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Camp Checklist

Finding the right camp for your child

Now that you're knowledgeable about the basics of camp, you are ready to use our Camp Checklist, which will help you select the best camp for your child.

This checklist will help you identify what you're looking for in a potential camp, as well as your priorities and budget:

Type of Camp

checkbox   Day or overnight?
checkbox   Traditional or specialty?
checkbox   Single sex or coed?

Camp Amenities and Programming

checkbox   What facilities are you seeking?
checkbox   Are there activities you really want your child to have access to (musical instruments, horseback riding, sailing, skiing)?
checkbox   What are the camp's health and safety policies?
checkbox   Does your child need accommodations for allergies or disabilities?

Location and Environment

checkbox   How close should the camp be to your home?
checkbox   What is the environment you're looking for (city, country, forest, lake)?


checkbox   What is your budget for camp?
checkbox   Are there additional fees you may not have considered (for activities, food, transportation)?
checkbox   How will your child get to and from camp?
checkbox   Is busing included?

Length and Time

checkbox   Overnight camps - How many weeks do you want your child to spend at camp?
checkbox   Day camps - How many hours per day?
checkbox   Day camps - Will you need extended hours before and after camp?

Download a copy of the Camp Checklist PDF here.

Camp Checklist