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Camps and programs with meditation for kids and teens listed below

Meditation camps can be a great option for many kids and teens. Most offer programs for kids ages 8 to 18. In a meditation camp, your child will acquire knowledge and skills that can serve them well both in school and out. It can help them deal with stress in a variety of situations and manage the ups and downs of life. Read more

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Programs specializing in Meditation (1 results)

Camps below specialize in meditation, with some camps set in a meditation retreat and/or taught by monks or yogis.

  • St. Catharines, ON
  • Age 9 to 13 (Coed)
  • From $290

Campers will participate in daily yoga and meditation sessions, as well as engaging in creative and physical exercises. Read more

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Programs offering Meditation as an activity (30 results)

Camps offering meditation as one among many activities.

  • Burlington, ON
  • Age 8 to 12 (Girls)
  • From $399

Radiant Girls bloom with adventure, studio art, gentle yoga, spa activities, empowering discussions, and tons of summer fun! Read more

  • Burlington, ON
  • Age 10 to 13 (Girls)
  • From $299

A guide to starting this year with success! Mindfulness, friendships, resilience, and healthy habits for an outstanding year! Read more

  • Online
  • Age 8 to 12 (Girls)
  • From $399

Radiant Girls bloom with adventure, studio art, gentle yoga, spa activities, empowering discussions, and tons of summer fun! Read more

  • Online
  • Age 8 to 12 (Girls)
  • From $319

Girls develop a mindset for self-confidence and self-respect while embracing a vision for real beauty and self care. Read more

  • Online
  • Age 10 to 13 (Girls)
  • From $299

A guide to starting the school year off great! Mindfulness, friendships, resilience, emotional regulation, & healthy habits! Read more

FOCUS: Traditional
Family Camp
Sep 04, 2020 - Sep 06, 2021

  • Haliburton Highlands, ON
  • Age 1 to 18+ (Coed)
  • From $675

Enjoy the splendour of Camp Can-Aqua with your entire family. Enjoy all programs, food and activities as a family for one fee Read more

  • Thetis Island, BC
  • Age 1 to 18+ (Coed)
  • From $250

Come and enjoy a week of camp with your household! All meals, activities, and optional programming are included in your stay! Read more

  • Burlington, ON
  • Age 8 to 12 (Girls)
  • From $399

Confidence-building fun, exploration of nature, team-building adventures, and incredible friendships that last a lifetime! Read more

  • Bracebridge, ON
  • Age 6 to 16 (Coed)
  • From $1,195

Each day, campers choose from a variety of over 50 activities. This is where friendships begin and FUN never ends. Read more

  • Oakville, ON
  • Age 10 to 13 (Coed)
  • From $340

Mind, Body, and Soul Camp will provide a range of activities that encourage campers to maintain a healthy balance in their li Read more

  • Burlington, ON
  • Age 8 to 12 (Girls)
  • From $429

Fun wellness activities layered with empowering coaching to build positive self-image, emotional intelligence and confidence. Read more

  • Burlington, ON
  • Age 8 to 12 (Girls)
  • From $399

Girls develop a mindset for self-confidence, and self-respect while embracing a vision for real beauty, and self care. Read more

  • Burlington, ON
  • Age 12 to 18 (Girls)
  • From $499

A leadership certification just for teens - resilience, resourcefulness, confidence, and life skills for success! Read more

  • Brampton, ON
  • Age 5 to 7 (Coed)
  • From $265

Train martial arts from the comfort of your home, stay fit, reduce anxiety,. Separate on-line classes for children, teens. Read more

  • Brampton, ON
  • Age 13 to 16 (Coed)
  • From $265

Train martial arts from the comfort of your home, stay fit, reduce anxiety,. Separate on-line classes for children, teens. Read more

  • Brampton, ON
  • Age 8 to 12 (Coed)
  • From $265

Train martial arts from the comfort of your home, stay fit, reduce anxiety,. Separate on-line classes for children, teens. Read more

  • Caledon, ON
  • Age 9 to 14 (Coed)
  • From $450

Try a new sport or gain confidence and improve agility in a particular favorite. For all ages and skill levels. Read more

  • Caledon, ON
  • Age 9 to 14 (Girls)
  • From $600

The local leader in lacrosse training and development. Come and play with the pros. Programs for ALL SKILL levels. Read more

  • Caledon, ON
  • Age 10 to 14 (Boys)
  • From $600

Campers at all levels will receive The Hill Academy experience, learning in a fun and engaging environment. Read more

  • Bancroft, ON
  • Age 8 to 16 (Coed)
  • From $762

Everyone belongs, everyone grows and everyone is valued for who they are! Let's get together this summer! Read more

  • Caledon, ON
  • Age 9 to 14 (Coed)
  • From $725

A hybrid program that fine tunes your hockey and lacrosse skills. Read more

  • Toronto (2)
  • Age 8 to 12 (Coed)
  • From $266

Join us to learn about healthy habits, nutrition, and how to stay active in a fun way! Daily Yoga, games, nutrition sessions. Read more

  • Huntsville, ON
  • Age 11 to 16 (Coed)
  • From $1,350

Campers spend 3 hours on the water per day, developing their skills in their water sports discipline of choice. Read more

  • Toronto (2)
  • Age 8 to 12 (Coed)
  • From $266

We'll learn how to fundraise, present in public, create awareness and stand up for issues that we're passionate about. Read more

  • Sudbury, ON
  • Age 13 to 15 (Coed)
  • From $7,385

In our program designed exclusively for teens, campers discover a world of growth, connection and community. Read more

  • Caledon, ON
  • Age 10 to 14 (Coed)
  • From $750

Train with world renowned coaches. Programming for hockey players of all levels. Read more

  • East-End, Toronto
  • Age 4 to 11 (Coed)
  • From $200

Summer Karate Day Camp includes Karate, Yoga, Outdoor Park and Splash Pad play time, Beach, Crafts, Games and Activities. Read more

  • Huntsville, ON
  • Age 7 to 16 (Coed)
  • From $1,240

Featuring 10 intensive hours of on-ice development and 2 chosen camp activities daily. Read more

  • Huntsville, ON
  • Age 7 to 16 (Coed)
  • From $1,100

Spend an action-packed day of "fun in the sun" participating in a variety of land and/or water activities. Read more

  • Port Moody, BC
  • Age 6 to 12 (Coed)
  • From $135

Our unique program includes STEM, drama, music, nature walks and many adventures! Read more


Meditation camps near you

As meditation grows in popularity, the list of meditation camps continues to expand. Below, find a camp close to your area.

Search meditation camps in ANY CITY   


More than just summer camp

For those interested in meditation, there are other options besides summer camp. Meditation programs are offered throughout the year. This includes after-school, evening, and weekend programs. Below, find the right program for you.



Other camps you might look at

If your child is interested in meditation, you might also look into the following.

Mindfulness training camps develop mindfulness through a variety of activities that may include meditation as well as yoga. 

Kids' yoga camps and after school yoga for kids focus on teaching this millennia-old practice, presented at a level relevant for teens and kids.  

Health and fitness camps encourage healthy activity and mindfulness of proper diet and exercise. 

Nature camp offers kids and teens an opportunity to get close to and learn more about the natural environment around them.

Wilderness camp offers wilderness trips and help kids to understand and appreciate the value of nature.

Types of meditation (source:

There are numerous types of meditation (and thus many types of meditation camps). Below, are some of the main kinds of meditation currently being practiced.

Mindfulness: In mindfulness meditation, you pay attention to your thoughts as they pass through your mind. You don’t judge the thoughts or become involved with them. You simply observe and take note of any patterns.

Spiritual: It’s similar to prayer in that you reflect on the silence around you and seek a deeper connection with your God or Universe.

Focused: Focused meditation involves concentration using any of the five senses.

Movement: Although most people think of yoga when they hear movement meditation, this practice may include walking through the woods, gardening, qigong, and other gentle forms of motion.

Mantra: Mantra meditation is prominent in many teachings, including Hindu and Buddhist traditions. This type of meditation uses a repetitive sound to clear the mind. It can be a word, phrase, or sound, such as the popular “Om.”

Transcendental: This is more customizable than mantra meditation, using a mantra or series of words that are specific to each practitioner.

Progressive: Also known as body scan meditation, progressive relaxation is a practice aimed at reducing tension in the body and promoting relaxation.

Visualization: Visualization meditation is a technique focused on enhancing feelings of relaxation, peace, and calmness by visualizing positive scenes or images.

Benefits of meditation camps

Meditation provides many benefits for kids and adults. It introduces relaxation techniques that can positively impact many parts of one’s life. And often, it can become a long-term practice, which can lead to lasting improvements to one’s well-being.  

These include (source: Mayo Clinic):

Meditation camps can also help your child:

Choosing the right meditation camp 

What’s the best way to choose the right meditation camp for your child? First, think more seriously about them: their age, experience, interests, and goals. 

Then, of course, you should look closely at the camps themselves. Talk to directors and staff, and visit camps whenever possible. For instance, if it’s a camp focusing on mindfulness meditation, you might ask the following questions:

  • How do you teach mindfulness skills?
  • Do you use a specific textbook?
  • How often should my child practice mindfulness?
  • How might these skills help them?

For further guidance on choosing the right camp for your child, check out the following resources on


Finally, to learn more about meditation, check out the following authoritative resources:

Mindful: How to Meditate
Headspace: What is Meditation?
Healthline: 9 Types of Meditation Getting Started on Mindfulness

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