Top Peterborough summer camps and programs for 2024/2025

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Peterborough summer camps — along with March break and year-round programs — offer fun for both kids from the city and elsewhere in the province. For kids throughout the Peterborough area, there is a spectrum of choices available. Throughout the year, there are PA Day camps, March break camps, holiday camps and day camps during the summer. Listed below you’ll find summer camps in the Kawarthas, Lindsay and areas south of Rice Lake including Cobourg & Belleville. This also includes camps in Crowes Landing, East City, Emerald Isle, Heritage Park, Lakehurst, Lock 19, Mallard Bay, Nephton, Young's Point, North End, and Old West End. Read more

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    STEM Camp 

    Throughout Ontario (54)

    • Education: STEM
    • Day Camp

    STEM Camp is a weekly summer day camp at more than 50 locations across Canada where youth aged 5-13 engage in fun and amazing activities in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math. 519-475-6600. Read more

    • Ages 5 to 13
    • Coed
    • from $225
    STEM Camp2255-132023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-012023-07-012023-08-012023-09-012023-10-012023-11-012023-12-012024-01-012024-02-012024-03-012024-04-012024-05-012024-06-012024-07-012024-08-01,349,177,266,304,180,67,159,129,2,130,50,317,314,268,daycamp,coed,

    Laugh More Comedy Camp 

    Throughout Ontario (6)

    • Arts: Comedy
    • Day Camp

    Our industry comedian coaches teach kids through stand up and improv comedy, how to use healthy humour to relate to others, make new friends, and discover their unique comedic voice at a unique summer comedy camp. Read more

    • Ages 10 to 17
    • Coed
    • from $300
    Laugh More Comedy Camp30010-172024-01-012024-02-012024-03-012024-04-012024-05-012024-06-012024-07-012024-08-012024-09-012024-10-012024-11-012024-12-01,282,5,274,288,265,59,337,daycamp,coed,
    • Traditional (multi activity)
    • Day Camp, Overnight Camp, Virtual Program

    Transformative experiences learning in and through the outdoors—academic, athletic, for credit or enrichment. Spend every day outdoors on the water, in the forest, or at our farm—learn, have fun and stretch yourself. Read more

    • Ages 4 to 18
    • Coed
    • from $330
    Lakefield College School Summer Programs3304-182023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-012023-07-012023-08-012023-09-012023-10-012023-11-012023-12-012024-01-012024-02-012024-03-012024-04-012024-05-012024-06-012024-07-012024-08-01,48,6,298,81,256,5,133,150,37,10,9,123,174,159,177,20,2,366,91,275,24,270,357,50,268,19,319,1,276,224,3,11,347,12,327,323,223,54,58,63,324,28,222,221,74,139,260,15,322,16,49,56,161,316,144,315,317,259,22,258,165,265,288,21,25,31,173,355,88,33,226,292,340,41,196,32,79,129,181,188,daycamp,overnightcamp,virtualprogram,coed,

    Saddlewood Riding Camp 

    Peterborough Area

    • Sport: Horseback Riding/Equestrian
    • Overnight Camp

    A horseback riding camp for girls, located northeast of Toronto. Each camper has their own horse to ride in two lessons per day (English), daily horse care and stable management instruction. Read more

    • Ages 7 to 16
    • Girls
    • from $1,650
    Saddlewood Riding Camp16507-162023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-012023-07-012023-08-012023-09-012023-10-012023-11-012023-12-01,30,3,overnightcamp,allgirls,

    Camp Kawartha 

    Lakefield; Peterborough

    • Traditional (multi activity)
    • Day Camp, Overnight Camp

    Traditional summer camp fostering self-esteem, leadership & environmental stewardship. Campers are encouraged to be creative, in touch with nature & be themselves in a non-competitive environment. Read more

    • Ages 4 to 17
    • Coed
    • from $400
    Camp Kawartha4004-172022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-012023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-012023-07-012023-08-012023-09-012023-10-012023-11-012023-12-012024-01-012024-02-012024-03-012024-04-012024-05-012024-06-012024-07-012024-08-012024-09-012024-10-012024-11-012024-12-01,8,3,16,322,49,56,221,10,5,9,33,2,91,24,12,347,28,31,54,63,151,59,288,48,6,175,37,41,36,346,188,0,daycamp,overnightcamp,coed,

    Types of camps in Peterborough

    Summer camps in Peterborough offer kids a wide array of fun, thrilling, and educational experiences, ranging from kids’ robotics programs to kids' horseback riding camps to sports camps. Links below go to our advanced search, listing only that camp activity. Lists there offer camps focused on the activity at the top, while below those, you’ll find camps offering that activity.

    Sports camps in Peterborough

    Sports camps guide active kids and teens to reach their full potential as athletes. Your child has many unique sports activities to choose from in this type of camp: everything from hockey to volleyball to golf. Sports camps are specialised or multi-activity, the latter challenging an array of fitness skills. Find your favourite sport below and find camps teaching it.

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    Peterborough summer camps and programs

    Education camps in Peterborough

    Peterborough summer camps offer help for kids seeking academic stimulation. Activities range from tutoring to traditional academic subjects like math, science, and writing to special topics like debate, architecture, and marine biology. Camp’s liberating setting makes learning fun and opens up new friendship opportunities. Find your favourite subject below.

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    Technology camps in Peterborough

    In Peterborough technology camps kids acquire soft skills to go with hard skills gained in programming and other tech. Real-world applications of technology are the focus, in the freeform setting of camp. Find your favourite technology activity below.


    Search Peterborough COMPUTER AND TECH CAMPS    


    Arts camps in Peterborough

    Peterborough’s arts camps encourage kids and teens to grow skills in performance and visual arts disciplines. These include drawing, dance, theatre, music, and more. Kids express themselves, however, they may choose, gaining skills and confidence at camp. Find the best arts activity for you in the list below.

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    Special needs camps in Peterborough

    Children with disabilities have camp opportunities in Peterborough, Ontario. Camps offer a safe, supportive, social environment. Here, kids with motor, learning, or developmental challenges flourish. Trained leaders guide children with needs through fun camp activities. Find the best special needs camp for you, in the lists linked to below.

    Search Peterborough EXCEPTIONAL NEEDS CAMPS   


    Some Benefits of Camp at A Glance

    Peterborough camps help kids grow personally, academically, and professionally. Here are just a few of the many benefits of attending camp:

    Leadership development. Camp’s independent setting is just the beginning of its leadership building. Kids develop empathy and resilience through fun activities and following the examples of others. Some camps offer specialised leadership training programs. Here, teens shadow counsellors, plan activities, and manage a group of campers. Camp helps kids mature faster. This also opens up academic and professional opportunities.

    Mental health. The social aspect of camp is its most notable mental health benefit. At summer camp, kids and teens mingle with new friends in a challenging, supportive setting. Time outside, in nature, is also proven to benefit mental health. Camp can also help kids find passions and new outlets such as artistic expression that help them grow. It’s a break from everyday life, where kids and teens find refreshment in a new environment.

    A pressure-free setting. Kids and teens are supported in the freeform setting of camp, and there is no marking or grading. Everyone feels more like themselves. Kids and teens learn, play, and collaborate in a healthy environment that deliberately opens them up to new experiences.

    Continuing education. All camps are educational in nature. While some camps specialise in subjects like math, science, or art, others implicitly teach skills in problem-solving, decision making, and personal organization. Learning is made fun at camp through hands-on activities with professional tools and materials, in a relaxed, fun, social setting.

    Choosing the Best Peterborough Camp

    Choosing among Peterborough camps begins with the choice between day and overnight camps. At day camps, kids and teens work and play for up to 7 hours a day. Day camps immerse kids in a variety of activities.

    Overnight camps in Peterborough are a destination for kids and teens from throughout the province, perhaps mainly from the Ottawa Region and Eastern Ontario.  These camps follow a multi-activity itinerary, with adventurous activities like canoeing, ropes courses, and more. There are fun evening activities like bonfires and movie nights. Kids and teens play, dine, and lodge together for a week or more. Away from parents, kids grow in responsibility and independence.

    Many Peterborough camps mix old and young campers. Kids and teens converse, collaborate, and connect with a diverse group of others. If you're seeking something directed to your child’s specific age, perhaps after-school or weekend programs interest you, as they're typically separated by age.

    As you consider options in Peterborough, start with a wishlist of your desired price, location(s), and activities. You’ll also think about accommodations for dietary restrictions, special needs support, and before and after care. Once you know what you want, contact camp leaders directly using links above. You can also attend Our Kids Media’s annual Toronto Summer Camp Expo held in February. Camp directors and leaders answer any questions you and your prospective camper may have. So, ask lots! Here’s a starter list.

    Questions to ask camps

    • What activities are specifically featured at this camp? What does a typical day at camp look like?
    • What is the camper to leader ratio? How do you ensure my child receives fair attention during all camp activities?
    • How do you deal with bad behaviour? Please provide an example of a time when you dealt with bad behaviour at camp.
    • Are camp leaders trained in the subject they are teaching? Do they have lifesaving certification (First Aid, CPR, lifeguard training)? Do you conduct police checks prior to camp?
    • What is the average camp size? How many kids do you allow at camp?
    • Are kids and teens mixed together at camp? Do older campers have more opportunities than younger campers?
    • Can you provide testimonials from previous families?
    • Does this camp offer further accommodations for children with disabilities or dietary restrictions?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many Peterborough summer camps and programs are there?
    There are 5 Peterborough summer camps and programs that are Our Kids trusted members. Use the filters to narrow options by age or type, then click on each organization to read reviews, browse program schedules, and access registration details.

    What are the fees to attend Peterborough summer camps and programs?
    Fees for Peterborough summer camps and programs range from $225 to $6,925 per program (program types and lengths vary). Use the filters here to narrow programs by age and type.

    What age do Peterborough summer camps and programs start at?
    There are programs available for children aged 4 through 18.

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