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National Survey:
Why Parents Choose Non-Public Schools

Why did you choose to educate your child at a non-public school?
Take the survey and have your voice heard.


only 5 minutes

Private school attendance in Poland has grown over the past 10 years. Why are parents increasingly choosing them over public schools? What are the most important factors when deciding on a school?

Why it’s important that you participate

Be heard

Have your voice heard about what is most important to you.

Raise awareness

Support the mission in raising awareness about the importance of school-choice throughout Poland.

Gain access

Gain access to the report and findings before they’re released to media, schools and the general public.


All participating parents have a chance to win 500 zl towards their child’s education.


This first ever national survey Why parents choose non-public schools is a part of Our KIds’ Annual State of Non-Public Education report, the most comprehensive report on non-public education to document the characteristics of schools and the motivations of parents of non-public school students. The latest Our Kids report released is available here.

The reasons for choosing a non-public school vary from family to family, and for various types of schools. Together with parents from non-public schools throughout Poland, we are working to add more depth and insight into the school-choice journey. Support the mission and share your feedback today.

Contact information

For further information to should you have any questions, please contact Agnieszka Kowalska at [email protected]

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Our Kids is Poland’s trusted guide to non-public schools. Our team, in cooperation with psychologists and education experts, have pulled together all of the school information parents need to make an informed decision — including specifics on school admission requirements, curriculum, and honest information about each school's culture, strengths and highlights. Our school profile pages will be created for every non-public school.

At Our Kids, we've built the tools parents need to find and compare school choices. Our comprehensive how-to guides and detailed profiles of leading non-public schools across Poland help families better understand the importance of school choice and the differences amongst schools. Interactive tools and maps direct families to non-public schools, each with detailed profiles including grade levels, languages, athletics, meal programs, parent involvement and extracurricular activities. That means parents can find what they’re looking for easily, and all in one place.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of the school information on this site. Please contact schools directly to confirm all details.