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Third Private School Expo in Warsaw - summary

Parents and exhibitors’ reviews of the Private School Expo in Warsaw 2023

Throughout the pandemic, we heard "When will your expos return?" The pandemic was difficult for everyone—schools, students, and families. We wrote about it in the series of articles Learning during the pandemic How have private schools, as well as their students and parents, coped with both the spring and fall waves of the COVID-19 pandemic? and Lessons learned: How the pandemic changed education in Poland forever? What will remain in Polish private schools after the pandemic?. We had to wait three years for our next and third Our Kids annual Private School Expo. The Our Kids Expo is the only fair in Poland focused exclusively on private education.  continue reading...

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You can read about the previous two expos 2020 and 2019 here: Opinions about Our Kids Private School Expo. What parents and exhibitors said about the 2nd Private School Expo in Warsaw and The first annual non-public school fair in Poland The Our Kids school expo in Warsaw showcased private and non-public schools across Poland.

Third Warsaw Private School Expo on January 28, 2023

The Expo took place in a new location—in the Marble Hall of the Palace of Culture and Science (PKiN) in the heart of Warsaw. The expo venue was rated very highly, although it was crowded due to very high attendance.

The attendance exceeded the expectations of both the organizers and the exhibitors (and the visitors themselves). We were happy to welcome as many as 1,700 people! To compare, the first Expo was attended by just over 1,000 people, while the second had 1,200 attendees.

This huge number of visitors proves what we wrote about in our article The record increase in popularity of private education in Poland The crisis in public education leads to unprecedented interest in private schools, where we describe the crisis in public education and how it has caused a sharp increase in interest in non-public institutions.

The third annual Our Kids’ Private School Expo at the Palace of Culture and Science gathered over 30 private institutions, including preschools, elementary schools, high schools, technical schools, consulting companies who helped in the search and selection of schools abroad, and educational organizations. The full list of exhibitors for our previous expo was included in a guide that we distributed to each family upon entry.

The record number of visitors was highly appreciated, but the schools also praised their quality of the visitors—they noted that parents showed considerable knowledge and asked excellent questions. The parents found it useful to meet principals, teachers, students, and graduates, ask questions, receive useful materials, and make appointments to visit schools and other educational facilities that exhibited at the expo.

Parents learned a lot both at the booths, which were beautifully prepared by the exhibitors and presented their institutions in a colourful and multimedia way and during the highly-rated discussion panels. Three panels were held in the comfortable Goethe Hall and provided parents with an opportunity to learn from experts—school principals and educators.


What did the visitors and exhibitors think of this event? Here's some of the feedback we got:

Parents' reviews

I came here today to check out what's on the market. I am very impressed by the richness of private schools’ offerings. My wife and I are preparing to transfer our son from a public primary school to a good private school. I had no idea how many options there were, or how many approaches to education those schools offer. We had the opportunity to gain a lot of information in one place. Excellent fair.

Father of a fourth-grade public school student

My wife and I will spend a full day here for sure. We came at noon and will stay until the end. We didn't expect such crowds and so many great schools. We have already managed to talk to several high schools and we attended the first panel, which was extremely interesting. We learned a lot about various curricula. The passion of the people representing these schools is striking. Kudos to the organizers! A well-prepared event at the highest level. Next year I'll bring all my friends. And for now, I am sending them to your website, where, as we have seen, there is a wealth of information. As your editor said on the panel, parents should educate themselves about education. We still have time, but we will definitely find something for our daughters.

Parents of two daughters who are currently in the 5th and 6th grades

This Expo should last three days! This is completely new for me. I read about it in a Polish Canadian online publication that I read every day and I went with my son and my sister who has a daughter of a similar age. We found a Canadian school and also a French-speaking one, which interests us because we lived in Quebec, Canada for a long time. My sister found at least three schools she talked to at length. The idea of these discussions/seminars is also great. Very interesting and important topics for parents. I will read more on the recommended online platform. Congratulations and I'm glad that this company comes from Canada.

Mother of a 13-year-old girl

We attended two previous expos before the pandemic. We managed to find a school for our son, who was at preschool at the time. Now we are looking for a school for our daughter. A different school because we moved to a different part of Warsaw. This fair is even better than the previous ones. Maybe next year you could make your expos longer? I have the impression that time passes very quickly because we had the discussion panels to attend. Last time we regretted that we only went to one. After the fair, we will choose a few schools, read more on the Our Kids website, and make an appointment with the two top schools on our list. What a time saver.

Parents of two children, high school age

It's a great day for our whole family. We have been walking around and talking to interesting people. It's a good idea that in the fair brochure that you publish questions to ask schools. Congratulations on organizing the event flawlessly and for being the only one to offer such an opportunity in Warsaw. I don't have time to go to open days at several schools. Now we know which schools we like. Great seminar topics too.

A family with two preschool children

Great fair, there is no comparison with others. You can get to know so many schools in one day. I know the Our Kids website, I read about education and educate myself, and I follow events. There was no Our Kids fair for a long time—because of the pandemic, but there were and are great articles about education during and after the pandemic. I want my daughter to be at a school where it’s not about the rat race, but about kids’ predispositions, talents and needs. My friends are also here, and in the evening we will compare our impressions. We went to all the panels because they sounded interesting. The first two were great. Congratulations on organizing the third successful expo.

Mother of a seventh-grade student

It's hard to walk around—such crowds! I visited your expo at the University of Warsaw library a few years ago. There's no comparison. This one is great. So many schools, so much going on. Very good venue, convenient to get to. Very nice and professional service. But where is the Our Kids magazine? There is an expo guide, which is very good, but that one was thick and contained a lot of interesting information. I hope it will come back. Being here is a great promotion for schools. I watched and every booth had a crowd of people asking questions. And it's a great idea to hand out bags at the entrance because that's where I put all the school materials I collected and tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. My wife and I will look through them. And the Our Kids website is great. We read and recommend it to others.

Father of a high school student

Apart from schools, we really like the presence of consultants helping and advising parents where to send their children abroad. I talked to two companies, but there are more and we want to visit them all after the panel discussion, before the end of the event. We are looking for a high school outside Poland for our son. We would then like to arrange a consultation. This is a big decision, so it's great that agencies are invited here to help with school selection and paperwork.

Parents of a primary school student

A top-class event. Easy to find, great location, professional organization, nice volunteers, smooth registration. And so many schools in one place and on one day! I'm impressed. My daughter wants to change schools. We came here to check if the one we liked based on its description, read about on the Our Kids website, and watched interviews with, was the best one. It still sounds great, but we have also talked to others. Personal contact with the school is invaluable. Great discussion panels by a group of experts, well-conducted and interesting.

Father of a public high school student

Perfect organization and a great event. These expos are truly necessary.

Family with a young son

Reviews from schools and experts

We also collected ratings and opinions from our exhibitors. Without exception, all of them declared that they would be happy to take part in next year's Expo 2024, and their ratings were very high. Here are a few selected reviews:

The Expo was very well organized.

Agnieszka Świetliczko, American School of Warsaw

Very good, well-organized, great turnout. Excellent advertising opportunity. We like the location. Thank you. ​​It was a fantastic day. Myself, Tom, and all of our BSW team were impressed. We loved our booth. Despite a few steps to enter, the PKIN really is a fantastic central location. It was a bonus to have the event on the same weekend as the WOSP final, as this definitely brought the crowds out on a wet, chilly winter day.

Gillian Burrows, British Primary School of Wilanów

For BSW it was a very fruitful day and we are very pleased with this opportunity. We are delighted to be associated with Our Kids.

Tom McGrath, Principal, British Primary School of Wilanów

Awesome. First of all, the quality of the venue itself. The Marble Hall is very elegant and prestigious, the booths are very beautiful and it’s a lot better than the Perspektywy Expo—here you meet families with money for education and making conscious educational choices.

Anna Olejnicka, Coventry University Wroclaw

It was definitely worth the time and money to attend. Well done. A large number of visitors. Interesting panels. Despite the terrible weather, the number of people was very large, so I think it was definitely a success.

Justyna Bublijewska, The British School Warsaw

I am extremely impressed. Great event!

Barbara Salamon, Excellence in Education

Very efficient organization, complete and thorough information about everything. Private school fairs are the place for us.

Marta Pacewicz, Private Veterinary Technical School

Very well organized fair. Great support before the event. Excellent location. A wonderful opportunity to promote the school outside our area. A great opportunity to network with other schools.

Anna Grabowska, Regent College International School

Visitors were really interested in quality private education.

Jowita Prażyńska, EF Academy

Very good fair, great interest from visitors. We are a new school in Warsaw.

Kornelia Kurach-Jarząbkowska, Technical and Secondary School TEB Edukacja

Excellent fair. A lot of interested visitors.

Julia Dąbrowska, Montessori School. Saint U. Ledóchowska

It was our first time at the fair. We are delighted with the organization and turnout. We are satisfied with the organization, attendance, and quality of visitors.

Agata Ślusarczyk, Linde School and Szkrabki Kindergarten

Very well organized. We will certainly participate again in the future. It was great, a very good location for the fair.

Jakub Wudniak, WEP

Very good. Good organization, helpful organizers, great interest from visitors. Great support and good contact with the organizers.

Magdalena Drabik, PJATK Academic Secondary School

Good organization and great interest from visitors.

Platerki, Kindergarten and School Complex

Surprisingly good turnout, good venue.

Paweł Piekarski, Director, Private Secondary School of Fine Arts Cosinus

Possibilities of reaching a wider audience. Very good communication with the organizers.

Anna Arciuch, Nazareth Schools

It was a well-organized event. I enjoyed the discussion panel.

Małgorzata Byca, TE Vizja International High School

I rate the expo very highly. Good organization.

Joanna Maghen, Polish Montessori Council

I rate this expo very well. We will be at the next fair because of the exposure and contacts. Best location—please do not change.

Żaneta Cornilly, PRO FUTURO Schools

Very good organization, great place, very good communication with the organizers. A prestigious event that one should not miss.

Justyna Rejba-Chuba, Canadian Primary School

Top marks for overall impression, number and quality of visitors, services provided to the exhibitors, adequate time to set up/dismantle the booth. Excellent event.

Hanna Buśkiewicz-Piskorska, Monnet International School

I rate the expo highly. A large number of participants.

Małgorzata Tarnowska, Warsaw Montessori Family

We are very pleased with the event.

Cyrielle Czyżewska, LFV (Lycee Francais Varsovie)

Good organization, very positive impressions. A good opportunity to promote the school.

Andrew James, Akademeia High School

Good target. There is a need for such promotion of schools.

Karol Juchniewicz, Thames British School

Very good location, good venue, good signage. A lot of visitors were really interested in choosing a school for their child. It’s the only professional and reliable fair of its kind in Poland. Very good opportunity to reach parents interested in private education. There were no random people. Panels had a lot of substantive content and were conducted in an interesting way. The young people at registration carried out the registration very efficiently and constituted a perfect "welcome team."

Jolanta Kulik, Oxford Master Class

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