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Choosing a high school in Poland

How to choose the right secondary school.

When choosing a high school or other secondary school, keep in mind that public schools use a unified curriculum for all students. This can suppress a young person’s potential. The teaching staff at public schools must follow the standards of the Polish Ministry of Education. Teachers often can’t focus on individuals, but rather on the class as a group—often over 30 students.  continue reading...

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On the other hand, in private schools, teachers can individualize teaching due to smaller classes. This promotes the development of each student. There’s no situation in which one more capable group is blocked by another, less talented one. Similarly, a student who requires more attention doesn’t prevent students from progressing. Also, more talented students often provide academic support.

What to look for when choosing a school?

Choosing from a wide and growing range of private and non-public schools in Poland, there’s lots of opportunity to choose the right school for your child. A crucial factor to consider when choosing a private high school is the average number of points obtained in the high school-leaving examination in the school. Remember that schools often have teaching staff best qualified to teach certain profiles and subjects, like math, science, IT, the Polish language, history, and social studies. Consider this in the light of your child’s specific interests and abilities.

Many private schools offer, even before early recruitment, the chance to learn about them: visiting the school, meeting the teaching staff, asking questions, etc. This is a good way to learn a school’s teaching methods—its approach to each student and to the whole group. This helps you evaluate whether the teaching staff is experienced, qualified, and thus trusted to take care of your growing child’s development.

Private high school schools place great emphasis on acquiring a broad and deep knowledge of the subjects within a specific program or profile. This helps students not only acquire the required knowledge but also think carefully about their professional future.

Individualism or teamwork?

Parents are often afraid that either their child won’t fit into the group or the group will limit their child's development. An experienced staff member at a private school will be able to combine the two. Even if some students develop faster or are obviously unsuccessful, a good teacher will devote the right amount of time to everyone. Thanks to taking care of each student in the classroom, group work will be much more effective and provides a good basis for development.

Benefits of a private high school

Many private schools offer experienced staff, individualized teaching, and—most importantly—high quality of instruction. Just as we care for our children, private schools must ensure the development of each student. This makes it easier for them to begin to choose their eventual career path. A big plus of private schools is they prepare students for the labour market, in addition to future studies. All this and more means that high school isn’t a tedious duty before more serious studies, but training that properly prepares students for effective work and education.

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