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Why go to private school in Poland?

The reasons I chose a private or non-public school in Poland for my children

I’ve had many conversations with family and friends about education in Poland. We’ve also talked about the career and employment prospects of children in Poland. This has helped me consider how to best prepare my own kids for the future.

It was 2013. My twins, a boy and a girl, were 7 years old. Curious about the world and trusting, they were interested in everything. Playing with their friends gave them a lot of joy. They also were becoming more independent and curious. They asked difficult questions and expected immediate answers.  continue reading...

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I had decided what I wanted for my kids. They needed a great school. One that gives them the kind of of education that significantly improves their scientific skills. One that also improves their chances of finding a good job, and that matches their interests and improves their social and financial situation.

I will be sending my kids to a private or non-public elementary school (or primary school) in Poland. I will then send them to a private Poland middle school and high school (so that they can eventually get a high school diploma). In making this decision, I realize I’m making a big financial commitment. So I’ve thought more about my own financial and employment prospects.

Factors in choosing the right school

After choosing to go private, my husband and I began to look more carefully into private and non-public schools in Poland. We settled on certain criteria as being the most important.

1. Educational approach and philosophy

  1. Respect for the dignity of the individual;
  2. General education: developing children’s aptitudes, interests, and skills;
  3. Development and preparation for higher education;
  4. Preparation for a career;
  5. School regulations, including parent involvement;
  6. Organization of teaching, lessons,
  7. Class sizes;
  8. Extracurricular activities.

2. Teaching staff and administrative staff

  1. Teacher education (degrees or diplomas earned and from where);
  2. Age and experience in the teaching profession;
  3. Forms and amount of ongoing professional development;
  4. Creativity and approaches and programs useds.

3. School information

  1. School building and facilities: how the school is constructed and organized;
  2. Distance from home to school;
  3. Tuition fees and other relevant costs;
  4. Food provided and its nutritional value,
  5. Before- and after-school child care.

Reasons to seek out a private school

Our expectations for a private or non-public school were higher than for a state or public school. We anticipate private school will have numerous benefits.

Focusing on the whole child

The need to learn, gain knowledge, develop interests, exercise skills, discover talents, and awaken passions should be the most important goals of schools. The curricula of private (or non-public) and public schools are similar. They must be so as not to confuse the student with the possibility of replacing a private school with a public or state one.

Thorough education, awakening and sustaining motivation for learning, perseverance, and solving educational and life problems increase the chances of success in college. More effective preparation of young people to live is the expectation that we should have of all schools in Poland, including private schools.

Final thoughts

Live beautifully. It’s not just about art. It’s to discover the beauty in social life, in nature, and in other people. This should be the culmination of all educational endeavors.

This is what I expect from the school I send my children to. I still have to wait for the answer. Now I know that if I’m disappointed with some of the school’s actions, I can have an impact on this, and I know that improvement depends to a large extent on me and other parents.

Private schools in Poland are excellent, comparable to very high-level state or public schools. But can a private school meet all my expectations? It’s hard to say. But the more information we have about these schools the better. Leaflets and pamphlets are not enough. And there’s not a lot of information online about Poland private schools. Luckily, there’s now OurKids.net/pl.

Our Kids will also be issuing a magazine where private and non-public schools in Poland will describe their educational programs, school organizations, achievements, and successes. Photographs in the magazine will depict the school life of children, their interaction, extracurricular activities, and diplomas gained. These in-depth school profiles will make it easier for you to make the right choice, to find the ideal private school for your child.

Dr. Aleksandra Teresa Woźnicka

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