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Benefits of Polish private schools

The main advantages of going to a private or non-public school in Poland

Private schools are popping up all over Poland, including Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Wrocław, Łódź, Gdańsk, Szczecin, Bydgoszcz, Lublin, and Rzeszów. These schools give children key skills, invaluable knowledge, and impeccable credentials. Private schools in Poland are thus becoming increasingly popular, both for international students and Polish residents.  continue reading...

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There are many reasons why parents are choosing a private or non-public school in Poland. There are also many reasons why these schools are worth the investment. We discuss some of the main reasons below.

High-level academics

Private schools in Poland are well-known for having excellent academics. They offer rigorous and demanding courses in a wide range of subjects, from elementary to high school. This includes core subjects, such as math, science, and the language arts, and others, such as art (visual and performing), computers, business, geography, ethics, and social studies. Many also offer special programs and individualized instruction to ensure students are challenged and engaged.

Enriched academic opportunities

Private schools in Poland offer special opportunities for enrichment. Many will tailor curriculum and teaching to meet the unique learning needs of high-achieving students. For instance, some schools offer subject-streaming, where certain groups of students work at a faster pace or study topics more in-depth, in certain subjects.

Enrichment is sometimes also provided through independent studies, special research projects, mentorship programs, career exploration, and cyber learning. Many Poland schools also offer special enrichment programs, such as dedicated gifted education classes or Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

International learning

Many schools in Poland, including in Warsaw, provide an international education to both foreign and domestic students. The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is offered in many of these schools (for instance, at the primary, middle, or high school level). The IB is a world-recognized program, with an internationally sanctioned curriculum.

Many international Poland schools also follow a national curriculum which meets international criteria for academic excellence. For instance, the British Warsaw school, a day school offering preschool to high school, uses the English National Curriculum. And the American School of Warsaw (ASW), a day school offering primary to high school, uses the American National Curriculum.

Language programs

Many Poland private schools offer specialized language programs. Some of these schools offer English as the main language of instruction. Others offer bilingual, Polish-English instruction, where some courses are taught in Polish and some in English. Many schools also offer several comprehensive courses on foreign languages, such as French, German, Greek, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean.

These schools are often an ideal fit for international students who want to study in English (or English and Polish) and/or who want to learn one or more new languages. They also work well for Polish students who are interested in intensive language study, want to improve their English, and enjoy learning new languages.

Diverse student bodies

Private Poland schools often have students from a wide range of backgrounds. Students come from many countries, including Poland, Canada, the United States, Britain, France, Germany, China, and Japan. For instance, the British School Warsaw boasts over 1, 000 students from over 65 countries. Living and studying with such a diverse range of students can be a great experience for your child. They’ll learn about new countries, cultures, customs, and ways of thinking.

Smaller classes

Many private and non-public schools in Poland have smaller class sizes. They also often have low student-to-teacher ratios. This can enhance learning in a number of ways. It can offer a more intimate and interactive classroom, one with more student participation. It can also allow teachers to offer more individualized attention, tailor curricula to specific learning needs, and develop a closer relationship with students.

The benefits of smaller classes have been proven in study after study. In fact, most teachers will tell you that working with fewer children more personally improves the atmosphere and overall learning quality in the classroom. As one teacher points out, “students are more confident and teachers more relaxed, making for a less stressful environment.”

Dedicated teachers

In a study completed by the Fraser Institute in 2007, 91 percent of parents surveyed said the dedication of the teachers was their main reason for choosing private school. Instructors in private schools are both qualified and passionate about their subjects, and often hold advanced degrees in their field. Within the tight-knit school community, students have close relationships with their teachers who commonly act as role models. The best teachers, which you’ll often find at private schools in Poland, connect with students in meaningful ways, and inspire them to learn. They also tend to be involved in the extracurricular life of school.

Parental involvement

Private schools in Poland are built around open communication between parents and the administration and staff. And they make it a priority to get parents involved in the community. From frequent parent-teacher meetings, to social events such as parent breakfasts, to the participation of parent committees in fundraising initiatives, there are many ways for families to get involved. In doing so, they become an integral part of a child’s education. This is also a great way to strengthen parent-child bonds.

Community environment

One of the main reasons to choose a private school is to be part of a great community. Private schools in Poland are renowned for their tight-knit communities of parents, teachers, students, and administrators. Many families get closely involved in their children’s education and school life. And kids tend to make close friends, something that isn’t confined to the classroom and school day and that often extends well beyond the school years. Your child will also have the chance to develop close relationships with teachers and other school staff as well.

Ample resources

At private schools in Poland, you’ll find incredible resources to support student learning in the classroom, sports field, art studio, and more. Quality resources and facilities provide students with the opportunity to fully explore their interests and talents. This can make for a well-rounded education.

It can also encourage participation in extracurricular activities, such as sports, clubs, after-school programs, and community activities. This can provide a much-needed break from the stresses of academics, while developing skills and engaging in valuable social situations. It can also lead to greater motivation in school and more engaged learning.

Support systems

Polish private schools tend to offer strong student support. For instance, many provide academic and personal counselling, peer tutoring, mentorship, special needs support, and guidance programs. This can help your child excel academically and socially, and get the most out of the private school experience.

Broadening horizons

Going to a private school in Poland is a great way to broaden one’s horizons. Your child will be exposed to a new country, culture, and language (in fact, many of them). They’ll meet new people, go to new places, and have new experiences. They’ll also have the chance to travel across Europe and overseas. For many, this can create memories that last a lifetime.

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