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Acro Camps

Young gymnasts develop teamwork skills and more

Acro camps are perfect for the young gymnast wanting to focus on acrobatics, tumbling and floor exercises. Within the field of gymnastics, acrobatics is a unique opportunity for kids with high flexibility, balance and other skills. For boys and girls thinking ahead to higher-level competition, an acro camp can help them get started on learning or further developing techniques, working with partners and groups, and getting a start on junior and intermediate acrobatic moves, tumbling and dance.

These camps are often taught by trained gymnasts who have devoted themselves to the sport. A number of camps listed here feature gymnasts with international or even Olympic experience. 

Further benefits of kids' camps for acro

Let's take a closer look at the benefits of enrolling your child in a camp with acrobatics:

  • Camps encourage social interaction, help kids start new friendships and strengthen others.
  • Acro camp kids can be as young as four or five years old. Kids with an interest in acrobatics learn about control of their bodies and develop a personalized discipline.
  • The grouping and pairing aspect of acro camps helps kids learn co-operation and collaboration with others, helps them to trust others and learn about being trustworthy.  It also teaches lessons about understanding – and extending! – their limits.
  • Camps of any kind, including gymnastics camps and others, extend the learning, physical activity, and the social engagement of an academic environment into the summer months.

Developing your child in acrobatic gymnastics
All kids are unique, and developing a child's abilities in acrobatics, and encouraging your child to pursue an interest in acrobatics, helps them grow in confidence in this area and others. 

Acrobatic gymnastics encourages kids to get active and deepen an understanding of physical fitness. As with any sport, not all kids who enter competition will excel in the sport. However, learning about physical wellness, exploring flexibility and fitness and other passions they deepen through acrobatics, helps them form values they will take into later life. these camps can help kids form career interests, grow emotionally, and begin to see how interests can take them in directions they may not immediately dream of.