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Summer camps for kids

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Summer camps for kids give children the opportunity to flourish through a special summer experience. There are a wide variety of camps for kids available to suit every child's age, interest and taste. How about an extreme sport camp? Can you see your child going to rock-and-roll camp? Maybe computer or swim camp would be more to his or her taste? Whatever you and your child are looking for, chances are there is a kids camp out there offering the perfect summer program for your child.

Many camps in Canada cater to a broad range of ages, from four years old to teenagers. Some summer camp activities for kids have structured programming that will evolve with the interests and needs of your child, so your kids can "grow up" at their camp. Youth camps offer a distinctive culture and embrace a certain set of values, which is why many tend to hire former "kid campers" as counsellors. These camps are special summer communities. Children from all walks of life can be found working together, learning together, playing together and having fun. Families from many cultural backgrounds are exploring and embracing the camp life.

The benefits of sending your child to summer camp include improved:

Summer camps for kids

  • Self esteem

  • Leadership skills

  • Team work

  • Social skills

  • Activity levels

  • Environmental awareness

  • Independence

Our Kids has been profiling summer camps for kids for over a decade now. Below, you'll find some of the summer camps that we work with. Use our advanced search option to find the right camp for your child.

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