The benefits of gifted programs

Some of the main reasons to send your child to a gifted school or program

If your child is gifted in one or more subjects and is having trouble engaging in school, this is a great reason to seek out a gifted program. Luckily, there are schools offering gifted programming in Toronto, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec, and across Canada.

Ultimately, gifted programs are meant to address students’ true abilities and passions and properly engage them in school. This can relieve many students of boredom and make school a source of wonder and pleasure again. With students deeply engaged in school, they’re less likely to develop (or sustain) social and behavioural problems. They’re also more likely to realize their academic and intellectual potential.

How gifted programs succeed

This re-engagement is achieved in gifted schools and programs through a number of ways, including the following:

  • Gifted kids find many types of gifted programs challenging. These programs usually involve a greater workload, a faster pace, and lots of enrichment.
  • Many gifted schools and programs provide learning environments that differentiate between each child's learning needs. For example, children might be given advanced instruction in subjects they excel in and more graduated instruction for subjects they struggle in. This further reduces the chance of a mismatch between a child's learning needs and the course curriculum.
  • In many gifted learning environments, students are encouraged to learn about subjects that interest them the most. This promotes a love of learning and can ignite a passion  to pursue more in-depth studies.
  • Gifted programs should, in theory, be taught by teachers with specialized training in gifted education. Teachers are trained to differentiate between students in terms of their unique learning needs.
  • Dedicated or segregated gifted schools and programs enable students to be in school with peers who often have similar abilities and interests as them. This can provide a stimulating environment. This also enables some students to more easily find a group of friends.
  • Gifted programs can be a great option for students with special needs, such as learning and developmental disabilities.
  • At the high school level, gifted programs can give students a leg up when transitioning to university. Since gifted programs involve a heavy workload and intensive curriculum, students become accustomed to studying challenging material at a fast pace, thereby developing crucial skills for excelling in university or college. This makes them similar to IB and AP programs, and other alternative options.
  • Many universities and colleges also think highly of gifted programs, which can improve a student’s chances for acceptance.
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