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Parkour is a great activity for kids and teens. It’s fun, challenging, and a great way to get in shape. There are many summer camps across Canada for kids of different ages and levels. Whether your child is a beginner just starting out or has been playing parkour for a while, you’re sure to find a camp that’s right for them.  Read more

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Programs offering Parkour as an activity (7 results)

Camps below offer parkour as one of several activities.

  • Vaughan, ON
  • Age 11 to 14 (Coed)
  • From $415

Climbers are introduced to fundamental climbing skills to set the foundation for future rock stars. Visit website

  • Vaughan, ON
  • Age 4 to 5 (Coed)
  • From $350

League of Nemos focuses minds and bodies on improving awareness, agility and functional body movements to reach their goals. Visit website

  • Vaughan, ON
  • Age 8 to 10 (Coed)
  • From $355

Climbers will be introduced to climbing fundamentals and will gain an improved body awareness with every climb. Visit website


  • Vaughan, ON
  • Age 10 to 13 (Coed)
  • From $425

Explore agile movement by carrying momentum and finding flow through connecting obstacles. Visit website

  • Burlington, ON
  • Age 5 to 12 (Coed)
  • From $64

Join us for fun-filled, high-energy days of tumbling, stunting, jumps, dance, games, crafts and so much more! Visit website

  • Vaughan, ON
  • Age 6 to 7 (Coed)
  • From $315

Climbers are introduced to fundamental climbing skills to set the foundation for future rock stars. Visit website


  • Vaughan, ON
  • Age 6 to 9 (Coed)
  • From $370

Explore agile movement by carrying momentum and finding flow through connecting obstacles. Visit website


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Find a parkour camp near you

Parkour camps are a popular option in the summer. Below, we list parkour camps offered in several different locations across the county. Find a camp near you.


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Other ways to work on your parkour skills

In addition to summer parkour camps, there are other options available to kids interested in this activity. For instance, you might consider some of the following for your child:

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If your child is interested in parkour, you may look into other camps. You’ll find no shortage here: there are camps across the country to satisfy kids with all sorts of interests and goals. Below, we list just a few of the options available.

Health and fitness camps: Encourage healthy activity and mindfulness of proper diet and exercise. 

Meditation camps: Can help your child deal with stress in a variety of situations and manage the ups and downs of life.

Mindfulness training camps: Teach the popular form of meditation called mindfulness.

Nature camps: Offer kids and teens an opportunity to get close to and learn more about the natural environment around them.

Wilderness camps: Offer wilderness trips and help kids to understand and appreciate the value of nature.

What parkour is (source: Wikipedia)

Parkour is a training discipline using movement developed from obstacle course training. Practitioners, called tracers or traceurs, aim to get from one point to another in a complex environment, without assistive equipment, in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Parkour includes running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, plyometrics, rolling, quadrupedal movement (crawling), and other movements aimed at negotiating various obstacle courses. 

What your child will do at a parkour camp

Your child will spend time learning parkour and participating in obstacle courses. They’ll also learn the safety behind getting up, getting over, and getting down obstacles, with some extra movement. They might also participate in fun games as well. 

In a parkour camp, your child will spend lots of time running, jumping, climbing, flipping, and swimming. This means they’ll learn several different kinds of movements, including (source: Wikipedia):

  • Landing 
  • Parkour roll
  • Cat leap
  • Dash vault
  • Monkey vault
  • Kong vault
  • Speed vault
  • Kash vault
  • Two-handed vault
  • Precision jump
  • Underbar
  • Tic tac
  • Lic reed
  • Strides

The benefits of parkour camps

Parkour camps have many potential benefits for your child. This includes both health and fitness benefits and benefits to your child’s overall well-being.

Health benefits

Overall benefits

Finding the right parkour camp

To find the right parkour camp for your child, check out the Our Kids Camp and Program Expo, held every year in the winter. At the expo, you can meet with the staff of many different camps, including parkour camps, and get your questions answered. You can also meet with programs that run throughout the year. 

You may also find some other Our Kids resources helpful in choosing the right camp for your child:
How to choose a camp
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Camp basics

Finally, here are some sources you may consult to learn more about parkour:
Mpora: What is Parkour?
Nerd Fitness: Beginner’s Guide to Parkour
How Stuff Works: How Parkour Works

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Parkour camps are there?
There are 7 programs offering parkour as an activity. Use the filters to narrow by age and program type, then click on matched programs to see daily activities, dates, rates and registration information.

What are the fees to attend Parkour camps?
Fees for programs offering parkour as an activity range from $64 to $425 per program (program types and lengths vary). Use the filters here to narrow programs by age and type.

Where can parents meet with Parkour camps?
Meet with program directors and staff at the Our Kids Camp & Program Expo. The Expo is held annually in February, and is a fun and informative day for parents, kids, and teens. Find event details and free tickets here.


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