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Winter camps in Canada

There are many winter camps for kids in Canada. For instance, there are camps offering winter activities and programs in Toronto, Ottawa, and other cities in Ontario. On the west coast, winter activities are offered in camps in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, and Edmonton. And in Quebec, camps offer winter activities in Montreal, Quebec City, and Mont Tremblant. 

Winter camps in Canada offer programs and activities for kids of different ages. They have winter activities for kids as young as preschoolers (including toddlers), and as old as teenagers and adolescents. Moreover, you can send your child to a camp that lasts for all or most of the winter, or to a short-term winterMarch break, passover, or PA day camp.

Winter camps offer a wide range of fun activities for kids. For instance, there are sports winter camps with programs such as skiing, hockey, gymnastics, swimming, basketball, martial arts, and taekwondo. There are also winter camps offering arts activities, such as drama, dance, and music. You might also send your child to an education winter camp, focusing on an area of interest, such as computers, nature, math, or science.

A winter camp can be a great option your child. In a sports camp, your child can improve their fitness, coordination, and social skills (among other things). In an arts or education camp, your child will be able to pursue a special interest, enhance specific skills, and expand their knowledge. No matter which camp you choose, though, your child is sure to expand their horizons and have lots of fun.    

Below, find a winter camp near you. This includes camps in Ontario, Quebec, BC, and Manitoba. Some of these camps specialize in one or more winter activities or programs. Others offer a winter activity along with other winter and summer programs. 

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