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Guide to Private Schools and
Preschools in Poland

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Small classes, individualized teaching, focusing not on rankings and the rat race, but on emotional safety and development, project-based learning, a multidisciplinary approach, focusing on relationships, education without violence and tolerance, good resources, new technologies, openness and dialogue, close communication with parents, instilling values rather than just imparting knowledge—these are the main reasons why parents decide that it’s worth investing in their children's education and choose a private school for them.

This is why the popularity of private schools has been systematically growing, also in times of the pandemic.

At OurKids.net/pl, we are here to help you plan and implement your child’s educational journey. We offer a comprehensive and in-depth look at private schools: from individual profiles of schools, to information on the different types of schools, how to choose the right school, and how to pay for tuition. Our ever expanding bilingual library of resources with over 400 articles in Polish and English makes Our Kids the most trusted source of knowledge and information about private schools in Poland.

The Essential Parent Guide to Private Education


Public versus non-public schools
Here we discuss the difference between public and non-public schools. We then outline the three main types of non-public schools. Read more.


Social schools vs. private schools
If you are interested in non-public education in Poland, you can choose between two types of schools: private and “social” (szkoły społeczne). How do they differ? Read more.


Benefits of private school
There are many reasons why parents are choosing a private or social school in Poland. We discuss some of the main reasons here. Read more.


How to choose a school
Searching for the right private school isn’t easy: it takes lots of patience and preparation. We provide you with the definitive, step-by-step guide. Read more.


Costs of non-public school
Private school can be expensive but that doesn't mean it has to be out of reach for children who don't come from wealthy families. Read more.

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Why I choose to send my kids to private school

Dr. Aleksandra Teresa Woźnicka shares her reasons for investing in education
My twins, a boy and a girl, were 7 years old. Curious about the world and trusting, they were interested in everything. I had decided what I wanted for my kids. They needed a great school. Private schools in Poland are excellent, but can they meet all of my expectations? Read more.

Private School Reviews

Reviews and hand-selected detailed interviews of the top private schools and kindergartens in Poland.

  • Editor’s interviews: In-depth interviews with principals and alumni/parents, conducted by our editor-in-chief uncover the unique features and culture of a school
  • Our Take reviews: Reviews of private schools written by staff writers of Our Kids.

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Compare Private Schools

Tools for analyzing and comparing private schools

  • Compare two schools by all dimensions at once
  • See top-ranked schools by a few rudimentary metrics

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Our Kids resources for families

On our website you can find over 400 bilingual articles and materials on all aspects of private education in Poland. It’s a constantly growing resource library visited by over 80,000 users a month.


Private schools in Poland

Polish private schools operate at all levels of instruction (preschools, primary schools, high schools). There are many benefits to be gained from sending your children to non-public schools, including learning English and widening children's horizons. Read more.


Poland education: grade levels

The education system in Poland as compared to those in five other countries—Canada, the United States, Britain, France, and Germany, and one international curriculum—the International Baccalaureate (IB). Read more


ABC of educational terminology: Glossary of terms and concepts

You come across many specialized terms—acronyms, concepts, such as Montessori, IB, A-Levels, Waldorf, PYP, MYP, Advanced Placement, IB DP, IGCSE, AS levels, immersion, and homeschooling. For many school-seekers, this can be difficult terrain to navigate. Here’s a glossary of basic concepts and terms as well as links to articles that discuss them in more detail. Read more


Myths about private education

Private education in Poland has been developing dynamically since the beginning of the 1990s with more and more schools and students. However, there are still some misconceptions about private schools. We discuss five such myths. Read more


Social schools in Poland

Social schools are a popular non-public education alternative. These schools are most often founded by associations, social organizations, foundations or non-profit bodies. Social schools allow for the strong involvement of parents. Read more


Learning during the pandemic

Our Kids’ conversations with schools, students and parents show that private schools coped well with the crisis of the pandemic. Our Kids presents the schools’, the students’ and the parents’ perspectives on learning/teaching during the pandemic in Polish private schools. Read more

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