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Boarding high schools in Poland

The main features of private and non-public boarding high schools in Poland

There are now plenty of private schools in Poland offering boarding programs. Many of these are offered at the high school level. This includes schools in Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Wrocław, Łódź, Gdańsk, Szczecin, Bydgoszcz, Lublin, and Rzeszów.  continue reading...

List of schools

School  ( = Featured ) Grades Type Languages / Type
2 Akademeia High School

2 Ledóchowskiej, Warszawa, 02-972
Gr. 9 to Gr. 12 A levels
English National Curriculum
A levels
English National Curriculum
2 Columbia International College

1003 Main Street West, Hamilton, L8S 4P3
Gr. 7 to Gr. 12 English
1 Trinity College School

55 Deblaquire Street North, Port Hope, L1A 4K7
Gr. 5 to Gr. 12 English
1 Robert Land Academy

6727 S Chippawa Road, Wellandport, L0R 2J0
Gr. 5 to Gr. 12 English
1 Rothesay Netherwood School

40 College Hill Road, Rothesay, E2E 5H1
Gr. 6 to Gr. 12 Diploma programme
International Baccalaureate
Diploma programme
International Baccalaureate
1 Niagara Christian Collegiate

2619 Niagara Pkwy, Fort Erie, L2A 5M4
Gr. 6 to Gr. 12 English
1 St. Stephen's School, Rome

Via Aventina 3, Rome, 00153
Gr. 9 to Gr. 12 American Curriculum
Diploma programme
International Baccalaureate
American Curriculum
Diploma programme
International Baccalaureate
0 Pickering College
16945 Bayview Ave, Newmarket, ON, L3Y 4X2
0 Szkoły Sióstr Nazaretanek
Czerniakowska 137, Warzawa, 00-720
0 J. Addison School
2 Valleywood Drive, Markham, L3R 8H3
0 Polonijne Liceum Ogólnokształcące Niepubliczne KLASYK
Matuszewska 20, Warszawa, 03-876
0 Upper Canada College
220 Lonsdale Road, Toronto, M4V 2X8
0 Branksome Hall
10 Elm Ave, Toronto, M4W 1N4

On this page:

A boarding school in Poland can be a great option for your high school-age child. Whether they’re an international or a domestic student, they’ll receive a first-rate education to prepare them for university or college. Many boarding high schools in Poland, especially international ones, also provide English-language instruction.

What is a boarding school?

Boarding schools provide room and board, in addition to education. At a boarding school, your child will live and go to school on campus. Some boarding schools also have five-day programs, where your child lives on campus for the week and goes home on weekends.

Many boarding schools in Poland, in high school and in earlier years, offer day programs as well. These schools tend to have a mix of domestic and international students. Their diverse student bodies are one of their main attractions for some families.

Poland boarding schools vary in cost. Since they offer lodgings to your child, they’re normally more expensive than day schools. Annual tuition (including room and board) can range from $20, 000 to $70, 000. This may or may not include extras, such as school uniforms, textbooks, and extracurriculars.

Each boarding school has its own admission requirements. Admission materials can include school visits, interviews, and entrance tests and essays. Schools also tend to have deadlines (strict or rolling) for receipt of these materials.

What are the main kinds of boarding high schools in Poland?

Although there are some elementary boarding schools, most are at the secondary level—for middle and high school students. You might consider a boarding high school in Poland for your older child. If so, you’ll have several types of private and non-public schools to choose from. If you want to learn more about choosing a private school in Poland, read our guide.

International: Many boarding high schools in Poland cater to international students, from Canada, Britain, the US, and across Europe and other countries. Most of these schools have English-language programs. Many also have bilingual, Polish-English language programs, where some courses are taught in Polish and others in English. Many boarding schools in Poland, including those in Warsaw, also use the curriculum of one or more countries, such as Poland or the United States.

Domestic: While most boarding schools in Poland admit foreign students, many also admit local residents. These schools have Polish students who live on campus. These students may also have the option of enrolling in a day program at the school. Most boarding high schools in Poland have a mix of international and domestic students.

College preparation: Boarding high schools in Poland tend to provide a stellar education. They offer international academic programs, such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP). These programs are challenging: in fact, they’re considered university-level. Moreover, their rigour and heavy workload can provide your child with the ideal preparation for university or college.

Special needs: Some boarding schools in Poland, including boarding high schools, offer support for special needs students. This support can take several forms. Some schools offer full-time special needs support through a dedicated class. Others offer part-time support, either through a “pull-out” special education class or through in-class accommodations or modifications. Special needs schools provide support for different kinds of learning, physical, and developmental disabilities.

Some boarding schools in Poland offer support for gifted learners. Some of these are exclusively devoted to gifted education. Others have full- or part-time gifted classes, where your child will learn alongside other advanced students. And yet others have regular (non-gifted) classes with teachers who can make in-class adjustments to address your gifted child’s unique learning needs.

Poland Boarding high schools offer a wide range of programs. They are thus well-suited to many different types of students. Moreover, these schools can benefit your child in a number of ways. If you’re interested in the benefits of private and non-public Poland schools in general, read our guide.

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