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Private schools in Olsztyn, Poland

Find the top private and non-public schools in Olsztyn

The capital of Warmia and Mazury is a city in which many different types of private schools can be found. Private schools in Olsztyn offer education to everyone, from the youngest, in a nursery, to the oldest students, in a secondary school.

Private schools provide opportunities for children and youth from different regions of the country and the world to learn and develop. Most of the students of private schools in Olsztyn come from this city, but they are also attended by young people from Germany, Canada, the United States, Great Britain, and elsewhere.  continue reading...

Thames British School

List of schools

School  ( = Featured ) Grades Type Languages / Type
1 Regent College International High School z internatem

Królewiecka 100 , Elbląg, 82-300
Gr. 9 to Gr. 12 A levels
English National Curriculum
Polish Curriculum (Ministry of National Eduction, MEN)
A levels
English National Curriculum
Polish Curriculum (Ministry of National Eduction, MEN)
0 Niepubliczna Szkoła Podstawowa „Piątka”
Piłsudskiego 54a, Olsztyn, 10-450

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Advantages of Olsztyn private schools

Olsztyn schools have a wide range of educational programs for their students. Many parents consider choosing a private school because of the many advantages of this type of education. Below are some of the most important advantages of private and non-public schools in Olsztyn.

The unique atmosphere

Non-public and private schools in Olsztyn are usually very small, intimate institutions. They have a very good atmosphere that’s conducive to learning and acquiring new life skills. In this type of institution, generally everyone knows each other, and many have a family-type atmosphere.

Interesting educational programs

Each of the private schools in Olsztyn implements the basic curriculum required by the Ministry of National Education in Poland. In private schools, other educational programs are also offered. In many institutions in Olsztyn, students benefit from the opportunity to learn foreign languages. Innovative methods are used for their learning, characterized by high efficiency. In many schools of this type, proprietary international programs are implemented.

Large selection of additional activities

Private schools in Olsztyn offer their students a large selection of additional activities and programs. These include artistic, sports, and music classes, and classes that develop foreign language skills. Many of these classes are included in the price of tuition. For some of them, an additional fee is charged.

Safety and community

Private schools in Olsztyn, Poland are mostly small institutions. Everyone knows each other, schools are safe, children are not anonymous, and parents actively participate in school life.

Modern equipment

Private schools have rich resources, e.g., they’re equipped with modern equipment, such as interactive whiteboards. In well-equipped classrooms and laboratories, there’s the possibility of conducting interesting experiments and various scientific projects. Extracurricular activities take place on school playgrounds, in gyms, and in workshops and studios. Well-equipped scientific laboratories have an obvious impact on the attractiveness of classes.

Development at every level

Private schools in Olsztyn often achieve high places in competitions and specialist Olympiads. They also have a major impact on the upbringing and development of young people, socially and emotionally. Many Olsztyn schools aim to strengthen self-esteem, shape behaviour, and instill the principles of respect for diversity with other cultural groups and nationalities.

Strong bonds

Many private schools in Olsztyn are formed by micro-communities. Positive relationships are created between students, teachers, parents, and school employees. New friendships arise, which often do not end with the end of schooling.

Support on many levels

Olsztyn private schools support their students on many levels. Support usually takes place on the basis of each individual teacher's work with a child, and sometimes with tutoring and mentoring. And thanks to personal advisors and vocational counselors, it’s easier for students to choose the direction of future education.

Involvement of teaching staff

Among the many reasons why parents choose private schools for their children, one can highlight teacher involvement in the education process. In addition to high qualifications, teachers also have different types of passions, thanks to which they can transfer their knowledge more easily and in a more engaging way.

Education in Olsztyn

The first mention of education in Olsztyn dates back to the Middle Ages. At present, Olsztyn is one of the most important educational centers in Northern Poland. Since 1999, the University of Warmia and Mazury have been operating in this city.

In Olsztyn and its surroundings, there are public and private institutions at all levels of education: nurseries, kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools, and high schools. Among them, you can find many different types of private and non-public schools, including:

Olsztyn is a beautiful city, the capital of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. The city has countless attractions to offer—within its borders there are as many as 11(!) lakes, and the Łyna river flows. The most famous site of the city is the Castle of the Warmian Chapter. The Old Town, the Planetarium, and the Museum of Warmia and Mazury (located in the castle) are also worth visiting. These and many other attractions are undoubted advantages of learning in Olszyna.

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