondo to kids. There are full-day camps, which run mostly during the summer. There are also part-time camps, which run in the summer and during the school year, holidays, and on PA days. And, some taekwondo outfits run after-school programs.

    Taekwondo camps and programs are offered for kids of different ages and levels. For instance, there are taekwondo classes for beginners. These include classes for toddlers, 3 year-olds, and “tiny tiger” or “tiny tot” classes for kids aged 3 to 5. There are also children or junior classes for kids aged 6 and older, and adult and family classes.

    Taekwondo camps, at all ages and levels, teach self-defence and basic fighting techniques. They also teach a number of other important concepts, skills, and traits. Below, we list some of the main ones:  

    • The taekwondo philosophy
    • The history of taekwondo
    • Spirit
    • Breathing techniques
    • Stretching and conditioning
    • Strength training
    • Exposure to basic blocks and strikes (hand and feet)

    ​Taekwondo belts or certifications

    In taekwondo classes, children can earn different belts or certifications. The different taekwondo belts are listed below, in order of difficulty:

    • White belt (beginner level)
    • Orange belt (beginner level)
    • Green belt (intermediate)
    • Blue belt (intermediate)
    • Brown belt (advanced)
    • Black belt (advanced)

    What are the benefits of a taekwondo camp or class for my child?

    Taekwondo camps and classes have plenty of benefits for children of different ages. As we’ve seen, children learn self-defense and fighting techniques in these camps. This can boost confidence and self-esteem, and reduce the fear of being bullied. Also, in taekwondo programs, needless to say, children of all ages are very active and get plenty of exercise. This improves their fitness level and promotes their physical and mental health.

    Most of all, taekwondo camps and classes can be fun and rewarding. For many children, they can be the ideal way to spend their free time.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many Taekwondo camps are there?
    There are 4 programs specializing in Taekwondo. In addition, there are 1 programs offering taekwondo as an activity. Use the filters to narrow by age and program type, then click on matched programs to see daily activities, dates, rates and registration information.

    What are the fees to attend Taekwondo camps ?
    Fees for Taekwondo camps range from FREE to $123 per program (program types and lengths vary). Use the filters here to narrow programs by age and type.

    What age do Taekwondo camps start at?
    There are programs available for children aged 4 through 19.

    Where can parents meet with Taekwondo camps ?
    Meet with program directors and staff at the Our Kids Camp & Program Expo. The Expo is held annually in February, and is a fun and informative day for parents, kids, and teens. Find event details and free tickets here.

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