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Private schools in Katowice, Poland

Find the top private and non-public schools in Katowice

Parents will find many private schools in Katowice for their children. Among others, you can choose a bilingual school or international school.

Private schools in Katowice are a good proposition for parents who care about high quality education. In Katowice, there are various levels of private school, from preschool to junior high and high school. Katowice private schools provide a comprehensive education based on well-known and respected principles and programs.  continue reading...

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List of schools

School  ( = Featured ) Grades Type Languages / Type
2 English Montessori School Katowice

ul. J Gallusa 10, Katowice, 40-594
PS/Kindergarten (2,5 years) to Gr. 8 Montessori English, Polish
1 Complex of Silesian International Schools

Wincentego Witosa 18, Katowice, 40-832
PS/Kindergarten (2,5 years) to Gr. 12 Diploma programme
English National Curriculum
International Baccalaureate
Polish Curriculum (Ministry of National Eduction, MEN)
English, German, Polish, Spanish
Diploma programme
English National Curriculum
International Baccalaureate
Polish Curriculum (Ministry of National Eduction, MEN)

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Bilingual schools

In Katowice, there are many well-known private bilingual schools. These schools offer intensive language instruction. First words are spoken, followed by entire sentences. The moment when a child starts using whole sentences in a foreign language is a very individual matter.

To promote effective learning there’s continual exposure to and contact with the language in language. This is an advantage of bilingual schools, like language immersion schools.

Special education

Schools in Katowice also deal with the education of children and young people with special needs. This kind of education applies to students who have been affected by various forms of disabilities or challenges, which may be learning, developmental, behavioural, or physical.

About three percent of all students in Poland are pupils who need special educational programs. Private schools most often decide whether or not to accept a given child, depending on the individual situation and the initial conversation with the child and parents. In the case of a physical disability, a private school must have appropriate premises and facilities to access the building.

For most private schools, the admission of a child with a physical disability is not a problem. Some of the private institutions use inclusive teaching, where a student with disabilities follows the same curriculum as a fully functional child. This mean that children and young people with disabilities are more integrated with their peers.

Language schools

There are schools in Katowice, Poland that offer an extended foreign language program. The most commonly taught languages, in addition to Polish, ​​are English, German, French, and Spanish. Language learning often takes place in groups, depending on school and student level. Language instruction classes tend to be diverse and adapted to the individual language skills of each student.

Besides the above mentioned types of schools in Katowice, there are also other types of private schools. For example, there are Montessori, social, and Catholic schools.

Features of Katowice private schools

Katowice private schools place special emphasis on ensuring pupils are able to behave properly in every situation. They’re also respectful of other nationalities and cultures.

Students learn in classes whose size does not exceed a dozen or so people. Small groups give more opportunities for interaction between the teacher and each student. Parents are normally contacted regularly as well. And, language teaching employs innovative methods and modern solutions that are highly effective.

The benefits of studying at a private school in Katowice

In Katowice, there are private kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools, and high schools. Child education is one of the most important issues parents face. Private schools have many advantages, so more and more parents with a view to the good future of their child, decide to send their children to a private school. The most important benefits of private schools are:

There are many other advantages of learning in private schools. Parents who decide to have their child attend this type of school can choose from different types of schools and choose the one that gives as many opportunities as possible for their child.

Private schools to a much greater extent than public schools teach independent thinking and coping with different situations. There are special additional subjects—for example, philosophy—which are sometimes difficult to find in public schools. These schools also focus on the development of social skills, much needed in the next stages of education and work.

Some facts about Katowice

Katowice is the capital of Upper Silesia, one of the main centers of the Upper Silesian Industrial District. For years, the city has been and still is associated mainly with mines and industry. Near Katowice, there are cities such as Chorzów, Sosnowiec, Ruda Śląska, and Mysłowice. Katowice is currently the main scientific and educational center of the region.

Katowice is not really a popular tourist destination. The attractions and main symbols of the city include sports and entertainment hall Spodek, the only parachute tower in the country, the largest monument—Powstańców Śląskich, the first skyscraper in Poland, and the largest Polish cathedral—the Archcathedral of Christ the King. It’s also worth visiting the historic workers' housing estates in Nikiszowiec and Giszowiec.

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