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Private schools in Bydgoszcz, Poland

Find the top private and non-public schools in Bydgoszcz

There are many excellent private schools in Bydgoszcz, in Poland. They offer education in preschool, primary, and high school. Among the large base of private schools in this area are bilingual schools offering special education programs, Montessori schools, and language schools (which offer an extended program of teaching foreign languages).  continue reading...

List of schools

School  ( = Featured ) Grades Type Languages / Type
0 Katolicka Szkoła Podstawowa im. Św. Wojciecha
ul. Nowodworska 17, Bydgoszcz, 85-120
0 Międzynarodowe Szkoły Sokrates
Dąbrowskiego 8, Bydgoszcz, 85-158
0 The International School of Bydgoszcz
Gałczyńskiego 23, Bydgoszcz, 85-322

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Types of private schools in Bydgoszcz

There are private and non-public schools in this region. They’re attended by children and teenagers from Bydgoszcz, and surrounding areas. Private schools in this city are also attended by students from other regions of the country as well as from abroad. Below are some examples of private schools in Bydgoszcz.

Co-educational schools

Most of the private schools in Bydgoszcz are coed. Girls and boys learn in each class. Exceptions are physical education classes, that are organized separately by gender. The division into boys’ and girls’ schools is mainly found in religious schools.

Social schools

These types of schools are established by societies, associations, and organizations that are non-profit. They can also be created by parents' associations. One of the characteristics of social schools is the involvement of parents and the local community in the activities of the school. Schools of this type are work very closely and cooperatively with the local community and region.

In social schools, the teaching staff, director, administration, and parents work very closely with each other. Also, they place a special emphasis on teaching social skills. And they often are small schools, with small classes.

Bilingual schools

Providing your child with the opportunity to be bilingual is a powerful investment in his or her future. In Bydgoszcz, there are bilingual schools that offer pupils learning in two languages. The most common practice is learning Polish and English, but there are also schools that teacher other languages.

Day schools

Private and non-public schools in Bydgoszcz, Poland, are mostly day schools. Schools in this city are mostly located in large housing estates or in self-contained neighborhoods. Classes take place from morning to evening. In addition to the basic curriculum, day schools also offer various extracurricular activities, as well as meals.

Montessori schools

The teaching method of Dr. Maria Montessori has been used all over the world, for over a hundred years. A very large number of educational establishments work according to its principles. Montessori schools and kindergartens can be found in the Poland city of Bydgoszcz.

The Montessori method has a lot of different tools used in the education of the youngest. The curriculum is implemented in a very individual way. If a child possesses a particular skill, he or she doesn’t have to wait for the others in the group to catch up. During classes, kids work individually with a teacher, and they can practice a given skill at different levels. The Montessori method teaches respect for another person and for the work of others. Students develop their interests both individually and in groups.

Education in Bydgoszcz

The political transformation in 1989 had a significant impact on the development of public and private education in Bydgoszcz. As in many other cities in Poland, a number of private schools were opened in Bydgoszcz at that time. In recent years, a significant increase in the number of private kindergartens and schools for children and adolescents can be observed.

Bydgoszcz—some characteristics

Bydgoszcz is one of the largest cities in Poland. "According to the legend, the city was founded by two brothers, Byd and Gost, who were on their way from the south looking for the right area to establish a settlement. In the area of ​​today's city they found ideal conditions—a river, gentle hills, and roads running to the four sides of the world."

In terms of population, Bydgoszcz ranks eighth in Poland. It is a powerful cultural, scientific, and academic center. In Bydgoszcz, there are several universities, theaters, museums, and art galleries. Every year, there are many festivals in this city, such as Musica Antiqua Europae Orientalis, IJ Paderewski International Piano Competition by them, and Plus Camerimage International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography. Bydgoszcz, as a city with a centuries-old tradition, can boast many noteworthy sites, including the Old Town, Śródmieście, Mill Island, and Bydgoski Channel.

It’s also worth mentioning the landscape and natural environment: the city is surrounded by forests: in its vicinity several dozen tourist routes have been designated, and there are many parks in the area. The city is highly rated in various types of rankings. Bydgoszcz has 12 partner cities, in Europe, America, and Asia. The first of these was the Italian city of Reggio Emilia, known for using the famous Reggio Emilia teaching method.

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