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Schools for Graphic Design

Schools for Graphic Design

Graphic Design Schools

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Graphic design schools open up students to a wide range of creative career possibilities in publishing, corporate design, web and design for other interactive media. High school graphic design programs get you started on an exciting, creative career and few schools are as well prepared to teach students the best skills as well as private schools.

Graphic design programs in high school can teach students basics in real-world design and presentation including design for logos, flyers and more. Students are also introduced to the latest graphic designing tools, and subjects like color theory, composition rules and layout fundamentals. Students can also learn the principles and strategies behind successful visual presentation. Many of the instructors in these schools are among the best high school graphics teachers in the country!

The basic level of the program focuses on developing your understanding of design fundamentals. The advanced programs teach you to apply design principles to a variety of design problems. Students will also learn to design materials for print and the web.

High schools teaching graphics design

Several high schools with graphic design programs help students with a creative or artistic disposition to develop their talents in this field. Students learn some essential graphic design skills that can help them have a career in graphic design later on. Graphic designer careers include artist, digital media development, game designer, illustrator, animator and many more. Considering the trends in the industries in which they work, the number of graphic designers and illustrators is expected to increase tremendously over the next few years. A student’s artistic ability and personal style are key factors for success.

Many of the graphic design programs at schools listed here will be constantly updated to reflect the latest industry standards and keep up with technology. These programs will help prepare you for the best universities and colleges and for an exciting career beyond!

Learn more about each school's graphic designs program from the schools listed below.

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List of Schools for Graphic Design

    School NameTypePaceCost

    Toronto Prep School (est. 2009)  

    • Toronto, Ontario
    • 7 to 12 Coed
    • Day school (325 students)
    Toronto Prep School starts later in order to maximize teen learning. The optimal time for teenagers to learn is late in the morning through to late afternoon. Our classes start at 10:00 am. [View profile]
    • Traditional
    Standard-enriched$25,250MiddleSchools HighSchools Coed Day25250

    McDonald International Academy (est. 1994)  

    • Toronto, Ontario
    • 9 to 12 Coed
    • Day school
    • Boarding school
    McDonald International Academy offers programs for grades 9 to 12 with 2 locations in the heart of Toronto. Its average class size is 10 to 20 students. [View profile]
    • Traditional
    Accelerated$16,800HighSchools Coed Boarding Day16800

    La Citadelle International Academy of Arts and Science (est. 2000)  

    • Toronto, Ontario
    • NS to 12 Coed
    • Day school (200 students)
    La Citadelle's Excellence in Bilingual Education and academically advanced curriculum develop successful global citizens through IB & AP programs and a holistic approach where students achieve their highest potential. [View profile]
    • Traditional
    • International Baccalaureate
    Accelerated$16,750 to $20,750Preschool Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools HighSchools Coed Day16750

    Greenwood College School (est. 2002)  

    • Toronto, Ontario
    • 7 to 12 Coed
    • Day school (475 students)
    Greenwood College School in Toronto offers programs for Grades 7 through 12. Its average class size is 15 to 19 students. [View profile]
    • Progressive
    Standard-enriched$34,750MiddleSchools HighSchools Coed Day34750

    Rockway Mennonite Collegiate (est. 1945)  

    • Kitchener, Ontario
    • 7 to 12 Coed
    • Day school (265 students)
    Incorporating academic excellence, service and peacemaking, Rockway is a diverse learning community of 265 students in Grades 7 to 12 including a dynamic international student exchange program. [View profile]
    • Traditional
    Standard-enriched$15,580 to $32,500MiddleSchools HighSchools Coed Day Homestay15580

    Caronport High School (Briercrest) (est. 1946)  

    • Caronport, Saskatchewan
    • 9 to 12 Coed
    • Day school (90 students)
    • Boarding school (50 students)
    CHS combines a private Christian school experience with the best of public education and Saskatchewan curriculum. Our small school shares facilities with Briercrest College and Seminary on a campus of 900 students. [View profile]
    • Traditional
    Standard-enriched$3,216 to $31,538HighSchools Coed Boarding Day3216

    Oxford Tutorial College (est. 1988)  

    • Oxford,
    • 10 to 12 Coed
    • Day school (120 students)
    • Boarding school (65 students)
    Oxford Tutorial College is a leading independent college specialising in A-level, GCSE, BTEC tuition for students grade 10 to 12, intending to go on to higher education at a good British University. [View profile]
    • Progressive
    • International Baccalaureate
    Standard-enriched$33,255 to $39,447Coed Boarding Day Homestay33255

    Wishing Well Schools (est. 1978)  

    • Markham, Ontario
    • NS to 8 Coed
    • Day school (220 students)
    Wishing Well Schools offers enriched programs from 18 months to Grade 8 in Markham. Montessori program from 18 months to 6 years old, advanced academic program from Grade 1 to 8. [View profile]
    • Traditional
    • Montessori
    Accelerated$12,370 to $12,620Preschool Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools Coed Day12370

    Ridley College (est. 1889)  

    • St. Catharines, Ontario
    • JK to 12 Coed
    • Day school (307 students)
    • Boarding school (358 students)
    Ridley College is an acclaimed co-educational boarding and day school that prepares meaningful and flourishing lives by teaching the habits of mind, body, and spirit, and the values needed to lead in a global society. [View profile]
    • Progressive
    • International Baccalaureate
    Accelerated$15,500 to $63,700Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools HighSchools Coed Boarding Day15500

    Fraser Academy (est. 1982)  

    • Vancouver, British Columbia
    • 1 to 12 Coed
    • Day school (250 students)
    Fraser Academy is a leader in the empowerment and education of Grade 1-12 students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences. Based in Vancouver, we are a fully accredited, independent day school. [View profile]
    • Progressive
    Standard-enriched$26,250 to $31,250Elementary MiddleSchools HighSchools Coed Day9999999999

    Odyssey Heights School for Girls (est. 2017)  

    • Toronto, Ontario
    • 3 to 12 Girls
    • Day school
    OHS has three programs: Core Comprehensive, Pre-Professional Dance, and Equine Science & Equestrian Studies. Tuition inc. overnight OEE trips & riding lessons. School starts at 10am with 1hr of yoga, dance, or fitness. [View profile]
    • Progressive
    • Montessori
    Student-paced$7,995/program to $31,775MiddleSchools HighSchools Girls Day Homestay7995

    North Broward Preparatory School (est. 1957)  

    • Coconut Creek, Florida
    • PS to 12 Coed
    • Day school (900 students)
    • Boarding school (330 students)
    North Broward Preparatory School is a K-12 co-educational day and boarding school located in S. Florida located minutes from the beach with IB, AP, and LD classes set on 80 acres with year round hockey. [View profile]
    • Liberal Arts
    • International Baccalaureate
    Accelerated$24,200 to $58,000 USDPreschool Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools HighSchools Coed Boarding Day24200

    Hamilton District Christian High (est. 1956)  

    • Hamilton, Ontario
    • 9 to 12 Coed
    • Day school (460 students)
    At Hamilton District Christian High we believe exceptional learning is for every student. Our aim is to differentiate learning so that each student can reach their full potential through Project-Based learning. [View profile]
    • Progressive
    Standard-enriched$11,900 to $45,500HighSchools Coed Day Homestay9999999999

    Pickering College (est. 1842)  

    • Newmarket, Ontario
    • JK to 12 Coed
    • Day school (300 students)
    • Boarding school (120 students)
    Pickering College's fully-integrated Global Leadership Program (JK to Grade 12) inspires students to become agents of courageous, ethical and positive change with the confidence, knowledge and skills to shape the future. [View profile]
    • Progressive
    Standard-enriched$24,040 to $61,240Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools HighSchools Coed Boarding Day24040

    Lower Canada College (est. 1909)  

    • Montreal, Quebec
    • K to 12 Coed
    • Day school (785 students)
    Lower Canada College is a coed, K-12 university preparatory school, committed to excellence in teaching and learning. It is the only English school in Quebec offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. [View profile]
    • Liberal Arts
    • International Baccalaureate
    Standard-enriched$17,625 to $22,485Elementary MiddleSchools HighSchools Coed Day17625

    American Hebrew Academy (est. 2001)  

    • Greensboro, North Carolina
    • 9 to 12 Coed
    • Day school (20 students)
    • Boarding school (120 students)
    The American Hebrew Academy is the only international Jewish college prep boarding school in the world! The advantages of boarding school are boundless; the advantages of a Jewish boarding school will last a lifetime. [View profile]
    • Traditional
    Standard-enriched$24,000 to $42,000 USDHighSchools Coed Boarding Day24000

    St. Stanislaus College Prep (est. 1854)  

    • Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi
    • 7 to 12 Boys
    • Day school (315 students)
    • Boarding school (72 students)
    St. Stanislaus College Prep is a faith-based school that offers programs from grades 7 to 12 in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi. [View profile]
    • Traditional
    Standard-enriched$25,510 to $33,950 USDMiddleSchools HighSchools Boys Boarding Day25510

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